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In Memory World War I



Memories Of World War 1, 1914-18

Wilfred George Hawley

 Wilfred George Hawley of Mapperley village and taken during WW1. Wilfred was born in 1897 and would have been 18 - 19 years of age when it was taken. He was in the Coldstream Guards and based at Windsor.  Wilfred had special military qualifications and was a first class shot. Before joining up he was a miner.

The letter below was written by Wilfred on 5th September 1918. It was sent to Lenny Hawley, his brother, who was living in Mapperley at the time (and actually lived there all his life).  Wilfred was due to go to France but as the war ended 2 months later it is thought he probably did not go.  
The letter was found many many years later by Mollie, Lennys daughter. It was found under a tin in Lennys garden shed but still in reasonable condition and with the writing still legible.

My thanks to Mollie Skinner (nee Hawley) for the letter and Lesley Hatfield (nee Hawley) for the photograph.

See also transcript below letter

Dear Len

I received your most welcome letter today sincerely trusting mine will find you all at home in the best of health. I am pleased to say I am in the pink, you say you hope I got the parcel alright I got it alright last Sun it was a very nice one.   I wrote home and sent my thanks for it as soon as I got it, I also sent a small parcel last Monday, I hope you received it alright.

Well Len I thought you all at home would be disappointed because I did not come on leave. Tell mother to cheer up and don’t worry I am alright here I should get three months as most training after I leave here before I go to France and I’m not expecting to leave here yet. By the way did Socker get a leave before they sent him to Dorset? You say you are tired of nights and afternoons, don’t grumble Len I wish they would give me the chance to come back and have nights and afternoons I would jump at I don’t think I will bother to get you a job down here I don’t advise anybody to come down here, we are having a very heavy thunderstorm while I am writing this letter it has been raining off and on all the day we like it to rain here we have a holiday when it rains. Well Len I must sign off with love to all I remain
Your loving Brother

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