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Memories Of The Hobson Family Of Manor House Mapperley


This Photograph Was Taken In Front Of The Hobson's House, No 10 Manor House, About 1902

It shows Alan Hobson's Great Grandfather. William Hobson born 1855 died 1909. Alan's Great Grandmother Mary Ann, nee Ullyatt. Born 1855 died 1911. Also Alan's Aunt Edith born 1880, next is his Aunt Beatrice born 1886 and right of picture is his dear granddad Ernie born 1895 and was probably 7 or 8 yrs. old when the photo was taken.

This Photograph Is Of Mr Ernie Hobson's Parents And Was Taken About 1885

Left to right - Mother, Mary (nee Ullyatt) born at Thurgaton, Notts. Died 1910
Eldest daughter, Ada
Youngest daughter Edith born 1880
Father, William, born 1855 died 1909
Daughter Phoebe, next to oldest
Not in picture but children born later Beatrice born 1887 and Ernest Henry born 22 February 1895
The father, William, was badly injured in the pit in 1906. he never worked again and died of his injuries in 1909/10?

Mrs Dorothy Alice Hobson's Parents (Ernie's Wife)

Father - Edward William Wyatt. Dies 1925 aged 55 years. Born at Bladen, Oxfordshire and later worked as a gardener at Blenheim Palace. The family moved to Mapperley in 1901 where he worked as a gardener at Shipley Hall. (See references given by Blenheim Palace)
Mother - Annie Matilda Wyatt (nee Parsler). She died in 1921 aged 55 years. She was born at Thrupp, Oxfordshire and her father was a stone mason. They had 6 children who survived (several others died young).

When first married they lodged with her sister at Kidlington where Dorothy Alice was born.

The six children were Dorothy Alice, eldest, Ethel, William, Violet, Margaret and Winifred.

Reference from Blenheim Palace dated 1901 or 1907

Reference from Blenheim Palace dated 1902


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