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In Memory World War I




Roger Wood and Nigel Wood

The first Mapperley Colliery shaft was sunk in 1872, known locally as “Simon Pit”, it remained in operation until 1965.

In 1891 the company extended its mining operations to neighbouring Stanley. A lease was agreed with William Drury Lowe of Locko Park to mine the Kilburn coals, resulting in sinking a second shaft on the site beside West Hallam Station in 1895. The Stanley Colliery was known as “Nibby Pit” until it closed in 1959.

From these two collieries 66 men lost their lives in the 1914 -18 war. Two of these men were born in Mapperley and were brothers, Britus Martin and Luther Martin.

Britus was a Rifleman in the 7th Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps. He was killed in action in Belgium on 30 July 1915 age 25.  
Luther was a driver with the 34th Division Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery, he was killed in France on 23rd March 1917 age 35.

They were the sons of Henry and Fanny Martin of Park Hall, Mapperley.

The company decided to provide a Memorial Hall, to be used by residents from the surrounding villages.  Tennis courts, a bowling green and the hall, were opened on Station Road, West Hallam in 1920.

The hall was refurbished and renamed the Silver Jubilee Club in 1977 following the Queens 25 Anniversary celebrations.

Unfortunately the building and facilities deteriorated during the 1990’s and it was finally demolished in 2005, making way for the housing development, Jubilee Court.

The Roll of Honour was removed by the builder but fortunately saved from demolition just in time. It now sits beside the West Hallam Memorial situated by St Wilfrid’s Church.

The Memorial Design

The Memorial is constructed of a series of glazed tiles, with a stone surround, said to represent the interior of a colliery winding engine house.

The names of the fallen are listed below.

Thanks to Roger Wood and Nigel Wood for this information

Britus Martin

Britus Martin: Kings Royal Rifle Corps buried in Ypres, Belgium aged 25. Died 30th July 1915. Son of Henry & Fanny Martin.

Luther Martin: Royal Field Artillery buried in Calais, France aged 35. Died 23rd March 1917. Son of Mrs F Martin of Park Hall.

Just two of the sixty-six men who worked for the company and died in the war. Miners were required in the war for their tunnelling expertise, which were needed when tunnelling under enemy territory and placing explosives.

George Harrison: Sherwood Foresters aged 21. Died 25th September 1916. Son of Thomas Harrison of Yew Tree Farm, Stanley.

 Mapperley Colliery War Memorial which was salvaged from the social club on Station Road West Hallam
has now been erected beside the main War Memorial in West Hallam village.
The Roll of Honour is dedicated to the 66 men who lost their lives in the 1914-18 war.


Memorial - West Hallam
Click Memorial to Read Names

Mapperley's Roll of Honour
Roll Of Honour Of Those Who Have Given
Their Lives For King And Country In
The-Great-War 1914 – 1919

  • James Adcock
  • Alfred Antcliffe
  • George Athorn
  • Arthur Attenborough
  • Fred Attenborough
  • Thomas Attenborough
  • James Aram
  • Duncan Hamilton Blunt
  • Albert Chapman
  • Montmorency B. Checkland
  • George Clare
  • Arthur Clarke
  • Daniel Clark
  • William Cope
  • Sydney Daniell
  • Thomas Davis
  • Frank Daws
  • C. Eccleshare
  • Richard Elliott
  • William Lewis Evans
  • Edward Fake
  • Arthur Fletcher
  • Joseph Foulks
  • Robert Froggatt
  • Harry Fowers
  • John George Green
  • Thomas Green
  • James Hanson
  • Walter Hall
  • Roland Hazell
  • William Hazlewood
  • Harold Horsley
  • John G. Hardwick
  • William Hiorns
  • Fred W. Hodgkiss
  • Harry Kirkham
  • Frederick Keates
  • J. Knight
  • David Males
  • Albert Edward Marshall
  • Thomas Marshall
  • George Ridgard Mee
  • Mark Mee
  • Britus Martin
  • Luther Martin
  • Clifford Miller
  • Archie Moore
  • Percy Mosley
  • Wilfred Moss
  • Henry Newton
  • Archie Page
  • Sam Peach
  • W.A. Place
  • Albert Potter
  • C.E. Radford
  • Thomas Robinson
  • George Sands
  • Arthur Smith
  • William Smith
  • Fred Taylor
  • Wilfred Taylor
  • John Thurman
  • Cyril Toplis
  • James Weston
  • William H. Whitney
  • George Wilson

I expect to pass through this world but once. If therefore there
Is any good thing that I can do, or any kindness I can show my
fellow-men Let Me Do It Now. Let me not defer, nor neglect it for
I shall not pass this way again

Mapperley Coal Company

Martin Brothers Pension Record Ledger WW1

Kindly Supplied by Nigel Wood January 2019


Martin (1) Britus (2) luther

Regiment (1) KRRC (King's Royal Rifle Corps) R/10877
Regiment (2) RFA (Royal Field Artillery) 8152

Date and Cause of Death (1) Killed in Action 30 July 1915
Date and Cause of Death (2) Nephritis 23 Mar 1917 (Nephritis is caused by infections, and toxins, that affect the major organs like kidneys)

While Serving (1) Was Serving (2) Was Serving

Particulars of any claimants – Father died 31 May 1921

Particulars of Award

Combined pension of 15/- weekly from 28 Apr 1919 to 8 Jul 1920

Reverted to 12/- 21 (1a) from 9 July 1920

Transferred to mother (12/- + 20%) = 14/5 21(1) from dated of cessation of payment to former payee

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