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- Welcome to Elaine Sarson's Mapperley History Web Site -
Roger and Elaine
Roger and Elaine in Oman
Mapperley is a unique and surprising village and I am very proud of its place in history. This website contains the history of Mapperley from the Domesday Book to the present day. It also contains many Memories from people who have lived in Mapperley or have connections with the village.

The fact that we have a Royal Charter is just one of the surprises.

Named by the Saxons, favoured by the Normans and influenced by the wealthy Miller Mundy dynasty of nearby Shipley Hall, it was the coal beneath the ground which had the greatest effect.

The Miller Mundy dynasty at Shipley lasted almost two hundred years, the family becoming very wealthy with the mining of coal beneath their estate. Although mining has long gone, there are many reminders of Mapperley’s past and the pride and sense of community remains.

As someone said "Mapperley is Derbyshire’s best kept secret" It truly is. We are very proud to have families here of three generations.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send photographs to me.

My particular thanks go to my mentor, Roger Wood and to the man who so generously gives his time and works so hard in applying all my data to the website, Fionn Taylor.

To my very good friends and family who have supported me since the loss of my wonderful husband Roger in 2011 to whom this website is dedicated.

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