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West Hallam Scargill Boys School May 1900

"Scargill Boys School Concert 1900"
Headmaster Ernest Edrick Raby with the Boys
Photograph taken by Erasmus Foster Bostock of Nottingham
"Photographer of Schools etc"

Headmaster Ernest Edrick Raby ? ? ? ? ? ? Ted Bacon Ted Hartsorn ? A. Elliott H.Bramley Tom Hartley Wilfrid Bancroft Fred Brown Caleb Bancroft Sidney Hartsorn Samuel Peacock Tom Brown Joe Lee ? Clarke David Barber Walter Toplis Jimmy Toplis Wilfrid Flint Joe Holland

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David Barber, Tom Brown, Wilfrid Flint, Walter Toplis - Names on West Hallam War Memorial

Other Boys not Identified on the Photograph - W. Bramley, J. Chamberlain, D. Flint, R. Hart, W. Martin, V. Mee

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Scholars of 1906

Britus Martin C. Wright Joe Simpson Name Bloir Jim Lawson Miss Swain Mary Ann Blore Mary Ann Lawson Lucy Simpson Arthur Simpson ? Lucy Howitt Constance Downing Miss Lamb Harry Pounder Billy Appleyard Tommy Duro Wathey Gertie Birkin ilfred Birkin Ossie Birkin Joseph Hawley Ernest Beardsley Arthur Pounder Elija Burrows Burrows Albert Hawley Billy Appleyard Dick Huwitt Phoebe Watley Cissy Pounder Rebecca Hawlay Douglas Downing ? George Harrison

Mrs. E Beardsley, formally of 23 Mapperley Village, kindly loaned this picture of Mapperley Junior School to the Ilkeston Advertiser many years ago. The photograph was taken in 1906.


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Mapperley School Class of 1920

Frank Marsden Constance Lowe (later called Connie Wood). Alice Lowe (later called Alice Redgate) Mary Hartshorne Dorothy Lily May Hudson (Dolly) later called Dolly Ward We believe this is Rhoda Isam Annie Hildred (Hilda) Hudson, now Hilda Manchester and still alive at 94 years of age We believe this is Nellie Whetton Robert Henry (Bob) Hudson Douglas Patrick (Doug) Hudson who tragically died in 1929 whilst swimming in Mapperley pond

We believe the teachers at Mapperley School at that time were as follows, Headmistress, Miss Hunt, Mrs Draycott and Miss Burroughs

If you can add anymore names please email us

School photo from Jesse but no information

Mapperley School Alice McGill 2nd Row, Far Right

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Mapperley School Class 1 In 1940

? Pat Edrupt, Evacuee Name Name Maurice Hawley Gordon Durow Jeff Hartshorne Audrey Bowers, Evacuee Pam Hobbs, Evacuee Alf Shaw Brian East Eric Hartshorne Mr Johnson Donald East ? Tony Pritchett


Mapperley School Class 2 In 1940

Name ? ?? Sheila Overton, Evacuee ? ? ? ? ? Walter Trollop ? Peter Cook Eric Smith Ivy (Hartshorne?) Barbara Southern Wilf Johnson Tony Udall Douglas Hudson Rex Hawley


Mapperley School Infants In 1940

Teddy Hartshorne Robin Swaine Betty Lewis, Bridge Farm Margaret Lewis, Lived at Bridge Farm John Cook Malcolm Hawley Peter Pritchett Avis Ward Mary Waite Eileen Hartshorne Pat Wood Thelma Hawley Joan Martin, Lived Opp. School with her Aunt Cyril Hartshorne Rex Riley Alan Burton? Roger Pritchett Keith Hudson


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School Children Circa 1950 With Head'Gaffer'Johnson

Raymond Marsden Barry Riley Barry Moss Bill Boam Mr H. E. Johnson (head) Ian Truman Derek Peacock Hadrian Durow Alan Wood Melvyn Wood Mollie Hawley Pauline Peacock Jennifer Martin Ann Whittle Beryl Peacock Robert Moss John Appleby


Mrs Fosters Class, 1967

Alan Hartshorne Jeremy Ball Alan Reed Rosemary Baker Antoinette Udall Shelley Barsby Diane Norman Julie Froggatt Mrs Foster (head) Nigel Williams Susan Salt Pat Froggatt David Clay Linda Crooks Marlene Froggatt Denise Barsby Jayne Norman

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Mrs Fosters Class, c.1968

Mrs Foster (head) Paul Barsby Russell Crooks Ross Monks Richard James Peter Doige Unknown 3 Steven Peacock Gill Greatorex Bob Hartshorne Susan Peacock Valerie Brough Anne Smith Jane Birkin Denise Baker Diane Thompson Diane Martin Names
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Mrs S Nicolson Class, c.1973-74

 Mrs Nicholson Dawn Trueman  David Nicholson  Brian Durow  Marie Marsden  Kate Skinner Alison Parkinson  Matthew Lowe  Sara Pearson  Pippa Stone Martin Cooke Christopher Davis  Robin Lodge Andrew Morley Linda Hubbard A Stephen Hunt Jason Dowling or Chris Norman? David Knowles  Vincent Barrett  Gary Greatorex  Sally Lodge Richard Moss  David Barkley  Scott Hutchison



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