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School 2006. Thanks to Linda Parkes (nee Hubbard) for providing this. See below for names.

Detail - Left

Lucy Dennett Elisha Richardson Jessica Tagg Alex Green Beth Cooke George Magdeleno Louis Wilson James Hubbard Cora Tatum Mitchell Kirk Wilson Appleby Leigh Peacock Ellie Tatum Ellie Bramley Anna Pye Karen Hunt (T.A) Amanda Godber, Teacher Christine Richards, Teacher William Blount Lewis Durow Tia Cooke Niamh Webster Guy Ben Moss Sophie Bloor Chloe Jackson Megan Lynam James Westhead Tom Quinn George Milner Ben Wilson Neilum Wilson Sophie Palmer Robyn Moon Ragnor Mulcakyp Abigail Bramley Isabella Rice

Detail - Right

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