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Mapperley Colliery United FC 1921 - 1922 season

F. Bacon G. Horsnall G. Horsnall F. Bacon F. Hallam T.Disney T. Kerry R. Howitt S. Frost H. Salt E. Buxton E. Eyre J W Hartshorne J. Costello H. Hall J. Proctor H. Chapman F. M. Brown E. Hartshorne E. Plunkett E. Raby E. Hamilton A. Denby T. Barber G. Flint R. Reeve H. Glazerbrook W. Moss J. Waldron T. Banks E. Hartshorne


The Photograph was taken outside the Miner’s Welfare Club on Station Road, West Hallam.
T. Disney was assistant secretary E. Raby was the chairman G. Flint was the secretary.
H. Hall was the captain R. Reeve was the trainer.

Pre War Football Team Recalled circa 1935

? Joe Hill Ted Gilbert Joe Martin Jack Hobson Horace Pritchart Mr Hobson Frank Peacock Les Hawley Mr Gretorex Donny Monks Malcolm Thornley Stuart Archer Johnny Proctor Billie Peacock Teddy Thomas


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Football team being presented with a cup by Mr. Joe Wood. Possibly Sportsman of the Year Award

Quite a few have names
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 Frank Marsden Joe Martin John Roberts Barry Riley Bill Skinner Ian Snowdon? Eric Saxton Bob Hawley  Bob Mellor  Jim Isam  Hadrian Durow  Ray Marsden  Cyril Hartshorne Bob Roberts Richard Pearson

Football team Circa 1965/66. Banner and cup displayed on the front row was won at a match at Koolskamp in Belgium during Easter 1965


Olympic Koolskamp 0, Mapperley M.W. 2

Mapperley Miners' Welfare F.C., a second division team in the Long Eaton League, had a reception practically worthy of an international eleven when they visited Belgium on Sunday for a "friendly" game with Olympic Koolskamp.

For they were paraded through the town by a band, exchanged pennants with, their hosts and before the kick-off the two countries' national anthems were played. And, to cap it all, following a grand game a reception was given for them by the Koolskamp players and officials.

The 35 Mapperley players and supporters arrived in Koolskamp at approximately 2.30 p.m. and they went in procession, headed by the local band, through the town before they lined up for the kick-off at 3.30 p.m.

And an exciting game it turned out to be. The Belgian side pressed as hard as they could in the first ten minutes, but against a Mapperley defence that was as solid as a stone-wall they had no success.

Particularly outstanding during this, period was the "Miners", centre-half John Roberts who-played magnificently. So Mapperley held out, and they were rewarded.

Before the interval inside-right Ray Marsden put them ahead, and an own goal by a luckless Koolskamp defender made it 2-0 at half-time.

In the second half inside-forward R. Pearson was unable to play for Mapperley because of a leg injury and R. Pritchett came on as a substitute.

During the second period both sides came close to scoring on several occasions but no more goals were added.
After the match Koolskamp presented Mapperley with a cup, and then a reception was held.

Back to their league programme tomorrow (Saturday) the "Miners" play Stapleford Villa Reserves, away, kick-off 3 p.m.

Eric Saxton Everard Peacock Derick Peacock Bob Roberts Barry Riley Theresa Roberts Frank Marsden Norman  Grainger Doll Roberts Rex Gibbons

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Thursday Club at Mrs Easts on Lodge Row
Kindly loaned by David Henshaw

 Flo Cook  Winnie Martin  Mary Wood  Anne (Annie) Hartshorne  Janet East  Doris Davis  Harriet Gould  Olive Miles  Jesse Thornley  Kath Ogden  Doris Hawley  Edna Derbyshire


Womens Institute 17 December 1965
Carving The Turkey Ceremony

 Winnie Martin  Alice Redgate  Eileen Summers  Vera Powell  Flo Cook  Doris Hawley  Harriett Riley  Connie Wood  Mabel Martin  Janet East Doris Davis? Beryl Morgan? Harriet Gould Mary Ufton 3? 4? 5? 12? 18?



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