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The Bunting Family of Smalley

Bunting Family Pedigree compiled by Rev. Charles Kerry 1860 with some later additions
Reference - MSS 4686 pages 238/239

238/239 Bunting of Smalley

From the affectionate regard I entertained for Sam Bunting on old servant of my father’s in my younger days, as a kindly memorial I here insert all that I can find and ascertain concerning that family. They were well known in Smalley; but now are almost unknown and forgotten save by a few of the oldest inhabitants. They were a very industrious, blunt and humorous sort, and Sam in those days was a general favourite. He was particularly attached to me and when in New Zealand, named his second son "Charles Kerry" after his old friend in England. He left with his newly married wife for his distant home in the year 1852.

John Bunting - Mary Halllam
"Sojourner" of West Hallam Parish
Married - September 25th 1749
Buried at West Hallam October 18th 1751

  • Son William Bunting of Mapperley * Sarah
  • Daughter Rebecca Bunting
  • Daughter Ann Bunting Baptised 8th February 1795

Children of William and Sarah - all of Mapperley at the time of their birth Bapt. at West Hallam

  • John Bunting Baptised at West Hallam 19th Nov. 1797
  • Hannah Bunting Baptised. At West Hallam 30th June 1799
  • Elizabeth Bunting Born 17th Oct 1801 Baptised At West Hallam
  • Sarah Bunting Baptised Jan. 1st 1804
  • Jane Bunting Baptised Feb 1806 Parish Register Burials Kirk Hallam
    Jane Bunting aged 9 months buried 30th Sept. 1806
  • William Bunting (Baptised Not traced married Mirah ?)
      Of "Bunting House" in Smalley Wood - near the footpath to Mapperley but now demolished.

Baptised at Kirk Hallam

  • Samuel Bunting Baptised at Kirk Hallam 20th January 1811
    Lived near Henry Shaw the Ropemaker's, Smalley Common, named Mary, daughter of Samuel, and Ann Woollands of Smalley. Resided the latter part of her life at Tag Hill in Heanor Parish (see children below)
  • Ann Bunting Baptised at Kirk Hallam May 23rd 1813 (Page 1 No. 3)
  • Robert Baptised at Kirk Hallam June 18th 1815 (Page 2 No. 12)
    In 1836 became my father's hired servant
    Details - Parents William and Sarah Bunting Abode Mapperley, father Labourer

Children of William and Mirah all Baptised at Smalley Church

  • William Bunting
  • Samuel Bunting Born 15th May 1825 Baptised at Smalley 22nd August 1830.
    Went to New Zealand 1852 aged 27. My father's old servant at the Green Farm Smalley Died 1st Sept 1882, Buried at Auckland Cemetery.

Married Mary daughter of Carrington of Smalley. Died 27th October 1879 after a long illness.
Married 31st September 1850, St Peter's Parish Church, City of Derby. Reference M 568 Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock Page 43 No 86

  • Samuel Bunting, Full age, labourer, Hope Street.
  • William Bunting, labourer
  • Mary Carrington, Minor, Hope Street  
  • Robert Carrington, labourer

Witnesses'- Frank? Piggs, Ann Piggs

1851 Census. St Peter's Parish Derby HO 107/2143 72 158

Hope Street

  • Samuel Bunting husband. 21 years. Born Alfreton
  • Mary Bunting wife. 18 years. Born Smalley
  • Ellen Bunting. Born 16 January 1829, Baptised August 22nd 1830, Baptised together 19th February 1843 page 70

1851 Census, Stanley HO 107/2141 Folio 491 - 500 page 75

Edward Williams, Farmer 117 acres
?Ellen Bunting, servant, 17 years, born Smalley ?

  • Keren Bunting (Entry No 553)
  • Anne Bunting (Entry No. 554) } both living in Nottingham
  • Hannah Bunting (Entry No. 555) } in 1877 (Rev. C Kerry*)
  • John Bunting (Entry No. 556) went towards Alfreton, was married
  • Job Bunting, youngest Baptised 1845 (Entry No. 604 page 76). Enlisted for a soldier, married Ann Marriott 15th November 1873, Alfreton Parish Church

• Possibly note ref. to letter from brother Samuel Bunting - could be read as only Hannah living in Nottingham. Anne possibly in Borrowash married to William Tomlinson.
Enquiry ‘Missing Persons Salvation Army War Cry 1888’

6th October 1888
Samuel Bunting
Of Smalley, Derbyshire, ENG, last heard of at Grahamstown, Thames in October 1877: his sister is longing to hear from himself, or any of his children. Address: Mrs Tomlinson, Borrowash, Derbyshire, ENG

20th October 1888
Samuel Bunting
Who left Smalley, Derbyshire, ENG for NZ about 30 yrs ago. Last heard from 23 Oct 1877. Then living at Grahamstown, Auckland, NZ. He had seven children whose names are as follows:

  • William
  • Charles
  • Kerry
  • Henry Roberts
  • Mary Beatrice and
  • Violet Jane
    His sister is very anxious to hear from him, or any of his children.
    Address: Mrs TOMLINSON, Burrowash, Derbyshire, ENG.

Census 1861, Smalley RG9/2508 Folio 33 p20
William Bunting, lodger, widower, 62 yrs, Ag lab, born Derbyshire, Mapperley.

These baptisms also appear in the collection of papers of the Rev. Charles Kerry who transcribed the Smalley registers - reference Derby Local Studies Library MSS 4708 Baptisms 1813 - 1854
Kerry Manuscripts Vol 17 (pages 39. 70 and 76)

He adds some notes:
After the entry for ‘John’ - Abode Smalley Wood by the footpath to Mapperley: but house now taken down
He notes that ‘Job’ was the youngest son
Two earlier baptisms appear:
August 22nd 1830 page 39

  • 311 Samuel born May 15th 1825
  • 312 Ellen born Jan 16th 1829

Notes in the margin and with Samuel’s entry confirm his link with New Zealand with reference to letter received in 1877.
Sam was a good and faithful servant of my father's. He married a Carrington and emigrated to New Zealand where he had several children, one of whom he named Charles Kerry Bunting after myself. Went to New Zealand in 1852. See the opposite margin - Samuel Bunting writing to Charles Kerry (Dec 17.1877) states that out of the family of 15 children the following survive

  • William B aged 24
  • Charles Kerry Bunting 20 years old
  • Myra B 12 years
  • Kate B 10 years
  • Henry Robert 5 years (cripple)
  • Mary Beatrice 2 years
  • Violet B the last “A nice girl, one year and four months”

MSS 4686 Pedigrees pages 238 - 239 with letter from Samuel Bunting following (4 pages).
*note See Kerry Memoranda page 84

Census 1851, Smalley, Derbyshire HO 107/2144 Folio 379 p12
46 Wood Cottage
William Bunting Husband, 55 yrs, Aq lab, born Derby’s. Mapperley
Myra Bunting Wife, 45 yrs, born Allerton

  • John Bunting, Son, 14 yrs, Farmer’s servant, born Smalley
  • Kerenhappuch, Daughter, 11 yrs, born Smalley

Census 1851 Smalley Derbyshire HO 107/2144 Folio 379 p12
46 Wood Cottage
William Bunting, Husband, 55 yrs, Ag lab
Myra Bunting Wife, 45 yrs

  • John Bunting, Son, 14 yrs, Farmer's servant
  • Kerenhappuch, Daughter, 11 yrs
  • Joseph* Bunting, Son 5 yrs
    *Enumerator error with spelling of Job's name?

Census 1841 HO/107/189/13 Folio 4 pi Smalley Derbyshire
William Bunting, Husband, 45 yrs, Ag Lab
Myrah Bunting, Wife, 35 yrs

  • Samuel Bunting, 15 yrs
  • Ann Bunting, 9 yrs
  • Hannah Bunting, 7 yrs
  • John Bunting, 4 yrs
  • Karen Bunting, 1 yr

Children of Samuel and Mary (nee Woollands)

  • John Bunting, Baptised: 31st March 1833 (Entry No. 366 page 46) Son of Samuel and Mary (daughter of Samuel and Ann Woollands) Bunting, Abode Smalley, father - Labourer (A note added that John - deceased)
    Baptised together December 12 1847 at Smalley page 81
  • Dorothy Bunting (Entry No. 645)
  • Emma Bunting (Entry No. 646)
  • William Bunting (Entry No. 647) (A note added William - Deceased)
    (NB. in the register there is a note in the margin ‘These children were born in Wedlock their father's name was Samuel.'
    Abode Smalley, mother (widow) Mary Bunting

Children of Samuel and Mary (nee Carrington)
Surviving in 1877 out of a family of 15
(Amy Street, Grahamstown, Auckland, New Zealand)

  • William Bunting Born 1853
  • Charles Kerry* Bunting Born 1857 See *Kerry Memoranda"p:84
    Wife died Jan 1st 1891
    Three children living Dec 13 1897

*Post Office, Waitekouri, Ohinemuri, Upper Thames, New Zealand Oct 31 1897

  • Maria Bunting, Bom 1865
  • Kate Bunting, Born 1867
  • Henry Robert Bunting, Born 1872
  • Mary Beatrice Bunting Born 1875
  • Violet Jane Bunting Born 1876

At the bottom of the page Joseph Bancroft of Spondon and Elizabeth Bunting of Dale Abbey married at West Hallam Nov. 17 1779 (lic)

NB. In the Smalley Register of Baptisms but not included by Rev. Kerry Page 96 No 762 Feb 13th 1853
Elizabeth Bunting mother Ann Bunting (single woman) Smalley

Transcribed by Barbara Grayson from microfilm copy held at Derby Local Studies Library

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