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Sludge Pond - Park Hall Was Flooded With Sludge
By John Martin

Reading through the memories on the website I was surprised to find no mention of the time the houses at Park Hall were flooded with sludge. 
As you entered Park Hall, from Mapperley, you were faced with the typical conical pit tip on the far side of which road formed the crossbar of the ‘T’ road, i.e. the road from West Hallam to the pit.  Between the tip and the road was the sludge pond which was raised 2 or 3 ft higher than the road by, as I remember, an earth bank. It had a thin dry crust, but was filled with liquid mud and was a no go area to even the most dare devil amongst us as we knew the crust would in no way support our weight.

One day in my boyhood, I don’t know the date, the top of the tip collapsed and the contents of the pond were forced out, flowing 2 or 3 ft deep down the road and in front of the houses. Every one from the village went to look, but we younger ones were quickly sent packing as the rescue operation got underway.

It would be interesting if anyone could add to this with either photos, further details, or an explanation as to the purpose of the sludge pond.

(I understand from Alf Shaw, the farmer who lives at Park Farm adjacent to the then sludge pond, that this incident occurred early May 1944.  Thanks to Mollie Skinner for obtaining this information)


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