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The School Was Built in 1867 and extended in 1890 to accomodate 140 pupils

Aerial view of school date unknown

Mapperley School Early References

Scargill Connections
Like all the local villages in the area the Mapperley school started with the Rev John Scargill. Rector of West Hallam from 1638 to 1662.
In his will he left money to the poor of the surrounding villages.  Leaving  Mapperley 20 shillings. 

He also left £540 for a farm in Eastwood. Stating that the revenues of the first two years of this property should be used to erect a free school.

The first school was built in 1664. Opposite, what is now the village war memorial in West Hallam. (Near the church gates).

He stipulated that 12 scholars called "Pentioners". Should attend the school.

  • 6 of West Hallam
  • 2 of Dale
  • 2 of Stanley
  • 2 of Mapperley

All chosen from the poorer families of the said towns. Each paid 9d every week towards maintaining them, to be paid at every half years end.

Pentioners were to continue at school for six years. Then they are to be removed and others placed there instead.

To administer the school he nominated that four Trustees be appointed. There duties included receiving rents, maintaining the building. Pay the pentioners and pay the schoolmasters wages. At this time it was 10 per annum. The First Trustee for Mapperley was John Pymm.

Only boys were educated at this time and the first Mapperley pentioners were Matthew, son of Widow Honis and John, son of Rodger Braddoe.

In 1791 Henry Leaper left in his Will 6, for the support of a Sunday School in Mapperley. This was established in 1792 and 90 children regularly attended

School Teachers At Mapperley Primary School

Two hundred years after the Scargill School in 1864 a school for infants was established in Mapperley with Miss Mary Else as mistress.

The first mixed school in Mapperley was erected in 1867 for 120 children. Miss Mary Else was still in charge as the school mistress.

  • 1870 Miss Williams had replaced Miss Else
  • 1876 Miss Merrick was in position
  • 1881 Samuel Hooke (maternity leave relief, probably for Mrs Emma Darling)
  • 1879, 1888 and 1895 Mrs Emma Darling
  • 1890 the School was enlarged for 140 children - Mrs Emma Downing (Mistress)
  • 1890 – 1904 Mrs Downing was mistress
  • 1900 - Miss Edith Lamb (headmistress) commenced. In 1905 she married and became Mrs Harris. She left on Thursday 27 July 1905 after 5 years service.
  • 1904 - 1905 Miss Edith Lamb (Mistress), Miss Graham (Infants) also Miss Stendon and Miss Fanny Thornley.
  • 1905 Mrs Harris (Headmistress) - Miss Butler (leaving date unknown). September, Miss Butler became headmistress moving from Wormhill School near Buxton.
  • 1906 Miss Swain there but start and finish dates unknown
  • 1912 Miss Edith F. White (Headmistress)
  • 1915 School rebuilt for 109 children
  • C 1920 Miss Hunt (Headmistress) - Mrs Draycott and Miss Burroughs
  • 1924 – 1953 Mr H E Johnson (Head). Known by the pupils as Gaffer Johnson. A man described by many of the old residents as being very useful with the cane. Even his own lad who was a pupil at the school, stating that he couldn't be accused of favouritism. Miss Hunt was the Mistress at the time of Gaffer Johnson
  • 1953 1970 Mrs Foster (Headmistress). Left to retire. 29.6s was raised was raised for a leaving gift. There was an average of 45 children at this time.
  • 1951 1966 Mrs Challans. Died in 1966
  • 1966 1996 Mrs Joan Law Teacher. She also did supply teaching at other schools
  • 1967 1970 Miss H Bland Teacher. Left at the same time as Mrs Foster (infants) after 3 years. 6 raised for leaving gift
  • 1970 – 1980 Mrs Lois M Lowe (Headmistress) Died suddenly April 10 1980
  • 1970 – 1974 Mrs Sandra Nicolson. Teacher
  • 1970 – Miss Bowen Assistant Teacher from Sept 1
  • 1972 1993 Mrs Sheila Tooley Welfare Assistant. Started Jan 5th 1972 and left October 1993
  • 1974 1987 Mrs Audrey Joyce Farnsworth Teacher
  • 1980 – 1981 Vanessa Warrington. Teacher. Temp appointment. May 1980 to January 1981
  • 1981 1988 Mr Tony Treseder (Head)
  • 1987 2005 Mrs Christine Richards. Teacher. 2005 2007 Supply teacher
  • 1988 - 1990 Ms Susan Cave. Acting (Headmistress) for 2 years until Mr Millard took over
  • 1990 2007 Mr Philip Millard (Head). In 1996 there was 34 pupils. In 2001 Mr Millard raised enough money for a new classroom and office to be built in the roof space
  • 2007 – 2010 Mrs Godber (Headmistress)
  • 2010 present Mr Richard Cripps (Head)

Pupils on Roll

  • 1959 - 39
  • 1963 - 33
  • 1970 - 42
  • 1972 - 52
  • 1974 - 45
  • 1978 - 38
  • 1979 - 28
  • 1981 - 24
  • 1983 - 32
  • 1984 - 28
  • 1985 - 29
  • 1986 - 32
  • 1987 - 36
  • 2012 - 60

Many photographs of the school children and teachers can be viewed on this website.

Lists of Evacuees during WW2 taken from the school register can also be viewed on this website

Letter Written by (Head) H E Johnson to Derbyshire County Council in 1925

Some Interesting Snippets Of Information Taken From School Minutes 1958 -1985

January 1958
After a wedding was held in school and beer was spilt on the floor it was decided that a line must be draw. Weddings must finish by 8pm.

June 1959
A letter was received from the Local Education Authority refusing to install a telephone in the school.

May 1962
A request was received from Mapperley Miners Welfare Football Club for use of the school porch as a dressing room. This was granted at 2s 6d per month The club secretary would be responsible for cleaning.

June 1964
School measured up for the hot water system.

September 1971
Rev Ken A Vorley was welcomed to the Governors meeting. Prior to this it had been Rev. Spencer.

3 Maple trees were donated by the Ontario Government and sits in a triangle in Mapperley church grounds
It was the idea of the PTA.
School children sang a Canadian song during the opening ceremony.

September 1974
The school held Silver Jubilee Celebrations on Saturday 28th May. Commemorative mugs were provided for children up to 15 years. Children sang songs round the village associated with "Street Cries of Olde London" followed by Church Service and Display of Country Dancing by the children in the village streets.

January 1978
The school was built in 1867 on a restricted site and leaves much to be desired. Consideration of no future for the school.

April 1979
School PTA concerned about falling numbers. The vicar is now Rev. F Smith.

September 1980
The Lois Lowe Memorial Concert raised 150.

May 1981
Tony Tresedar welcomed new (Head) and Joan Law appointed to represent Mapperley Parish Council on the Governors.

June 1985
Rev Ted Lyons shown as vicar.

Mr Millard money raised for a new classroom and office.

Tony Treseder, Mrs Farnsworth and Parents


Queens Silver Jubilee 1977. School event in Village Centre


Planting Maple Tree in Mapperley Churchyard 20 Oct 1993


Mrs Richards and Mrs Tooley in class.

Elaine Sarson

Mapperley C of E Primary School - Photo Gallery


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