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The Storms
Mapperleys 60's Group

30th April 1964

The Storms In The Trees
By Mapperley Pond


Notes from Elaine Sarson's (nee Richardson) scrapbook. Elaine along with her friend Wendy Robinson were definately The Storms first and most keen fans!
The date now is November 8th 1964. Last night the group played at the Town Hall for a 21st party.

The most important booking they have had so far was at the College.
As you can see by the first ticket, above, The Storms has competition at this November 6th event but they had no need to worry once the Mapperley crowd got going.
Over Christmas the group didn't have too many bookings except for partys etc.

The next dance was held at the Central Methodist on 27th February 1965.




Hi Elaine
The photos on your website brought back lots of happy memories!!

The Storms were a very special part of my growing up-does anyone remember when they did an impromptu "gig" opposite The Old Black Horse pub one summer evening - it all felt sooooo Beatles/Liverpool etc and soooooo grown up?

They were a very special  "Mapperley" group and I remember doing lots of dancing round handbags to them!
Keep finding all these lovely memories!

Lyn Reeves (nee Pearson)

... Love the section on the website about "The Storms" I remember my uncle Alan having the "Mapperley do's" every other year ... I think the last one was about 20 years ago in the fields down Slack Lane. 


- More About The Storms -


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