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Cricket Match - Sunday Afternoon
September 8th 2013

A local cricket match was organised with an open invitation sent to everyone in the village to take part.  There were girls, boys, men and women and the ages ranged from 7 to 70.

A BBQ was on hand to feed everyone and as it happens, to keep everyone warm!

It was a lovely sunny day....on the pitch...but the seating area had no sunshine and it was perishing!  This did not deter anyone, winter wardrobes were opened up and ladies came armed with warm clothing to share. I was loaned some beautiful woollen socks that really did the trick. Not sure how cool it looked though with crop trousers and sandles!

Participating in the day either by competing or spectating were
Joan,Tom, Pete, Brian, Lewis, Jesse, Abbie, Helen, Kev, Laura, Beth, Dan, Gaz, Joan, Ed, Nigel, Nick, Fynn, Dylan, Billy,  James, Andy, Linda, Bobby, Amy, Ella, Ian, Jenny, Dave, Tim, Lisa, Karen, Mollie, Bill, Margaret, Russ, Richard, Amanda and Elaine.

The scores for the two teams were Team 1: 123  Team 2: all out for 77

Everyone had a great day with lots of laughs along the way.


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