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West Hallam Village Sign

WHM - Dec 2005


The West Hallam Village sign, which will be sited close to the St Wilfrid’s Road/High Lane/Mapperley Lane crossroads is a Millennium Year 2000 project of the Parish Council which for various reasons has had to ‘remain on the back burner’.

In the spring of 2005, the Parish Clerk, on behalf of the Council, approached John Disney, Secretary of the West Hallam History Society for ideas as to what would be a suitable representation for a ‘Village Sign’. This request was passed to Jim Price to submit designs to the Parish Council.

A meeting was arranged in April between Jim and a sub-committee of the council where ideas and requirements were discussed.

Over the next few weeks Jim was busy carrying out research on heraldry, visiting the parish church and making drawings from the stained glass windows and designs that appeared on tombs and monuments within the church. Staff at Ilkeston Library were also most helpful.

Although West Hallam has a strong connection with agriculture and in more recent times coal mining, it was decided to concentrate on the main aspects of West Hallam, i.e. the church and the most important benefactor families that have contributed to its development. Therefore the final design includes a stylised representation of the church above three panels bearing the coat of arms of the Scargill, Newdigate and Powtrell families.

The pictorial element is above an oak panel containing the words ‘West Hallam’ carved in a particular style and gilded.

Framing the sign will be an arrangement of wrought-iron containing designs of oak leaves and acorns, the oak tree being the tree for which West Hallam was known for in past centuries. This is topped by a shield bearing the initials of the Village - W.H.

The whole is set on an oak post which will be placed on a stone setting which may be used for seating.

It is understood that the council, the Chairman of which is Mrs Carol Hart, received, debated and approved the costings for the above from the manu-facturers and are at the moment waiting for permission from the Derbyshire County Council and their Planning Officer to approve the exact positioning.

Jim Price has resided in West Hallam for the past eighteen years and takes an active part in the life of the Village, being a committee member of the West Hallam History Society, a member of the Rural Society and more widely working as a volunteer with the National Trust at Kedleston Hall. He is also a committee member of the Friends of Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

A keen painter, Jim was trained at the Nottingham College of Art and has spent his working life as an artist involved in reproduction within the printing industry.

After considering several planning applications, Cllr Hart closed the meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday, 2nd April, at 7pm in the Powtrell Community Pavilion. Residents are welcome to voice their concerns in the Public Participation Session.
Cllr H Chapman

West Hallam Village Sign

WHM - 28 Mar 2008

To commemorate the millennium year 2000, a decision was reached by the Parish Council to commission a sign for West Hallam. This was to be erected at West Hallam/Mapperley crossroads.

Following this decision, the West Hallam History Society was contacted with a view to sourcing design ideas. I was approached and asked if I would be willing to submit a design for approval by the Parish Council.

In creating the design my thinking was not to illustrate the obvious such as agriculture and mining, but to feature other important aspects that had been part of the village life for a number of centuries.

The first and most important feature of West Hallam is the church, built in 1274 and dedicated to St Wilfrid, followed by the Powtrell, Scargill and Newdigate families, who had donated so much of their time and wealth to the village. Benefits which endure today.

The design for the church was taken from an old print of c.1875, and shows the church as viewed from the west. This aspect eventually became the site of the Hall, long since demolished, and now known as Hall Court. Before 1875 the flagpole was in the centre of the tower and not as it is today, to one side.

The three families of Powtrell, Scargill and Newdigate, were also chosen because they represented so much of recorded life in West Hallam over the centuries.

The design of the Powtrell armorial bearings were taken from their tomb in the church. The Scargill bearings from the stained glass window in the west wall and the Newdigate design from research undertaken at Ilkeston library.

The oak leaves incorporated into the framework of the design illustrate that through the centuries West Hallam was noted for its fine oak trees.

The shield at the top of the sign incorporating W.H. represents West Hallam.

Executed by Alpha Signs of Saffron Walden, Essex, faithfully reproducing my design, crafted and cast in aluminium and mounted on a post of English oak, it is a fine example of their craftsmanship.

I would like to thank the Parish Council, chaired by Mrs Carol Hart, for affording me the privilege of undertaking this project.

James A Price.




- Taken from WHM Magazine August 2010 -

The Chair of the Management Committee, Councillor Mrs C Hart welcomed and introduced the Mayor of Erewash, Councillor R Parkinson, The Mayoress of Erewash Mrs J Parkinson, the Chairman of Derbyshire County Council, Councillor R Baldry and Representatives of the User Groups to the official opening ceremony of the Powtrell Community Pavilion.


Councillor Mrs C Hart acknowledged and extended sincere appreciation to those many people who worked very hard to support the construction of this new Community Pavilion in West Hallam which provided a range of facilities for the Community to use. Thanks were also extended to Erewash Borough Council, The Football Foundation, The Ann Powtrell Foundation, The West Hallam Junior Football Club, The West Hallam White Rose Cricket Club and the West Hallam Parish Council who collectively provided the £260,000 to design and construct the Pavilion.

was made available tor the residents from the area to use and enjoy the new facilities. The Mayor also thanked those organisations that had jointly funded the construction of this new Pavilion, which was a credit to all concerned.

Wishing all success for the future, the Mayor cut the ribbon to formally open the Powtrcll Community Pavilion and then joined guest, visitors and representatives for light refreshments in the Pavilion.

Mr P Briggs

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