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Well Dressings July 2021

West Hallam Minors Club


This year for the well-dressing we asked the children to draw some pictures of flowers, wildlife and water so we could centre the well dressing on what it truly means, celebrating the abundance of water. We used several of their designs to create this picture. We also looked at ways in which we use water and how important it is to our lives and why it should be celebrated. The children were also asked to choose a charity they would like the donations to go to and they chose dogs. Therefore our chosen charity is:-

Castlefield Dog Rescue


Stanley St. Andrews School. Rainbow of Hope


We have chosen this theme as we hold in our thoughts all those who have been affected or continue to be affected by Covid. Our chosen charity is The British Heart Foundation.



This Year The Community Pre-School Have Decided To Celebrate Flowers Of Hope After Such A Difficult Year, We Have Concentra Rated On The Positives And What We Have To Look Forward To. The Flowers Represent Hope And New Beginnings And For The Children To Help The Next Steps In Their Learning Journey. Our Chosen Charity This Year is Treetops Hospice.

West Hallam Village Pre-School
Over the Rainbow


At West Hallam Village Pre-School, we are celebrating and recognising those who have been helping us over the last year. The rainbow has become a symbol of hope during this difficult time.
In Pre-School we also have a reward rainbow where we acknowledge the children's achievements throughout the day. They could be showing kindness to their friends, being helpful, sharing with their friends, showing good listening, helping to tidy and using manners.
Our children have enjoyed designing the well dressing and have worked hard alongside the Pre-School staff to make the beautiful picture that is now on display.

Charity CROAK- Carers & Relatives of Autistic Kids.

Women, Wine and Words Book Group

70 Years of the Peak District National Park


This year (2021) sees the 70th anniversary of the designation of the Peak District as the UK's first National Park on 17th April 1951.

Unlike many of the world's National Parks, which are wilderness areas, the Peak District is a true 'living landscape', home to 38,000 people.

It covers 555 sq.miles in the heart of England and reaches into 5 counties. 20 million people live within an hour's travel time of the Peak District.

Our collection box is for The Peak District National Park Foundation which was launched in 2019, to inspire people to explore, enjoy and support the Peak District. Thank you for your kind donation.

West Hallam Parish Church - HOPE


By improving access to new and under-used vaccines (including the C-19 vaccines) for millions of the most vulnerable children, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, is transforming the lives of individuals, helping to boost the economies of lower-income countries and making the world safer for everyone.

10th Ilkeston Scouts


Scouting is all about supporting young people in their personal development. This last year has been a challenge which has impacted the mental health of many young people. That's why we are proud to support...

Why Talking Fixes



The Will Garvey Trust Foundation is a West Hallam based charity whose aim is to prevent suicide, with a particular focus on young people aged 11-25. We know that talking is the key to opening doors to recovery so much of our work is encouraging young people to take that often difficult step of sharing how they're feeling with someone they trust. We work with local groups and organisations empowering young people in understanding mental health conditions and identifying warning signs so that preventative action can be taken. Our website provides lots of information for young people who are experiencing a range of feelings, for parents who are worried about their child, and for people concerned about their friends.

If you are a young person experiencing any emotional distress, or are a parent or friend worried about someone, please know you are not alone.

Please email Will Garvey Trust Foundation if you would like to know more about WTF, or you want to get involved.

Check out our resources on social media (Instagram, twitter, Facebook). Please see our website for details of our Art Project, running from July - August, in association with Central England Co-op which invites young people to create pieces in any medium of positive experiences and responses to the lockdown. Work will be exhibited at the Bottle Kiln in September.


D2 Top Well Dress 1 Scarecrow

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