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Harry Norwell


The Ilkeston Advertiser article of May 2014, shown opposite, is a copy of a letter from Harry Norwell sent to The Ilkeston Advertiser and first published on December 11th 1914. Harry was a former postman and one of the first to leave Ilkeston as an Army Reservist. He was a gunner for the Royal Garrison Artillery.

Glenis Hayes who lives in Mapperley was with her mum, Marion Harriman, when she was reading the Advertiser and came across this report. You can imagine how amazed they were to see this letter as it was written by Marion's father Harry, Grandfather to Glenis. Harry's wife was Jane Norwell. They lived at 14 North Street Ilkeston. Harry originated from Peterborough.

Harry served throughout the war and when he returned home he managed to get work HELPING build the Woolworths store that used to be on Bath Street, Ilkeston. After that he got a job as a porter with British Railways.

The picture shows him in his uniform. Due to spending so many years in the trenches Harry returned home with leg ulcers which he had to have dressed every day. Harry passed away many years later of pneumonia.

Harry and Jane had 4 surviving children, Harry, Bernard, William and Marion.

Harry was in the medical corps, Bernard was in the Army and William signed up for the Navy when he was 16 years old, lying about his age. The three boys all served in WW2 and Harry wrote to all of them every week throughout the war.

Thanks to Glenis Hayes for the photograph and information.


Soldiers during WWI. Kindly provided by Charles Hodgkinson of Stanley. 
Does anyone have any information about what/where this is please?

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