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2014 saw the 75th Anniversary since the start of World War Two

V E Day 75th Anniversary. A Shared Moment of Celebration 8th – 10th May 2020.



Photographs of Mapperley Colliery Band Before and After the War


Mapperley Colliery Band Circa 1914, in the grounds of Stanley Lodge, before they went to war


Mapperley Colliery Band 1919, Morley Church grounds. Not so many as 1914, many died in the war


Harry Wint


Harry Wint joined the Northamptonshire Regiment and went to Italy and Africa. He was away for 5 years. They lived rough and slept in horse stables or wherever they could llay their heads. He was in combat and during one particular incident all his comrades died. Harry was the only survivor although he was injured by shrapnel in his shoulder and was flown back to the UK.

He spent a year in Harlow Wood recuperating. On his return home he carried on doing everything he needed to despite the injury. He worked at Mapperley Pit and moved to Denby Pit after Mapperley closed. He retired from Rolls Royce at Hucknall.

Harry passed away in June 1966.

- Read More About Harry Wint Back In Mapperley -


World War 2 - Wellington Bomber Flight W5795 Crash Landed 12th July 1942



From Wikipedia

World War II (WW2)  The start of the war is generally held to be 1 September 1939, beginning with the German invasion of Poland; Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later.

The exact date of the war's end is also not universally agreed upon. It has been suggested that the war ended at the armistice of 14 August 1945 (V-J Day),

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