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My Memories by Alan Lodge

I was born while we lived on High Lane East after my dad Raymond returned from the war in Italy and via Germany. Prior to that he was based at Stanley depot and then Chilwell Depot. He went from Private to Regimental Sergeant Major. My father was from Huddersfield and my mother from Leeds; they married and moved to Sheffield where Margaret was born before and Brian during the war. It was the war that brought us as a family to live in this area when my Mum Marjorie moved to Stanley to be near Dad.  My Dads parents Nevelli and Annie Lodge moved into rented rooms at Stanley Common.

 Ray Lodge by his Singer SM car 1953.

My father was in the retail trade before the war and went back to that after with his own business working from home on High Lane East. Things were going well and with my Mum they bought a shop on Nottingham Road, Ilkeston in 1948 and moved to the rooms above. My sister Barbara was born in 1952, the day the King died. Our family expanding we bought a very run down Vicarage at Mapperley the same year. We named the house Brackenhurst, that name was used by my mother’s family for all their houses so she continued to use it.

Extensive decoration and modernisation was done, not to mention the clearing of the overgrown garden which Henry Hill with his men spent a lot of time chopping trees down and sawing them up for logs. The garden was a wilderness having been unoccupied for at least three years.  

I was six when we moved to Mapperley and we all went to Michael House School catching the bus from the village to Ilkeston.

It was 1953 and the Queen was crowned that June. There were great celebrations with decorations on most houses. My Dad was asked to judge and choose a winner which was Luther Martin.   TV was in its infancy and there were not many of them in the village at that time, we were one of the lucky ones and had a house full for the first televised Coronation.

Margaret became the Brown Owl for the Brownies which were held in the school and also on the front lawn of their garden at Brackenhurst.

I have many memories of those days such as Harriet Riley taking me and her twins Pauline and Marlene to the Empire in Nottingham to see Laurel and Hardy.

Keeping a pig in our garden for Jack Riley, fishing down the pond, spending all day down Mapperley Wood or up to some mischief or other. Going to church and Sunday School. I missed a Sunday school outing to the Blue John mine because I had been sent to my room for being naughty and when it was time to get the bus I would not go, just being daft.

When I was nine I went to boarding school, Brian going the term before me which was near Ashbourne then. When I was twelve I went onto Rishworth School near Halifax leaving when I was fifteen to go and work in the family business along with Brian and Margaret. I had lost touch with a lot of friends in the village with being away at school but always was glad to be back.

My Grandad and Grandma lived with us, Grandma had goats milk from Mrs Hooper.  Before we went to boarding school we had up to five hundred hens which Brian and I fed, watered and mucked out - happy days!

I remember Hadrian Durow helping to build the hen houses and Rex Riley just after he had finished his National Service laying paths in front of the rockery, he was singing Green Door (by Frankie Vaughan) it's funny the things you remember.  I bumped into him down the pond and had a chat which was not long before he died.

Rev G.C.C. Spencer and Choir Mapperley Vicarage Garden 1952

Margaret Lodge is Front Row Centre

Other things I remember was getting the hay in with Tony Udall, helping Noel Lewis in the fields or making a nuisance of myself. The threshing machine on pool that was exciting.  The Garden Party’s which were in aid of the church, there were two or three, I can remember having to work hard getting the garden weeded and lawns mowed to perfection. The Rev Spencer asked us to hold them. There were many stalls and raffles etc.

My Dad spent a lot of time in the Black Horse as I did later, many happy hours were spent with Ron and Joyce and most of the village. I remember the sandwiches on darts nights and the birthday party’s at the pub.

I fondly remember Mrs Gould helping mum around the house. Harry Appleby hedge laying and Les Harper painting the gables and guttering on the vicarage and a very young me on the bottom of the ladder. I also remember sledging down Daffodilly.

Margaret married John Cooke and moved to Ilkeston. Brian also moved to Ilkeston. Grandad had died in hospital and Grandma went into a home at Kirk Hallam. The house was too big now and sadly we moved to above the shop again. We left the village in December 1965 and it was sold to a bank manager.

Dad and Mum went to live at Flamborough Yorkshire. Then I married Susan (Boswell) living in Ilkeston.

Mum died September 2001 almost 89 then Dad in May 2002 aged 90 years.

I have many fond memories of the village and all the characters that lived there which are too many to mention.


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