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My Memories of Mapperley School by
Mrs Joan Law

I first started working at Mapperley School when Mrs Foster was the head. I worked as the school clerk as well as doing part-time teaching for her. It must have been when Brenda was little (Joan’s daughter) so it was about 1966.When Mrs Challenge died I worked part time with another teacher I think her name was Mrs Edwards but I cannot be sure of that. Then Mary Bland started as a full time teacher and I just did part time again.

Joan Law
Joan Law
After Mrs Foster retired I did supply teaching for Mrs Lowe, I did part-time for both Tony Treseder and Philip Millard. I also did the clerical work for these two heads. So I worked from 1966 until I retired in 1996. So I worked off and on for thirty years at the school. I was not always there because I did supply teaching at other schools in Ilkeston and Heanor.

When Mrs Lowe became the head she decided that it would be a good idea for the children to have a long weekend at Champion house at Edale. The children loved it. They went out exploring the countryside around Edale and also visited other places. I remember that when Brenda went she was the next youngest child to go and I believe that she was only eight years old. We were so worried about her because she was so young but she really enjoyed it very much.
It was also great for the children to go to London for a long weekend when Mr Treseder was the head.  We thought they might be nervous about going on the underground, but, not a bit of it. They hopped on and off the tube like seasoned travellers and did not want to sit down but preferred to stand holding onto the straps. They were brilliant and so well behaved. The children who attended Mapperley School were usually really well mannered and polite and it was a pleasure to go on trips with them. However, sometimes they did funny things that I remember so well. For instance, Jody Whigham was with us in Harrods and she had been eating a very very bright green sweet and her mouth and lips were bright green. I said to her that I was not walking around Harrods with her looking like that so she held a Harrods green carrier bag in front of her mouth. It was so funny. She was such a character.  I had to keep myself from laughing.
Many years before that, when Mrs Foster was the head, she always organised a trip to Newstead Abbey and also to Tissington every year. I enjoyed going to Tissington because I had lived there when I was young. 

Joan and Walters daughter Brenda with her
grandmother Harriet Gould

Joan Law with her mother Harriet Gould

Sycamore Close No More

About Joan written by Elaine Sarson

As you will see from the above, Joan has dedicated many, many years to the children of Mapperley C of E School and I know some of those years she did on a voluntary basis.

Joan, Gould as she was then, came to the village in 1947 with her parents Harriet and George , her sister Pat , her cousin Tony and their dog Pat.

Joan married Walter Law in October 1960.

Joan and Walter had four children, Stephen, Brenda, Graham and Philip.  The family suffered the greatest loss imaginable when their dear daughter Brenda died of cancer at the age of 39 years in 2003 leaving a husband and two young children Emily born in 1993 and Sophie born in 1995.

Joan and Walter have seven wonderful grandchildren, as well as Emily & Sophie, there is Stephen & Christine’s boys, Jamie & Michael, Graham and Sue’s son Tom and Philip and Rachel’s girls Megan and Abby.  A further great loss to the family was when Rachel who passed away at the age of 38 years In 2011. Such a lot for one family to bare.

Joan has always involved herself in the village. Other committees and groups Joan was involved in was the Parish Council, Women’s Institute which was held in the school and Brownies which she ran in West Hallam

Joan and Walters eldest son Stephen is a Major in the army, Brenda was a teacher,
Graham is a mechanic and Philip was a Lance Corporal in the army and mentioned in dispatches. See the Advertiser article below

Walter, Joan and her sister Pat are very special friends of mine and I am so grateful for all their support.




May 2004



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