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My Memories of Mapperley School by Mrs Sheila Tooley

Welfare Assistant who worked at the school 1971 – 1993

Today I met for the first time Mrs Sheila Tooley who was a Welfare Assistant at Mapperley School from 1971 to 1993. A fantastic 22 ½ years! Today Sheila is enjoying a very happy retirement with her husband John and still lives locally. A smart and attractive looking lady who keeps well and very fit.

Sheila recalls being interviewed by Mrs Lois Lowe who was the head at the time and by
Mr Joe Wood.  Joe was actively involved in everything in the village, Parish Council, School Governors; you name it he was part of it.

Sheila enjoyed working with Mrs Lowe and was very sad when she passed away and had to be replaced at school.

However, a year later, she was to meet Tony Tresedar, the new head. She recalls that he looked so young that he couldn’t possibly be the head!  Well, needless to say, Sheila went on to enjoy many very happy years working with Tony.

There were times during this period that the number of children attending the school declined and the school was faced with the possibility of closure. This never happened though, thank goodness!

Sheila enjoyed her time at the school so much and felt so much dedication to caring for the children that she very often worked many hours over and above her scheduled hours.

Sheila would also help with concerts and making costumes, anything that needed doing she would be there.

Her last head she would work with was Philip Millard, another time of job satisfaction for Sheila. She was so happy to have worked with really good heads during her time at Mapperley.

As with every school Mapperley had children who needed more attention, this is where Sheila excelled and what she loved. She has so many very happy memories of the children. I am sure they also remember her with as much affection.

I know that many ex-colleagues, parents and pupils still keep in touch with Sheila, a true testament to the affection and respect she earned.

Sheila made it very clear that her overriding love of the job were the children, she just loved them.

I don’t think anyone could have asked for any more than that.

It was a pleasure meeting you Sheila


Elaine Sarson

February 2012


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