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My Memories by Ros Kershaw (nee Haynes)

Vera Haynes playing dominoes in The Old Black Horse with Little Teddy on her right

What are my 'Mapperley memories'? I remember Mapperley first and foremost as home. Although I lived elsewhere Monday to Friday, I eagerly looked forward to every weekend and school holiday so that I could be in Mapperley. My grandparent's lived at number 2 Mapperley Village, simply that. I think Lodge Row was added to the address many years later. Charlie and Vera Haynes came to live in the village in the early '30s when my dad, Gordon, was a small boy, somewhere I have a photograph of him on a hay wagon near to where Coachways is today. Like many houses at the time, number 2 had no running water, that was across the yard in the wash-house, on one side of which was the coal-house and the other the toilet, none had electricity, and if you needed to 'go' after dark, you needed a torch – we had one with a winding switch on the top, or a candle and hoped it wasn't windy! Inside the house there wasn't a light at the top of the stairs either, strange what you recall when you're prompted! And, although the house had a cellar, I never could bring myself to go down those steps, neither as a child nor adult.

Gordon Haynes, Vera Haynes, Margaret Hayes on left and Bob Mellor right

What number 2 did have, however, that others didn't was 'the wall', this was the term my grandparents and parents used to describe what literally was a 'wall'. Many hours were spent sitting on or leaning against it watching and talking to people passing by. I clearly remember miners walking by on their way home after their shift, the crunch of their boots heard around the Pool long before their blackened faces appeared. White eyed and red mouthed, often with a cigarette dangling, recognised by stature rather than feature and always a cheery word as they passed by the wall. Or it might have been someone on their way to, or from, the Black Horse.

As with other homes in the village, number 2 also had parties. A crate of beer would be delivered after the pub closed and my mum would set to making sandwiches for those who came back.My mum was a great singer and my granddad a great whistler, they made a perfect duo.

Although I'd been put to bed, when we had a party I was always allowed downstairs, not something one would approve of these days I'm sure.

The most important things Mapperley gave me were family and friends and freedom. In Mapperley I had a freedom that only a village could provide. Living in a Derby suburb, freedom had its boundaries and curfews. For me friends and family combined as my closest friend, Elaine, was also my 'adopted family'. The Richardson family have always been important in my life. I know from what I've been told that from early childhood when my parents went to the Black Horse I stayed with the family until home time. As I grew older I began to stay overnight, then often for the whole weekend, only going home for meals. As a child I remember sharing a huge double bed with Elaine and Joyce in a huge room where Bob had a single bed too! Right outside the window was the pub sign that would swing and creak in the wind during the night. I remember a lot of laughter!!

I have memories of a busy pub, with plenty of piano music, singing and laughter, darts and dominoes, and of helping to make mountains of sandwiches on match nights, oh and don't forget hot sausages and onions in vinegar. Memories of playing in a farm barn (my grandma and Vi Powell were good friends); fetching milk in a can from the farm; helping my granddad on his allotment; roller skating down the hill to the pond; fishing with my dad at the pond; Little Teddy and his snuff box; the boat house before it disappeared; walking round 'Chicken Steps' on Boxing Day; going to the village school when my mum was in hospital; riding my granddad's bike to Park Hall and back; catching a packed Barton bus on a Saturday morning to go shopping in Ilkeston; selling ice cream from a cart on the rec when the village celebrated its charter status; virgin snow after a party at Christmas.

So many rich, happy memories, I have to force myself to stop for now.

Little Teddy, Charlie Haynes (2nd left), Mr Marsden (wheelchair)

Ros Kershaw (nee Haynes)

Feb 2012

My Memories by Sarah Woods (nee Norman)

My name is Sarah Woods (nee Norman) and I attended Mapperley School, I have very fond memories of attending this school. The teachers were amazing, I have no bad memories of this school whatsoever and I am delighted that it is still up and running although I would like to take issue about one small matter, how come we never got indoor toilets when I was there it was a very cold trip to the toilet everyday especially in the winter (of course I am only joking).

I have had a really good time looking back at the photographs especially as a big part of my family attended this school. I'm not sure you would remember me or my family but my sisters were Julie, Samantha and Caroline Norman and my other relatives were my mother Diane Norman and her sisters Pamela and Jayne and of course my uncle Christopher Norman.

Thank you for setting this memorial up of Mapperley School. I can't put into words how highly I think of this school and how I regularly think about the other children and staff that were there while I was there Sarah Woods (nee Norman) Formally of Mapperley Brook

Feb 2012

My Memories by Tim Birkin

My name is Tim Birkin, I'm proud to say I was born and bought up in a little village in Derbyshire called Mapperley.

These are a few of my memories of growing up in this village.

I was born in 1971, younger brother to a 14 year old Jane Birkin, second child to my parents Marie and Ken Birkin. My Dad was the local builder.

My first home in the village was 1 Main Street, which was (and still is - Last time I looked - Lol) next door to Glovers farm and I have fond memories of growing up there, the smells and the sounds.

Going further back, My Grandma, Doris Davis (nee Saxton) was a Mapperley girl, she was born at the lodge house next to the school and married Tom Davis, my Grandad, who was a local miner from Cotmanhay, working at both Mapperley and Woodside Collieries.

They set up home at "number 17" opposite the Black Horse and lived there for around 40 years, I spent a lot of time at "number 17" when I was little and always remember it being warm and cosy, with a big roaring open fire and there was always some family member there visiting which I loved. My Grandma and Grandad had five children, Joan, Peter, Marie, Michael and Alan, who all had a strong bond with Mapperley, in fact my Uncle Michael and his wife my Auntie Pauline still live in the village. My Uncle Alan has lived in Holland for about the past 30 years, and unfortunately Joan, Peter and my Mum Marie are no longer with us, my Mum passed away suddenly in March 2011 and is buried in Mapperley Churchyard just a few steps from my Grandma and Grandad.

I have fond memories of being bought up in the 1970's in the village, going to Mapperley School, I remember the shock of lovely Mrs Lowe dying suddenly, and I remember I was always terrified of Mrs Farnsworth for some reason. I remember Mr Treseder being headmaster but I was only at school for a couple of years whilst he was there before I left to go to senior school in 1982. I can remember I used to go home for lunch every day, and I remember every day hearing the air raid siren from Midland storage sounding the "all clear" at noon and it always terrifying me (it must have meant it was dinner time for the workers I presume).

I remember all the open casting down Slack Lane and up Park Hall and I can clearly remember the big black pit tip from the old Mapperley Colliery at Park Hall,my Grandad always used to take me blackberrying up there (I'd love to see photo's of the pit tip again if anyone has any to put on here !!).

I also remember there being a company that made fairground rides in the old pit yard for a while. My best friend in the village was Dawn Hutchinson, and I remember we were inseparable, more like brother and sister.

I remember football matches on the rec on Saturday afternoons and when I hear football matches taking place on the park near to where I live in Nottingham nowadays it takes me straight back to being a kid.

I remember 'Arbor day' at school and knowing it wasn't long till Christmas and getting excited when the shop had toys in to sell for Christmas. It seemed magical.

I also remember it seemed like the whole village came together to do the "Cinderella" play in the late 70's / early 80's and we performed it at the church for a couple of nights, and in a church hall in Trowell, I played a courtier and my Grandma was in the chorus along with other "Thursday Club" members, I also remember Joan Waterfall and I think Joan Hubbard being the ugly sisters ... I have a photo somewhere of me and Joan Waterfall ...

Can anyone else shed any light on this production ? Was it in aid of charity ? I'd love to see more photo's !! During my time living in Mapperley I lived at the Limes and the Coachways before leaving the nest in 1997 to move to my very own flat in Derby. Nowadays I live in Nottingham and still like to visit Mapperley when I can as it holds a real place in my heart.

There are only a small number of families I know nowadays, and all the characters I remember so fondly are no more, but I know one day I'd love to live in that little village called Mapperley again ...

That's my dream !!!

 Tim :-)

Many of you may have known Tim's father Mr Ken Birkin who lived in Mapperley for many years.

It is with sadness that Tim had to announce here that Ken passed away on 17th November 2013. 

Many villagers have many happy memories of spending time with Ken and he will be very sadly missed.
Our thoughts are with Tim, Jane and the family

Rest in peace


Thank you Tim for your wonderful memories.  I have located a programme and 2 newspaper cuttings for this panto. They are now placed in the History section.
If anyone has any more information or photographs please contact me.
Thank you
Elaine Sarson

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