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Dave Roberts 

Lynams With Connections To Mapperley

David's Dad Donald Mum Gladys Aunty Florence and Uncle Albert Beards






William Lynam,
Mary Jackson
(David’s Great Great
Great Grandmother)

Their son ----

William Lynam    (David’s Great Great Grandfather)

10 Aug 1801
Photo in folder 1860


5 Dec 1830

1876 in Heage



22 October 1894
aged 63

William and Mary married on
16 April 1827 in Duffield



Heage , died Cotmanhay.
In 1858 he was recorded as Occupation Engine Man in Mapperley

William married Eliza on
20 October 1851 -




Eliza Cartwright
David’s Great Great Grandmother
(Father Timothy Cartwright Mother Fanny)


22 August 1900 Heanor Road

Heage. Married age 17 yrs
Married Milford Parish Church

They lived in Mapperley having children there between 1856 – 1871. They had 14 children in total



Williams occupation recorded 1858 as Engine Man Mapperley

1. Albert

13 March 1852 Heage

27 March 1929
Heanor Rd
Age 77

His Mother Eliza signed her name on his birth cert as X

2. Annie Jane

25 March 1853 Heage

17 June 1856
Mapperley Age 3

Mapperley churchyard Register
Ref 1-22

3. Fanny

16 May 1854 Heage

10 June 1856 Mapperley Age 2

Mapperley churchyard Register
Ref 1-21

4. Esau   

David’s Great Grandfather

See also below ***

19 Jan 1856

23 Jan 1937 in Manor House Dale Abbey Age 81 a Quaker.
The Manor House was part of the Old Abbey.
Will states effects £1851 7s 6d

Spouse Ednay Ann Barber.
(David’s Great Grandmother).
Married 24 Aug 1880 Cotmanhay.
No father mentioned on marriage cert.

5. William

10 Oct 1857 Mapperley

After 1928


6. Harriett Eliza

11 Dec 1858 in Maple Beck Mapperley



7. Mary

28 Jul 1860 in Mapperley



8. Timothy

28 Oct 1862
in Mapperley

21 Nov 1946 in South Dalton, ERY

Photo in file of his family

9. Titis

23 Oct 1864
Mapperley Brook

16 Aug 1900
Age 26


10. Selina

1 July 1866
Mapperley Brook


Present at her fathers death.
1881 age 14 Warehouse worker

11. Copernicus

23 Feb 1868
Mapperley Brook

2 June 1939
South Dalton
ERY age 71


12. Sarah Ellen

20 Feb 1870
Shipley, Mapperley



13. Eli

24 Nov 1871
Shipley, Mapperley
Christened 5 June 1872 Holy Trinity, Mapperley

18 May 1944 Eastwood


14. Clara

17 Oct 1875
Shipley, Cotmanhay

After 1948 Eastwood

1891 Census shows her at 27 Heanor Rd Ilkeston age 15 Pupil Teacher

4. Esau more information  ***     Married Ednay Ann Barber on 24 August 1880 in Christ Church, Cotmanhay. They had 8 children.
William 1880 (David’s Grandfather)  See below
Thomas 1882
Ruth 1900
All born in Ilkeston
(David’s Grandfather)
son of Esau and Ednay
    1881 Census shown at Gladstone Street aged 20 Esau, Ednay and son William 6 months old (David’s Grandfather) Born 27 Sept 1880 in Ilkeston.
Died 11 Nov 1950 in 41 Green Lane, Ilkeston.
William had a Market Garden at Highfields, Clove Hill, Morley.
Nearly moved to Mapperley to take over the corner shop.

He married Cathrin Florence Wilson daughter of Joseph (Josia) Wilson (Plumber) and Fanny Argile on 23 March 1907.
William was 26 yrs old and Cathrin 21years old. Both lived in Ilkeston. William was a plumber.

Cathrin was born in Brooklyn USA on 8th February 1885 (lived at 178 Bridge Street)  Her mother was 24yrs old and her father 32yrs old. Cathrin was 2 yrs old when she came to England. (David’s Grandmother)
Cathrin of 50 Mansfield Road Brinsley, died 1 Dec 1954 a widow. Note: This house used to be owned by D H Lawrence.

David Lynam Roberts immediate family
William and Cathrin’s children -
Gladys Lynam
(David’s mum)
27 January1909 Mansfield  

Married Donald Roberts in St Johns Ilkeston. Aug 29th 1931
Both age 22yrs and lived in Ilkeston.
Donald was born 25 July 1909. Living at Denaby, Doncaster, Yorkshire. During WWII he worked in a reserved occupation at the coke ovens, Stanton Ironworks. He also joined the Home Guard and also  joined the Special Constabulary in Ilkeston.  Donald’s father was William Frederick Roberts and Mother Margaret Roberts (formally Morris)

They had one child, David Lynam Roberts B 19 May 1944

Florence Lynam 1910 Ilkeston   Florence married Albert Beards 1934 in Catholic Church Ilkeston
Florence & Albert emigrated in 1946 to Australia, had 3 children. Albert was a builder.
Kathleen Lynam 5 March 1920   Married Edward Bunting
8 Nov 1941 in Smalley Parish Church. No children. 2002 lived at Smalley. 2015 residing at Bramble Lodge Residential Care Home, West Hallam

About David Lynam Roberts

Married Janice (nee) Wilson on 21 Dec 1968 at Ilkeston Register Office


Janice was a dressmaker and they owned a wedding shop in Heanor called Down the Aisle.



Moved from Shipley View after 37 years to Mapperley in September 2013 following in the footsteps of his Ancestors from the 1850’s



Mum, Dad and David

David and Mum

David in both photoraphs, second photo taken 1951

David's Mum


Birth Certificate - Cathrin Florence Wilson, 23 March 1907
Daughter of Joseph (Josia) Wilson (Plumber) and Fanny Argile


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