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John O'Groats to Lands End

Last week I was fortunate enough to have one of those life changing experiences thanks to your generosity.

Five of us left John O Groats heading for Lands End on our push bikes on a freezing cold Saturday morning with no inclination as to what we were about to endure.

Cheesy maybe, but absolutely sincere when I say that you get to learn a lot about yourself when tested to the limit. This limit was stretched by weather conditions, taking wrong turns and painful injuries but initially it is the cause, BENS DEN that drives you through the pain, followed closely by a sense of not wanting to let those down that have donated so much.

For me it was the real dark and emotional times that were exceptionally draining both physically and mentally, these were spurred on with increasing doubts of completing the challenge. The endless time in the saddle trying to think of loved ones, songs and other things in an attempt to remove the thought from the pain being inflicted was difficult enough but the taste of failure, our efforts for Ben's family and that of others made the finishing line and greetings that much more satisfying, that much more emotional and that much more special.

As the headline says, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us, it will make a massive difference, we are hopeful that we will reach £3000.

Many thanks,

Nick Hubbard

(And thanks to Nick and his Blog for the information and photos below)

15 June 2012

I think it'll be winter gear first thing but given the size of the hills ahead we'll be stripping off at the first stop.

Karen - What a handsome bunch! You all look perished!

Ryan - Good Luck Dad and you will do it easily. Good Luck lots of love

James - Happy fathers day dad keep going your doing really well

Amy - Happy fathers day dad! so proud of you :) love you lots. you are all doing amazing. behind u all the way ;) come on.... keep peddling !!!!!

Mum and Dad - Keep pedalling Scott you are doing for a good cause we so very proud of you.Lots of love

Bet and Mick - Way to go lads keep it up. If I had a decent bike I'd be right behind you, quite some way behind no doubt.

John Howorth - To Nige, Nick, Andy and the rest of the gang... good luck on your epic mission. Karen's just told me there's a big bottle of Champagne waiting for you 870-odd miles away in Land's End, so at least one incentive to make it! Once again, all the best.

Half Way Point

Linda - Nick, watch those tan lines, you are starting to look like Andy!!!! Well done each and everyone of you, you are doing absolutely amazing. Everyone is oooozzzing with pride. Good luck for day 5. Lands End is drawing nearer and nearer. xxxxx

Injuries Are Building Up!

Well guys what can we say, please keep the good wishes coming, it does mean a lot.
We've got pain on pain now but we're nearly clocking 550 miles into our trip.
It's amazing, you solve one pain and then realise its just masking another! X

Cyn and Fred Parkes - Just seen all your beautiful pictures, feeling the pain for you. Love you both very much and so proud of you. Good luck for the last 3 days, be glad when you are home. Don't push yourselves too much, if it gets too much get in that van!!!

Day 4

What a contrast. Sunburn yesterday and absolutely throwing down this morning.
If the weather forecast is right then we should be riding into the sun later again today.
Last night we all took about 2 hours to climb two sets of 5 stairs, lol. Aches and pain all over.

Lisa Hubbard - Looks like Nidge is thinking OH NO another day on the bike!!!!!!!!!

Karen - Well done to you Nick for giving us this blog! it really helps us with you all being away ! Thanks x

Is that Wales?

Tom Gibling - keep going lads, your doing brilliant!

Steve (Newdigate) - Keep going all!! it's all done hill now... Lol

Alex Tribbensee - Met somebody in Tunisia from Queensferry last week, keep it up!

Severn Bridge

Welcome Back

22 June 2012

It's been yet again a very long day set off at 7.45 and arrived at Lands End at 9.20. I can't describe the emotion that we all felt but I think it's fair to say that we all had bad thoughts at some stage. Our bodies have been battered.

Still can't believe it. You're all amazing chaps. Well done, only a few people will have had the same experiences of darkness and pain. You have to feel it to understand. Great emotion, great mates, great experience and a tremendous effort for a special cause. Thanks x

Nige - 920 miles in total - that's over 131 a day. Thursday was horrendous with savage rain for most of the day. We rode for 158 miles, it was dark when we got to our destination. Woke up Friday to a howling head wind all the way to the finish. Emotions and tensions were running high with doubts about us all being able to finish, but none of the above could stop our amazing group from completing the most arduous and satisfying experience.

Well done team, but words are hard to find to do it all justice.

Mark Bowley - Driver and Navigator Kev Parkes - Cyclist Andy Parkes - Cyclist and Kev's brother Scott Hazeldine - Cyclist Nick Hubbard - Cyclist Ed Hubbard - Driver and navigator - Father of Nigel and Nick - Father in law of Andy - Supporter and carer of everyone! Nigel Hubbard - Cyclist and brother of Nick

Left to right

Mark Bowley. Driver &  navigator
Kev Parkes. Cyclist
Andy Parkes. Cyclist and Kev's brother
Nick Hubbard. Cyclist
Scott Hazeldine. Cyclist
Ed Hubbard. Driver & navigator. Father of Nigel & Nick. Father in law of Andy. Supporter and carer of everyone!
Nigel Hubbard. Cyclist and brother of Nick.

Scott`s Mum & Dad - Congratulations to you all. What an achievement. Have a well deserved rest. See you when you get back Scott. Love Mum & Dad xxx

Joseph Hazeldine - Well done dad miss u so much can't wait till I can give u a big big cuddle love u do much once again well done and see u tomorrow man night love u xxxxxxxxxx

Archie Hazeldine - Well done to all of you you've achieved a great thing hope my dad gets back early in afternoon❤❤❤❤

Lisa Hazeldine - Well done guys on what is huge achievement - Scott, boys are very emotional tonight and filling your gap in bed - looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - enjoy your celebrations and lots of love from us back in Ilson xxxx

Steve (Newdigate) - Well done to all!!! An cracking achievement. Bring out the deep-heat ....

Lynne Millward - Congratulations lads. Enjoy the glory. Bring Eddie home it looks like hes had enough .Lynne

Trisha Addey - Congratulations!!!!! - look at those smiles! Have a great day doing nothing!??

Bryn - Fantastic effort well done to you all

Steve Hallam - Arms aloft again, you gave it rice and deserve more than a golf clap. Is andy riding home again?

Les Fletch - Congratulations to you all !!!! In such conditions too !!!! You all must feel a great sense of achievement. Cycling to work is going to be a doddle :)))) - Well done !!!!

Karen - A massive well done to every single one of you! You are all absolute stars, all of your hard work has paid off and you should be so proud. It was a wonderful feeling when we saw the 5 of you riding over the brow of the hill in a line ready to cycle over the finishing line together. Brought a tear to everyones eyes.
A big big thank you to Ed and Mark for keeping the lads spirits up and looking after them so well all the way. They could not have done it without you x

Linda - Well said Karen, it was one of the proudest, emotional days of my life. You have all done a tremendous thing for 'Bens Den' it will take several weeks for you to take the experience of it all in. A few of us were there the last couple of days to see the pain both physical and mental these 5 men put themselves through, it was hard to take at times, but seeing them ride over that hill in a victory line made it all worth while. So proud of you all.
p.s Yes Steve, Andy was quite willing to bike home, but I flung his bike over the cliff before he got the chance!!!!

James Hubbard - well done lads it was hard but you pulled through in the end and it was worth every minute well done again.

Many, many congratulations to you all, including Ed and all of your family.  A truly remarkable achievement and you should be very proud of yourselves.

Also well worth a mention is that Nick surprised his wife Lisa by organising a renewal of their wedding vows. Nick had organised everything including organising family and friends down to Cornwall and even organising the flowers!.  Many congratulations to you both. 



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