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Brian and Roy Steele
(Connected to the Wint family)

Violet Wint was the daughter of Harry and Jane Wint and born in Mapperley on 22 September 1921. She had 2 brothers, Harry and Sam and 3 sisters, Stella, May* and Anna. (Brian and Roy’s Aunts and Uncles) Anna passed away at the age of 18.

Harry and Jane were Brian and Roy’s Grandparents. Harry was a great gardener and one of his medals is shown below. He passed away in 1966.

Shortly after the end of World War II Violet met Fred (Frederick William) Steele who had served with the RAF during the war.  Fred was the son of Frederick William Snr and Lily Steele and born on 16 December 1922.  Frederick William Snr died in action during the WWII Atlantic crossing.

Fred had 3 brothers and 4 sisters.  Robert, George and Trevan and sisters, Lily, Olive, Violet and Henrietta. Trevan and Lily are still alive today. We have four cousins who we have contact with today (including two in Australia) on our dad's side. They are Jean Brown and Joan Dawson - daughters of Robert (Bob) Steele. Danielle Jordan and Darren Steele - daughter and son of George Steele who migrated to Australia post war.

On 15 June 1946, Fred and Violet were married at Mapperley Parish Church. They lived in Station Rd, West Hallam for a short period of time before moving to Deepdale Rd, Spondon.

Their first son, Roy William was born in November 1947. Sadly his life was cut short and he died at 3 weeks of age. In August 1949, Roy William (named after his baby brother who passed away) was born and this was followed by another son, Brian in November 1951.

Violet did work as a sewing machinist at a Derby company prior to becoming a home keeper and she was a very good cook. Fred was a fitter and worked for large engineering companies which included Sulzer Brothers and Robinsons.

Fred and Violet did not have a car, so any visit to Mapperley to see the family was a bit of a task with several buses involved.

Both Roy and Brian could not wait for the next visit to Mapperley as they knew the sweet shop was there and waiting. (Run by Aunty May Wint *)

For many years, the annual family holidays were to the birth place of Fred, South Shields where the beaches were swept by the freezing cold North Sea.

In 1962, Fred and Violet bought their first car, a Standard 10. This of course meant they were able to holiday in many new places. Bournemouth was one of their favourites. Fred had no desire to travel overseas as he had spent some 6 years during WWII in the Middle East and Italy.

Tragedy struck in March 1971 when Violet suffered a major stroke. Violet spent many weeks in hospital and rehab and eventually returned home around July 1971. Fred ceased work to take care of Violet. Despite the difficult circumstances, Fred and Violet were able to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in 1971. Violet never recovered from the stroke and passed away on 1 January 1973 at the age of 51.

Fred returned to the work force with British Celanese in Spondon and retired in 1987.

Fred continued to live in Deepdale Rd, Spondon until suffering a stroke himself in August 2001. Fred passed away on 7 March 2002 at the age of 79.

Brian and Roy Steele
Australia and Derbyshire


A gardening medal won by Brian and Roy's Granddad Harry

Fred in Tobruk 1943

Brian and Roy's parents wedding on 15th June 1946
The group photo from left to right is Sam, Violet, Fred, Harry and May?

Fred Steele and his new wife Violet (Wint)

Jean and Violet Steele and children. South Shields 1958

Roy and Brian. South Shields Pier 1958

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