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John and Rita Bamford of West Hallam

Rita - Nee Ward lived in West Hallam but attended Mapperley School in the days of headmaster 'Gaffa' Johnson.  Her memories of him are as all other children in his classes.  He ruled by the cane and had quite a sadistic nature. Both boys and girls were caned without much cause and he was feared by all the children. Rita says he seemed to know exactly where they were and what they were doing, even getting into trouble for going the wrong way home.  Gaffa Johnson lived on the High Lane, West Hallam.  Rita remembers the other teacher at the school, Miss Hunt, who was very nice to the children.

Rita and John married in Mapperleys Weslyan Chapel, now a private residence, in April 1957.

Their bridesmaids were Rita's sisters, Avis, Dawn and Norma and Johns sister Brenda.  Their best man was Keith Hudson.

Rita Bamford and Bridesmaids

John Bamford and Rita Ward wedding in chapel

John and Rita Bamford outside Mapperley Chapel

Diamond Wedding celebrations, 2017

Rita and Johns Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Friends popped in to celebrate Rita and Johns 60th Wedding Anniversary

Letter from The Queen

Many congratulations on your Diamond Wedding

Elaine Sarson 2017


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