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Derek Arnold and Mary Hawley

I am Derek Arnold and Mary Hawley is my wife.  We were looking at Hawley and Birkin memorials in Holy Trinity's graveyard and were also hoping to find two memorials for John Hardy - see below.

Astonished at the amount and quality of material you have gathered for Mapperley Village and its inhabitants.  I cannot imagine how much effort you have expended.

Mining Accident - death of Luke Hawley at Woodside Pit.

Unfortunately the Raley site no longer carries this record, nor any others for Woodside. As you have comprehensive lists for Mapperley and West Hallam Pits, this may be the only record you might post for Woodside accidents.

There was a baker called John Hardy, age 65, in the Mapperley 1841 census. He and his partner Hugh Fletcher are not in the 1851. I wonder if anyone has identified the location of this bakery.

John Hardy had a son John who fathered John Hawley by Ann Hawley in 1828. John Hardy junior (born 1806) and Ann Hawley are not in the 1841 census. Young John Hawley is with his grandfather Leonard.

I wonder if there is a memorial in Holy Trinity's graveyard to John Hardy junior (born 1806). I suspect he may have died between 1828 and 1841.

The 1851 Marriage Certificate for John Hawley and Emma Roe

July 15th 1851 - Marriage solemnized at Kirk Hallam in the Parish of Kirk Hallam in the County of Derby

John Hawley - 23 - Bachelor - Collier - Residence Kirk Hallam - Father John, Baker
Emma Roe - 20 - Spinster - Residence Kirk Hallam - Father Thomas Roe, Labourer

Derek Arnold

See also Alan Beales Section on Derbyshire Fatalities -


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