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Memories - The Durow Family
Trevor Durow's Memories
Notes taken by Elaine Sarson

"I would live every bit of my childhood again. I had a fantastic time"

Trevor has many happy memories of being bought up in Mapperley.  He was born at The Limes in 1963 and was Muriel and Gordon’s first born. Later followed by Helen and then Brian.  Trevor remembers it being a busy household. His uncle Hadrian also lived with the family.

The Limes was built in 1946, one of the prefabricated timber houses imported from Sweden.

Gordon was always busy working, doing his garden, playing football and attending church. Trev remembers the competition that evolved between the neighbours and who could grow the best vegetables. Gordon could not grow cucumbers though. He also looked after the graveyard cutting the grass and mowing.

As a church going family Trev remembers attending church on a regular basis. Ged Washington would take him to Sunday School. He also remembers after every Christmas Day service going to Bill and Mollie Skinners for drinks. He also recalls going to Bill and Mollies to watch Dads Army on what he believes was the first colour TV in the village. He also remembers playing badminton in church.

Bill and Mollie also played a big part in supporting Muriel following Gordon’s stroke when he spent 6 months in Etwell hospital. The entire village rallied round to support the family. Joe and Winnie Martin would take Trev out very regularly and were a big part of his childhood. His Godfathers were Bernard Mellors and Raymond Marsden and his Godmother Mary Mellors.

Trev recalls one occasion when Bernard Mellors (funeral director) asked his help. Trev was a boy, not yet a teenager, but his help was needed to carry Mrs Beardsley’s coffin into church. Bernard bought him a steam engine for his help.
Although the Durow family home was adjacent to the Recreation Ground, the youngsters would play on the street. He would enjoy night fishing at Mapperley Pond and swimming the length and breadth of the pond! Not to be recommended but I think we all did it. He also enjoyed playing hockey.

Whilst at Mapperley School his teacher in the infants was Miss Mary Bland and then in the juniors it was Mrs Lowe. He remembers the school trips to Newstead Abbey.

Trevor enjoyed playing football in the playground. He had many friends, and still does. Some of them were Greg and Kip Trueman, Steve Law, Stuart Parkinson and Richard Skinner.  They also played at the old pit when Bennett’s Amusements built fairground rides there. Another area they played which they shouldn’t have done was by little Teddy Thomas caravan. It would be wrong of me to divulge other things the boys got up to – we all did things that are best not committed to paper! All good fun though.

Doctor Skinner held a surgery in Amy Morgan’s house opposite Top Shop. He remembers the waiting area in the kitchen and the black tiles in the bathroom. I think most of the children in the village were a little afraid of going there as Amy was also a fortune teller. Too much for a child to understand.

Trev remembers cycling to Dr Skinners at West Hallam to collect prescriptions. Imagine that happening nowadays.

Trevs maternal grandfather was Rev Vaughan and he remembers him arriving in Mapperley one day on a Bartons Bus and taking him to the shop to buy some sweets.

Another memory is picking bluebells in the wood and taking them to the family grave. Something we are no longer allowed to do.

As the Black Horse was the hub of the village he remembers sitting in the passage as a young boy drinking bitter shandy! I have to admit that my father Ron was the landlord at the time.  He wasn’t old enough of course but a theme is beginning to show now - how much has changed since the 60’s.

After leaving Mapperley School Trevor attended Kirk Hallam school and most of his classmates followed. He sat next to Greg Trueman whilst there. Another friend was John Clarke and they would go round town (Ilkeston) after school or go back to Greg’s house. Ian, Greg’s dad, would sometimes pick them up in his Cortina and take them home. Trev still remembers Greg’s then home phone number!

After leaving school he went to work at D.I.P, then to work with Bert Cross car mechanic. Following that came Hargreaves who worked the screens at the back of The Newdigate then moved to Denby where he stayed for over 16 years. His most recent place of work was with G B Lift Trucks, firstly at West Hallam Depot then Castle Donington.
Following removal of a kidney in 2015, Trev returned to work 6 weeks later but had to leave in November 2015 following a terminal diagnosis.

Trev loved to work and he misses it very much.

Trevor married Helen in 2000. He had two children from his first marriage Russell and Lindsay who has two children Eli and Isabelle. Helen has three children by her first marriage, Mark, Steph and Rachel.  Mark has daughter Jessica, Steph has Archie and Josh and Rachel, a son Harvey.

Trevor’s earliest memory was when he was about 6 months old and he was in a car with the Martin family when the car crashed into a tree.

His overall comment about his childhood was ‘I would live every bit of my childhood again. I had a fantastic time’.
For me, well it was such a pleasure spending the morning with Trevor talking about his life.  We laughed a lot we even shed a little tear but what a man.  I am so proud to have known Trevor since he was born and I know he has so many friends who feel the same and send all their love.

Elaine Sarson
September 2016.



Shown in West Hallam and Mapperley Church & Community Magazine October 2017

In Memory of Trevor Durow

Trevor passed away in September following a long illness. He was born in Mapperley to Gordon & Muriel.

He had a sister Helen and a brother Brian. The Durow family can be traced back in Mapperley from 1771 and there have now been 8 generations living here.

His Mum and Dad both played a big part in the church and the community of Mapperley.

Muriel came to Mapperley in 1945. Her father was the vicar here for six years. Reverend Vaughan, Vicar of Mapperley 1945 – 1951.

Both Muriel and Gordon were in the church choir, Muriel was secretary to the church council and Gordon was the verger.

His sister Helen still lives in the family home in Mapperley with her husband Kevin and children Laura and Bethany. His brother Brian also lives in Mapperley with his family Lewis and Abbie.

Trev had many, many friends and of course so many of them from Mapperley who he grew up with and remained in contact with over the years.

A brave man, a kind and friendly man who always gave a warm welcome and a ready smile. His laugh was infectious and you always felt better for being in his company.

Mapperley won’t forget you Trevor
Rest in Peace

Commemorative Plaque in Memory of Trevor Durow

We are very pleased to inform you that a Commemorative Plaque has been installed on to a memorial bench within The Bandstand area at Whitby. This was made possible by the very kind and generous donations from his many friends and family.

If you were not fortunate enough to have spent time in Trevor’s favorite place, Whitby, he would often meet up with friends and left them saying ‘See ya in Angel’. These are two pubs called ‘The Angel’ and ‘The Little Angel’ Appropriate names.

We know that we as a family will enjoy the seat for many years to come and we also very much hope his friends will pay it a visit and remember Trev when in Whitby.

The Durow/Cook family

William Harold Vaughan
Trevor 1 day old being held by his Granddad William Harold Vaughan,
Vicar of Mapperley and father to Muriel, Trevor's mum. 

Trevor in pram, what a happy baby

Outside Martins, Coachways. Always happy and so much hair

Trevor with his Mum on Mapperley Recreation Ground July 1964

Trevor and Mandy Marshall outside Martins, Coachways

Mandy Marshall, Judith Martin and Trevor

Trevor with Joe and Winnie Martin at Wollaton Hall

Mum and Dad
Trevor with his mum and dad, Muriel and Gordon, outside of the home

The family at Ilkeston Fair - Gordon, Muriel, Trevor, Brian and Helen

Helen and Trevor

Trev, Brian and Lewis

Kip Trueman, Trev Durow, Alan Hartshorne. New Years Eve ?

Trevor's Baptism Certificate


Did you know Trevor? Would you like to add your memories of your time with him?

Thank you

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