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George Pearson

Profile from the Parish Magazine 1984

Taken from WHM Magazine of November 1988


George and Edith Pearson have lived in the locality all their lives. Here they tell us about themselves and their belief in God


Edith says “I was born in Mapperley, but when I was two my father died which made it very hard for my mother. She was a wonderful person and brought up four children without any family benefits or pension. I don’t know how she did it and we all admired her very much. As a child I went to Church four times on a Sunday—in those days Mapperley had it's own vicar. Ever since childhood I have looked to God for strength and guidance. Life has had it’s difficulties and disappointments, but I’ve certainly found strength and thank God for it. Sometimes the difficulties of life in fact cause you to have a sense of humour. I thank God for laughter it’s one of his greatest gifts to us. You have to try and see the bright side of things and trusting in God helps us to do this.

George adds: “I was really brought up a Methodist but came into the Church of England through the work of Capt. Ticehurst of the Church Army. He was a remarkable man and I owe a great deal to his personal witness and the work he did in Stanley Common where I was living at that time. Another very big influence upon my life, as a Christian, was Uncle Ernie and also a few Christian men who worked down the pit at that time. These men were sometimes ridiculed for their beliefs but there was generally a respect for them. I worked at different pit heads for over forty-eight years and for most of that time I was Colliery Training Officer. My faith in God has sustained me through different crisis at work and life in general. Some years ago, following an unfortunate accident, our granddaughter was left partially handicapped. This was a testing time for us all and especially our belief in God. We believe that God has answered our prayers and her improvement has baffled everyone. I’ve tried to serve God in different ways. I used to be a Sunday School Superintendent and also occasionally took the evening service when the vicar was away. For the past twelve years I’ve been Church Warden at Holy Trinity. We are both deeply grateful to God for his help in the past and we will do our best to trust him in the future.

Taken from Parish Magazines July 1992

George & Eadie Pearson

If you walk down Mapperley Lane you will notice a beautifully planted verge and garden. These mark the home of George and Eadie Pearson, a delightful couple, who have served Mapperley Holy Trinity and the community faithfully and lovingly for almost 50 years.

Christianity has been part of their lives since early childhood. As a boy George spent many happy hours at Smalley Common Methodist Chapel where his family worshipped. He attended Smalley Boys' School where it was customary for the boys to be given their own gardening plot. This proved to be the beginning of a lifelong love of all plants and flowers, especially Sweet Peas, George’s favourite!

Whilst on a Scout Camp in Dale Abbey, singing songs around the fire, George’s beautiful singing voice was heard by Captain Ticehurst of the Church Army. He invited Gorge to sing at All Saints Church, Stanley Common where George’s joy and interest in church music grew.

Eadie had lived in Mapperley Village all her life before marrying George on 15 August 1942 (Golden Wedding Anniversary this year). After living on High Lane George and Eadie moved to Mapperley Lane in 1946 and they returned to Eadie’s childhood church, Holy Trinity, Mapperley. Almost immediately George became actively involved in church life, joining the PCC and of course the choir.

In the early 50’s Mapperley and West Hallam became dual parishes sharing the same vicar. The work load for Gordon Spencer, the vicar at that time, was tremendous as both parishes had 3 Sunday Services and he had only a peddle-bike for transport! The solution to this problem was as follows:- the vicar would start the service in Mapperley, then hand the service over to George, so that he could peddle back to West Hallam in time to start their morning service!

Geo-ChildrenGeorge also founded Holy Trinity Sunday School whose attendance numbers grew to 50 children each Sunday. The Sunday School was a lively part of the community leaving anniversary parades on Trinity Sunday and many other special occasions during each year. One Sunday, while Sunday School was assembling the church was struck by lightning. A large stone cross on top of the church came crashing through the roof, landing at George’s feet. George, later became secretary and treasurer of 'The Church Repair fund’ as sadly the old church was subsiding.

George, who at the age of 14 started work at Stanley Colliery, becoming Colliery Deputy and later Colliery Training Officer, has seen many changes in his 50 year association with Holy Trinity. Many vicars have come and gone, the old church knocked down and the new one built.

It is thanks to George and a few other devoted Christians in Mapperley that Holy Trinity is still open. Mapperley parish church has been threatened with closure many times in the past.

George has been our church warden at Mapperley for the last 16 years, but now, at the age of 79, he has asked to stand down.

Everybody at Holy Trinity would like to thank George for all his hard work, love and loyally that has kept Mapperley parish growing and alive.

Thankyou George and Eadie for being such wonderful people and may God continue to bless you both.

Parish Magazine of May 1994


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