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Memories of the Harrison Family of Park Hall

The following information has been received from David Harrison whose father and grandparents lived at Park Hall in the cottage next door to The Royal Oak, more commonly known as The Candlestick.

David remembers fetching pop from the pub as a child and he recalls the house being lit by gas light.  His grandparents were George and Ellen Harrison, his father was also named George (B 1925) and his Aunt who lived there was Kathleen (B. c1922)

Albert Hartshorne (92 years of age) of The Coachways remembers the family as he lived with his own family in the end cottage next to Shaw’s Farm. At one time there were 13 living in the Hartshorne household. Also living in the same row of cottages were the Watchorne family.

David’s grandfather George worked regular nights at Mapperley Pit on a cutting machine. Albert remembers George Snr. being a very good gardener, something which David has inherited from him and his father.

After George Snr. retired from the pit, around 1959, he bought a house on St Wilfrid’s Road, West Hallam. Kathleen lived there for the rest of her life and never married.

The photographs shown below are from a collection of Kathleen’s very kindly sent in from David. David currently lives in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Thank you for your contribution David and I look forward to receiving anything else you may come across in due course.

If you remember the Harrison family we would love to hear from you.


Ellen Harrison

Mrs Ellen Harrison, David's Grandmother, outside their cottage at Park Hall, next door to The Candlesticks pub

George Harrison

Mr George Harrison in his allotment opposite his cottage at Park Hall

Kathleen centre

Kathleen centre ( David's aunt) - George Jnr right (David's father) standing at the front of their cottage at Park Hall.
The boy on the left is unknown, can anyone help name him please?

Kathleen, far right with glasses C 1930 with her friends Does anyone know who the other girls might be?

A postcard sent from Bournemouth 14th August 1930 to Mr & Mrs Watchorne, Park Hall, neighbours of George Snr & Ellen.

Hand written 1851 Census which may have been written by Kathleen in more modern times as it was written in biro


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