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Memories Of The Hobson Family Of Manor House Mapperley
Written by Edward (Ted) Hobson 1990/91

Up until 1851 the village of Mapperley near Derby was part of the Parish of Kirk Hallam, but in 1851 the Holy Trinity Church was built at Mapperley and from that time onwards the Parish records were kept by the Mapperley Church.

My father’s family had lived in Mapperley for many years and I was eager to find out all I could about them, so on Thursday 8th November 1990, I visited the Archives Department, of Derbyshire County Council, Matlock, where the parish registers of Kirk Hallam Church and Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley, are now stored on micro film. It proved to be a very interesting day.

First of all I should explain that I am EDWARD HOBSON, born at Manor House, Mapperley on 12th February 1917. My father was ERNEST HENRY HOBSON born in Manor House, Mapperley on 22nd February 1895. He was a coal miner and lived in the village until his death on 15th February 1973. My mother DOROTHY ALICE HOBSON nee WYATT, was born at Kidlington, Oxfordshire on 29th December 1894. Her father was employed as a gardener at Blenheim Palace, near Oxford, but the family moved up to Mapperley in 1901 when her father obtained a post as foreman in the kitchen gardens at Shipley Hall. My mother lived at Mapperley until just before her death on 11th November 1980.
My father and mother married at Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley in August 1916.

From the parish records available I could only go back as far as my great grandfather JOSEPH HOBSON who was born at Mapperley in 1802. The only information I could get earlier than JOSEPH was that his father was named THOMAS and he was a miner.

Joseph Hobson 1802-1877 My Great Grandfather

Joseph was born in 1802 and died on 30th January 1877 aged 75 years. He worked as a miner and lived in Mapperley all his life. Years ago I was told by an old aunt that during his life Joseph had four wives but I did not quite believe it? However, my research into the records proved this to be true.

First Wife Sarah Ball M. 1 Oct 1827 D. 27 Apr 1835

This marriage took place on 1st October 1827 when Joseph was 25 years of age. He was shown on the certificate as a bachelor of Mapperley. Sarah was shown as a spinster of Mapperley, but her age was not shown, however, she was 28 years when she died on 27th April, 1835, which would make her about 20 years of age when married.

The witness to the marriage was Matthew Hobson, probably Joseph’s brother, and all three made their marks with crosses.

It is not known for sure if they had any children but there is an entry under baptisms for SARAH, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hobson, 12th June 1827 which is actually four months before they married.

Second Wife Ann Hallam M. 16 May 1837 D. 16 May 1851

This wedding was on 16th May 1837 about two years after his first wife died. Joseph is shown as a widower of Mapperley and he would be 35 years of age at the time. Ann is shown as a spinster of Mapperley but here again her age is not shown She was however 44 years when she died on 16th May 1851, (incidentally her wedding anniversary) which would put her at about 30 years of age when she married.

Several baptisms of young children named Hobson were recorded during the period of this marriage, but it cannot be proved if they were theirs as there were several other families of Hobson’s in the village at the time, probably cousins or second cousins.

Third Wife Phoebe Birkin M. 31 Aug 1851 D. 23 Aug 1859

They were married on 31st August 1851. Joseph was shown as a widower and Phoebe as a widow. Here again there were no ages shown on the certificate but he would be 49 years and she was 38 years, Phoebe died on 23rd August 1859, after eight years of marriage. In spite of her advanced age she had three childv3n during the marriage and William, the second child, was my grandfather. The record of the baptisms of these children are shown below:-

  • WILLIAM 10th JUNE 1855 - my grandfather
  • MATTHEW 29th NOVEMBER 1857

I have already mentioned that William was my grandfather and I shall say more about him later.

Regarding the first child, Hannah, I could find no further record of her either in the marriages or the burials, so it does appear possible that she may have left the district.

My father passed on to me quite a lot of information about Matthew, apparently, he worked as a miner at the local colliery but was fatally injured in a mining accident when his arm was wrenched off at the shoulder joint. He quickly died of shock and loss of blood. His name appears in the records as "Matthew Hobson 20 years 21st September 1878" under burials. I understand that he used to attend Mapperley Church and that he set hundreds of snowdrops and crocuses on a triangular piece of grass in front of the church. As a boy I can still remember the beautiful show of blooms on this grass each Spring.

When Phoebe died the three children of the marriage were quite young, Hannah would be just under 1 years of age, William 4 years and 2 months and the youngest, Matthew, only 1 year and 9 months.

Fourth Wife Elizabeth Swain M. 13 Oct 1861 D. 2 Feb 1881

Here again Joseph was shown as a widower aged 59 years, when on 13th October 1861 he married Elizabeth aged 60 years, widow of Ilkeston. Little is known about this wife except a record under burials which reads "Elizabeth Hobson aged 79 years, 2nd February 1881.

William Hobson 10 Jun 1855 - 8 Dec 1909 My Grandfather

My grandfather died a number of years before I was born, but I was always interested in him and often talked to my father about him. He wore a beard and a moustache. Apparently at one time in his life he used to stutter badly and was in the habit of slapping his thigh when he could not get a word out. Later on in life he managed to cure his speech defect. He was a very keen and competent gardener who had plenty of success at local fruit, flower and vegetable shows. I have two photographs of him and in one he is seen standing with his family in his attractive garden.

He worked as a miner at a local colliery. He was born on 10th June 1855 and died on 8th December 1909 aged 55 years. Three years before his death he was badly injured in a mining accident when he suffered severe internal injuries from which he never recovered and did not work again.

William was married on 2nd September 1877 when he was 22 years of age. he was described as a bachelor of Mapperley. His bride was MARY ANN ULYATT 20 years, spinster of the parish of Mapperley, but she was born and brought up in THURGATON NOTTINGHAMSHIRE." so it is possible she was a servant living in the Mapperley area.
The witnesses were a Joseph Hobson (probably his cousin or step brother) and William Ulyatt, brides father whose occupation was given as farmer.

Mary Ann died on 4th March 1911 aged 53 years.There were five surviving children of this marriage, although several babies were stillborn or died in infancy. Particulars of the children are set out below.

1. ADA ELIZABETH HOBSON born about 1876
I did hear a rumour from my parents that it was thought that Mary Ann had this child before she met William. This may be the case as I could trace no record in the baptisms section of the parish register in respect of Ada, so it does look as if she was born in a different district. Another fact which indicates this may be true is that the second child was baptised only 14 months after they were married.

When Ada was 19 years of age she married a George Henry Bancroft aged 36 years on 20th June 1896 and afterwards went to live in Nottingham.

She was the second child of the marriage and on 17th September 1898 when she was almost 20 years she married ISSAC KEIGHTLEY, 26 years, a miner. They eventually took over a beer-off licence at Cotmanhay, near Ilkeston, but when she was 28 years of age she died of pneumonia leaving three children, Harold, William, and Phoebe.

3. EDITH 9th JANUARY 1880
I knew my Aunt Edith quite well until she died in about 1955. She spent the whole of her working life in service as a cook. She never married, but did have a child, a boy whom she called William. He was born in 1916, but unfortunately died when he was 17 years of age.

4. BEATRICE 26th AUGUST 1887
She was the fourth child and when she was about 25 years married THOMAS MARTIN who was employed as a blacksmith at Mapperley Colliery. They had four children, William, Jack, Cissy, and Winifred.


The Following Information Has Since Been Provided
By Alan Hobson, Ernest (Ernie) Hobson Grandson And Ted's Son.

Ernest (Ernie) married Dorothy Alice Wyatt. They had four children. Edward, Nora, Jack and Joan

Edward (Ted) B.1917 
Ted married Kathleen Mary Fretwell. They had 4 children. Jill (1942)  Alan (1946) John and David (Twins)

  • Jill had a daughter Linda.
  • Alan had four children, John Edward (1969) Andrew (1971) Suzanne 1973 and David 1987.
  • John didn’t have children.
  • David had 4 children, Christopher, Sarah, David and Joseph

Nora married Ken Clowes
They had 2 children John and Joy

  • John had 2 children David and Helen
  • Joy had 2 twin boys

Jack married Elsie Stone
They had a son Robert and daughter Ann

Joan married Ken Brown
They had 2 daughters Judith and Dianne

  • Judith has 1 son
  • Dianne had 3 children

The Hobson’s had Manor House (adjacent to Manor Farm) for over 200 years

The Following Copies Of Entries In The Registers
Are Included Because They Are Of Local Interest


  • 10th November 1865 - William son of James and Anna Isam. James described as labourer, Mapperley
  • 30th December 1874 - Julia Ann daughter of James and Anna Isam.
  • 21st July 1889 - Lucy Rebecca daughter of William and Eliza Isam. William described as collier, Marpool.


  • 9th June 1893 - Samuel Durow 23 years and Rebecca Isam 23 years.
  • 15th September 1898 - John Isam 30 years, miner and Eanny Brown 21 years.
  • 16th April 1900 - James Isam of Mapperley, Ada Dilks of Mapperley. Witnesses were Horace Dilks and Rhoda Isam.
  • 3rd August 1901 - Walter Richards 26 years collier of Ilkeston and Rhoda Isam 20 years. Witnesses were John Isam and Kate Richards.


  • 7th November 1827 - Samuel Hobson, Mapperley, infant.
  • 26th January 1827 - Thomas Eretwell, 56 years, Mapperley.
  • 17th August 1840 - Sarah Hobson, 7 years, Mapperley.
  • 8th October 1895 - Julia Ann Isam, 22 years.
  • 3rd October 1900 - Ellen Hobson, aged 40 years.
  • 28th August 1905 - Margaret Wyatt, aged 1 day.
  • 30th July 1906 - Harold Hobson, aged 14 days.
  • 24th February 1907 - Winifred Rose Wyatt, aged 6 months.
  • 4th December 1909 - Catherine Fretwell, 24 years, Mapperley.
  • 11th December 1909 - Thomas Arthur Eretwell, 2 years.
  • 20th July 1910 - Allan Hobson, aged 12 days.
  • 6th May 1921 - Annie Matilda Wyatt, aged 54 years (she was my maternal grandmother)
  • 9th January 1925 - Edward William Wyatt, aged 55 years, 22 Taylor Street, Ilkeston. (He was my maternal grandfather)
  • 26th May 1929 - Douglas Patrick Hudson, aged 12 years. He was a school friend of mine who drowned in Mapperley spond.
  • 29th April 1933 - Samuel Watchorn, aged 53 years. I remember him going mad and walking around in the middle of the night in the village shouting "I am the devil, the son of God and the people of Mapperley shall not escape." My father, and several other men in the village went out to him and took him home. He was admitted to hospital where he died a few days later.
  • 12th May 1933 - Ebor Durow, 89 years. I remember this man as a white haired and bearded person who lived in a cottage near The Church. He was confined to bed and spent a lot of time looking through the window.


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