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Jesse Thornley


Jesse was born in Mapperley village in April 1925 in the house opposite our village school on Lodge Row. Jesse remembers vividly sitting on the doorstep eating her breakfast, dressed only in her nightie, watching all the children go to school...the only problem was, she should have been going with them!

Jessie's next house move was 2 doors up.. yes, she wonders why too. Her mum was Jane Monks and her dad was Harry, a miner. Her grandma also lived next door to them. The next move was to the Royal Oak, better known as The Candlesticks. This as many of you know was at Park Hall and is now a private dwelling.

Jesse attended Scargill School after leaving Mapperley School and then went to work at West Hallam Depot.

Jesse met her husband Malcolm at the Candlesticks. A customer suggested to Malcolm that he should take Jesse to the pictures which he did and they began their relationship which culminated in marriage. They had a daughter Carol who married Alan Cooke. Carol was also born in the village and has remained here ever since. There are quite a few of us that haven't found any incentive to move away!
After she married, Jesse and Malcolm made their home at The Coachways where Carol grew up. Later Malcolm, a builder, built the bungalow on Slack Road that she still lives in today.

There used to be a Thursday club held at Mrs. East's house which Jesse and her friends attended and sometimes they had speakers. Jesse also remembers going to dances at the Church Institute, which later became a workshop for Bernard Mellor, coffin maker and undertaker. It is now a private dwelling round 'the pool'.

Doris Smith and Edie Pearson were Jessie's best friends and they went on many Felix trips and holidays together. Unfortunately Doris and Edie are no longer with us. Jesse misses her morning cuppas with them but has many fond memories to recall.

Jesse would also go holidays with her family, once or twice a year, to Blackpool which she loved.

I asked Jesse why she still lived in the village. She said she would not want to live anywhere else but added, 'as long as they leave us alone'. We agree Jesse.

She did find it very sad that she no longer knows a lot of the villagers but she always has a cheery smile and a wave to everyone going past her house.

Jesse has 4 grandchildren, Deborah, Martyn, Richard and Russell and 8 great-grandchildren Shona, Luke, Liam, Gracie, Tia, Brandon, Alfie and Noah.  2 of her grandchildren and 3 of her great grandchildren also live in the village. She has 3 granddaughter-in-laws and 1 grandson-in-law.

Elaine Sarson March 2013  


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