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Alan Sarson

Dear Elaine, I do not like disturbing you on a Saturday night but I had Vida, my cousin, ringing me. Really excited at finding your project as I was. She loves it. During the conversation I mentioned that I am sure that one of my aunties was born in Mapperley, her maiden name, Margaret Mather.

That rang a bell for Vida as she used to help Margaret’s sister Lydia, They used to go for lunch at The Black Horse and also The Candlestick and had mentioned living in Mapperley.

Margaret (Madge) as she liked to be called was married to my mother’s youngest brother Dennis King. They married Christmas Day 1941. Margaret’s mother was Elizabeth Hartshorne married to Arthur Mather and her Grandad was Humphrey Hartshorne, remembering that name from your project, was a councillor.

Margaret and Dennis had two sons, Dennis and David. Don’t know if you ever heard about the tragedy of Dennis Jnr.  We understood that whilst on holiday in America, he was stung by an insect and died. Sept.21st 1994, he was fifty.

Sad story, but Harry Tait, Vida’s husband worked at Mapperley Colliery in mines rescue. I have asked Vida if he would mind his photo on your project and mention his time at the colliery. She is going to ask him. He is about eighty eight.

I mentioned  Arthur (Nobby) Clark, Vida was told it was a mysterious death, we were told what I told you had happened, December 1966 I wondered if it would be in the Advertiser of that date.
It was a real pleasure to meet up with you and visit your lovely village. As we drove through the village, each house seemed steeped in history and made me try to imagine what life was like for the families that lived in them in the 17th and 18th century.  It was like going back in time and wondering if we would meet up with an old farm labourer or collier walking home after doing a hard days work. When you stop and think, there must be lots of history to learn in your lovely village, and thanks to you Elaine I have read many interesting articles about your village and its history on your Mapperley History Project. It is also nice to read the interviews you do with the elders of the village, recording their memories, we all say “Why didn't we ask our parents and grandparents more ". The internet offers lots of information but personal memories are priceless. Thank you for a beautiful day, Elaine.

More to follow

Alan Sarson

Alan Sarson's mum and family in front of the colliery house his parents lived in from 1923 to 1979

Alan Sarson's father Bertie in the 1930's after receiving a presentation.

Alan Sarson's parents in 1964

Oct 2012, Bertie Sarson's family, Alan 78, Irene (Alan's wife) 78, Doreen 90, Iris 84, Milly 80, and seated Jack 88

Irene and Alan Sarson with their daughter Angela on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years)

Diamond Wedding Anniversary card to Irene and Alan Sarson from Her Majesty The Queen






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