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Spencer, George, Manager of Mapperley Colliery, Remembered

Photographs George Spencer

Mr George Spencer. Manager of Mapperley Colliery

Roger Wood and I recently had a visit by Jean Spencer, great granddaughter in law of George Spencer who was a most respected manager of Mapperley Colliery. Jean was married to Richard John Spencer and has two children Penny and Simon.

Jean bought along some wonderful photographs and most interesting documents for which we thank her most sincerely.

By pure chance Roger Wood had recently been working on the George Spencer Family Tree. He has done a remarkable job and it can be viewed on

A summary of the family is shown below taken from the family tree researched and created by Roger.

Richard’s Grandfather George Spencer,

Colliery Manager and Agent for Mapperley Colliery Company (1894 - 1930). 36 years service.
Colliery Number 1458.

When George Spencer (1857-1930) was born in October 1857 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, his father, John Spencer, was 34 and his mother, Jane Edwards, was 29.

George Spencer’s father (Richard’s Great Grandfather) John Spencer (1823-1893) passed away on December 16, 1893, in Measham, Derbyshire, at the age of 70.

George Spencer lived in Measham, Derbyshire, in 1861. In Surrey in 1871. In Stanley Lodge, Common Lane, Derbyshire, in 1901. In Stanley, Derbyshire, on April 2, 1911.

He married Margaret Nadauld Potter in April 1901 in Matlock Bank, Derbyshire when he was 43 years old. She was 30 years old.

Manager, Agent and Director of Mapperley Colliery Company Ltd. Derbyshire. He was presented with a gold watch and chain on the occasion of his forth coming marriage. The Colliery Guardian Vol. 81 (1901), page 1365
They had one child during their marriage, George Henry Nadauld. George Spencer died on March 23, 1930, in Stanley Common, Derbyshire, at the age of 72, and was buried in Morley, Derbyshire. (See extract from Derby Daily Telegraph below**)

Margaret Nadauld Potter (Richard’s Grandmother) was born about 1871, in West Hallam, Derbyshire, the child of Samuel and Mary. She died on March 22, 1953, in Derbyshire, at the age of 82, and was buried in Morley, Derbyshire.

Her son George Henry Nadauld (1907-1995) (Richards father) was born on March 24, 1907, in Stanley, Derbyshire , the child of George and Margaret Nadauld Potter age 36 and George Spencer, age 49. He married Nancy Dora Haskins on January 16, 1933 when he was 25 years old.

George Henry Nadauld Spencer lived in Stanley, Derbyshire, on April 2, 1911.
He died on August 4, 1995, in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, at the age of 88.
Buried with his wife. Grave left of church main gate. St Mathews church, Morley, Derbyshire, England

** Derby Daily Telegraph Thursday 27 March 1930


Mr. George Spencer, Stanley Lodge, aged 70, of West Hallam, for 35 years director and agent of Mapperley Colliery Co., who died at his home on Sunday (23rd March 1930), was buried at Morley churchyard, to-day. The Rev. A. E. R. Bedford, the rector, conducted the services.

Mr. Spencer was one the best known mining engineers in the Midlands. He leaves a widow and one son.
The pits were closed and flags in the district flew at half mast. A large number of miners and others who knew Mr. Spencer were present at the church service.

The bearers were employees of Mapperley Colliery Co. Chief mourners were : Mr. G. H. N. Spencer (son), Mr. J. Spencer (brother), Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Beaumont-Checkland, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, .Mr. F. M. Brown (general manager of Mapperley Colliery Co.) and Mrs. Brown, Mr. W. H. Quarrell (chairman of the company). Mr. H. Bollard and Mr. S. Bollard (agents), the Rev. J. T. and Mrs. Plemming. the Rev. G. M.V and Mrs. Hicky. The Rev. F. E. and Mrs. Christian. Mr. F. S. Ogden. Captain and Mrs. Gilcrist, and Dr. and Mrs. Adams.

There was a large number of wreaths from relatives, friends, and employees.

Additional information by Roger Wood

John Spencer (1823-1893) Married Jane Edwards (1828-1915). They married 30 December 1851.

When their son George was born in 1857 they realised that he was a very clever boy and wanted him to receive a good standard of education.

The Spencer family were living in Meacham in 1861. Also living with them was Jane’s widowed mother Catherine Edwards. She was a wealthy lady and supported the idea of encouraging young George. She suggested that the boy should be taught by his Uncle. This was Catherine’s youngest son George Edwards a well-educated man and Civil Engineer.

Plans were made for young George (Spencer) to move in with his uncle George (Edwards), when a tragedy happened in the family. George Edward’s sister (Mary) became a widow, with her husband’s sudden death. This was William Holloway, died 01 January 1870, aged 45, leaving Mary with 6 children to support.

To support his sister at the time George (Edwards) decided to move into her family home at 4, Park Road Villas, Battersea, Surrey, where he could support the family and run his business.

Young George (Spencer) now aged 13 years was asked to join his uncle and also help support the family.

This established a long lasting family bond between Uncle and Nephew. This bond was never broken between them throughout the whole of their lifetimes.

Roger Wood October 2016.

George Edwards died at 2am Tuesday 19th July 1910. Interred in Mitcham Cemetery 22nd July 1910

Roger’s letter to George’s remaining family 2016

I know I am not a family member but it has been an honour and pleasure to work on the Spencer family tree. Going back to my own Grand and Great grandparents George’s colleagues always thought he was the man who brought them a sense that life was worth living. Before George arrived the colliery owners only thought the men were there to make themselves more wealthy. George gave them hope and a sense of dignity. He knew they faced hard times having little chance of getting a good education. He helped them in times of difficulty and this was never forgotten. I'm sure you can appreciate this through, the painting and the presentations made to him.



A very large portrait of George still hangs in Jeans home today. The portrait was painted by John St Helier- Lander, dated 1923. It was presented to George by the directors, officials and workmen of Mapperley colliery as a token of their esteem. The portrait is approx 3' X 2' in a beautiful heavy guilt frame.

John St Helier Lander

The artist wrote a letter to George and a copy can be found in the photo album


This photograph was of Mapperley Colliery C 1907 outside Kilburn winding engine house no 3 shaft. 

Apparently they built it the wrong way round?!

………… Click Here for the Full Story and Names on Page 2 …………

The photograph was taken by Walter William Winter. The company is still operating today in Derby.

We have the original print which has now been framed

Walter William Winter


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