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Pete Heywood Remembered

Pete and Helen

1967 Mapperley's Charter Fayre - Piano Smashing Competition

Pete 3rd from left

Nottingham Ice Rink Outing 2nd February 1957


Click Photo to see Peter Heywood and his Brother Keith Heywood Behind Him
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Charity Football Match held in Mapperley village 1967.
Men vs Women, of course the women won.

Pete is on the back row far right

Pete Accepting His 12 Year Award and Medal For His Service With St John Ambulance


Pete and Helen on Holiday



Pete, Helen, David and Phillip

Pete-C   Pete-B


Black Horse Winning Darts and Dominoes Team Circa 1974 - 80 in Ilkeston Regency Rooms

Pete is back row 4th from left, with hat on

Little Teddy

Little Teddy Thomas, Pete and Helen



Darts/Dominoes Presentation


Tug War

Tug of War at Stanley Common


Tug War2

Tug of War at Stanley Common.
Left to right back row - Roger Sarson, Roger Pritchett, Ron Richardson, ??, Mick McGill, John Robinson
Front Row - Tony Webster, Bob Hawley, Pete Heywood, Barry Riley

Helen, Phillip and David would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful support and messages received following Pete’s passing with lung cancer this week. Mapperley is where Pete grew up and spent many happy years. We would love to hear from you if you would like to share your memories or your condolences messages. No matter how long or short.

Thank you
Elaine (Sister in law) May 2020

Please email me at

The family would like to announce that Pete’s cremation will take place on Monday 1st June at Bramcote Crematorium, Coventry Road, Beeston, NG9 3GJ at 11am.  Due to Covid-19 mourners will not be allowed inside the Serenity Chapel (main chapel) but they are invited to attend and gather outside the chapel. Please take into account social distancing.  The hearse will leave from the family home on Albert Street at 10.35am should you wish to pay your respects from the pavements, again taking into account social distancing.
The family will announce once we are out of lockdown, when and where they will celebrate his life.

Eulogy by Elaine Sarson

Peter F Heywood  1946 -2020

Peter was born in Eastwood, the fourth son of Dorothy and Fred Heywood.  He had an older sister Miriam and elder brothers John, Tony, and Keith. Tragically Tony died at about the age of 5 with diphtheria.

In his early years the family moved to the Pond House at Mapperley

Peter spent his childhood and teenage years at Mapperley, attending Mapperley School then moving on to Scargill School at age 11.

I grew up with Pete, we are a very small village and we kids just grew up together, enjoying life after school in the evenings and at weekends. We were surrounded by woods so the gang of us would spend our time playing in them and building dens.   Pete’s dad was the gamekeeper so we knew we had to be on our best behaviour and not damage anything.  (we almost made it!)

Pete, like me, had very happy memories growing up in Mapperley and no-one can ever take those away.

When Pete was in his late 20’s and before he was married, the Heywood family moved to the old Station House at Stanley.

Pete married Helen (My husband Roger’s sister who came from Stanley) in 1978.

They bought a house on Gladstone Street in Ilkeston where they had two sons, Phillip in 1982 and David in 1986.
Pete loved his family very much and loved to spend time with them. After Gladstone Street they moved to Albert Street and were very happy there.

Pete had various jobs during his working life and has worked for Derbyshire and also Amber Valley County Council, Vic Hallam, British Coal, Electricity Board, Chaucer School and he also worked down the pits. Not an enviable job at all.  Pete was one of a team of four. During his time there his three mates got killed doing this work so Pete decided, very wisely, to leave the pit to work somewhere less dangerous.

Pete’s hobbies were darts and dominoes having won prizes. One of the presentations is pictured in this section. He was an avid supporter of Derby County and supported them for many years.  He loved taking his sons fishing to Mapperley Pond (aka Mapperley Res).

As a young man he enjoyed holidays with his mates, going to Spain with Bob Hawley and Bob Ward and Torquay with the lads.

With his family they have enjoyed many happy times in Norfolk, particularly Hunstanton and the east coast.

For his 60th birthday Helen bought tickets for them to see Status-quo who were appearing at the Nottingham Ice Stadium.  They both loved the event very much.

R I P dear Pete. Helen, Phillip and David thank you for a wonderful life together and for the love you shared.  I will always remember you with very happy childhood memories and for all the help you gave me after losing Roger.

A very caring gentleman with a wonderful sense of humour



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