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Porter and Day Family Memories

by Alison Marion Cantrell, daughter of Roy Porter. (March 2018)

Roy Porter who was born at 20 Coronation Road, Marlpool. His father Bertie Porter was gamekeeper at Shipley Hall as well as his father William Porter.

Porter Wood is named after my family.

My dad lived at several places, including:
20 Coronation Road, Marlpool.
Hall Cottages, Shipley
The Pond House, Shipley Estate
145 Hassock Lane South, Shipley
He told that at one point he actually lived in part of Shipley Hall, with his parents.

Bertie (my grandad) was married to Una Marion Day (my grandma) but previously I have found out that he was married to Emily Bramley. William Porter and Sarah Ann Bramley Porter are buried in the graveyard at The Holy Trinity, Mapperley (C18) Next to this grave is Emily Bramley Porter (C17) (please note that Bertie Porter is not buried here) as according to your spreadsheet. I believe this was Bertie’s first wife. Bertie is buried with my grandma Una Marion Day Porter in Heanor Cemetery, grave number 6444.

Bertie had a brother called Harold who was married to Sarah Bramley. I think Emily and Sarah were sisters, but also Bertie and Harold’s cousins. (Two brothers married two sisters).

Bertie and Harold had two sisters, one was called Helen Marshall Porter and is mentioned on your website and is buried at the Holy Trinity, Mapperley, but there is not a marker. Their other sister was Lucy Bramley Porter, who married James Watchorn who is also mentioned on your website.

My grandma Una Marion Day Porter, Bertie’s second wife was born at 47 Breach Road, Marlpool. Her parents were Uriah Day and Matilda Hatter Day. Uriah was a coalminer. I think the invitation attached is to Mr and Mrs U Day? They are also buried at Heanor Cemetery.

Porter and Day Family Memories


Elaine Sarson March 2018.


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