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Kirk Hallam Memories With Links To Mapperley
A FormerTownship In Kirk Hallam Parish

Memories of Kirk Hallam (no covers and no photographs). This booklet, published in 1998, is now (2010) out of print.
This text is made freely available to be read and enjoyed by anyone interested in Kirk Hallam.
Esther A Collington (Editor)


Kirk Hallam is more than 700 years old. The Domesday Book records that in 1086 Gilbert of Ghent and Ralph of Burton both held land in Hallam.  The book does not mention a church here, and the present church building dates mainly from the early fourteenth century. However, one or two features suggest that there may have been an earlier Norman church built in the eleven hundreds.  What, therefore, is it that claims 1998 as its 700th anniversary? The answer to that is Vicars! In 1298 Simon de Radford was appointed as the first recorded priest for Kirk Hallam, it is this anniversary we are celebrating.  I am intrigued that one of my predecessors was Robert Alastre who began his ministry in 1428. I guess that Alastre is an ancient form of Allestree, and that Robert originally came from that place. If so, then Kirk Hallam has had two priests who were born in Allestree: Robert in the fifteenth century and myself today. Perhaps you may think that is rather too much of a good thing!  However that may be, there can be no dispute over the appropriateness of this book which has been compiled by Esther Collington. We owe to her and her contributors a debt for making sure that yet more of the history of our ancient village does not get lost in the mists of time.  Thank you, Esther, and good reading everyone.

John Goldsmith,  Priest-in-Charge of Kirk Hallam,  March 1998

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