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Fatal Accidents Stanley Colliery

(Information from Alan Beales)

22 - May - 1880 Walter Hart 22 Stanley Kilburn Timber fell down the shaft
26 - Dec - 1887 Charles Richard Evans 31 Stanley Kilburn Fell down the shaft
29 - Oct - 1898 William Hart 15 Stanley Fall in a roadway
22 - Jun - 1901 Tom J Newton 21 - Jun - 01 35 Stanley Injured by a circular saw on surface
25 - Jan - 1902 Samuel Pearson 23 Stanley Coal fell off a belt on surface
08 - Jan - 1903 William Denny 22 Stanley Crushed by tubs
01 - Sep - 1904 John Straw 57 Stanley Fall of roof
19 - Feb - 1907 Arthur Stanley 18 Stanley Coal fell down the shaft
12 - Jan - 1908 John Cooke 47 Stanley Collapse of a brick archway
09 - Mar - 1908 Tom Webster 29 Stanley Drift Fall of roof  23-01 toxaemia
21 - Feb - 1913 Charles Donald Moore 34 Stanley Fall of roof
10 - May - 1923 Thomas Wheatley 50 Stanley Crushed by wagons on surface
15 - Oct - 1923 Arthur Parnham 56 Stanley Fall of coal
01 - Feb - 1924 Charles F Beardsley 14 Stanley Run over by tubs
29 - Jan - 1929 Andrew Disney 25 Stanley Crushed by tubs
18 - Mar - 1935 Hector Page 37 Stanley Fall of roof
29 - Mar - 1935 Charles Straw 53 Stanley Fall of roof
04 - Apr - 1936 William Lomas 42 Stanley Fall of roof
06 - Mar - 1939 Albert Edward Hill 45 Stanley Shotfiring  accident 25 - Feb - 1939
24 - Jun - 1939 Horace Dilks 57 Stanley Fall of roof  20 - Dec - 1937
15 - Jul - 1939 Samuel Straw 47 Stanley Fall of roof 08 - May - 1939
05 - Jan - 1940 Francis Eric Whittle 22 Stanley Run over by loco on surface
12 - Sep - 1943 Charles Bostock 38 Stanley Shotfiring  accident
10 - Apr - 1946 Walter Moxon 47 Stanley Fall of roof
00 - Jan - 1951 Cyril Cottington 27 Stanley Fall of coal
22 - Aug - 1951 Thomas Stevenson 59 Stanley Fall of roof
11 - Feb - 1959 Clarence Wingfield 54 Stanley Fall of coal 05 - Feb - 1959

See Mapperley Colliery Company Poster and Photo of Nibby Pit


Fatal Accidents Shipley Colliery

(Information from Alan Beales)

11 - Jul - 1810 Unnamed   Shipley Fell down the shaft
11 - Jul - 1810 Unnamed   Shipley Fell down the shaft
11 - Jul - 1810 Unnamed   Shipley Fell down the shaft
24 - Apr - 1822 John Fullard   Shipley Chain fell down the shaft
24 - Apr - 1822 ? Bramley   Shipley Chain fell down the shaft
24 - Apr - 1822 ? Henshaw   Shipley Chain fell down the shaft
24 - Apr - 1822 ? Millward   Shipley Chain fell down the shaft
14 - Oct - 1826 John Hallam   Shipley Explosion of firedamp
21 - Aug - 1832 Samuel Straw   Shipley Overcome by blackdamp
05 - Jun - 1833 William Trueman   Shipley Fall of roof
29 - Feb - 1836 ? Hardy   9 Shipley Overcome by gas
30 - Jun - 1838 Godfrey Baker   Shipley Fell down  the shaft
30 - May - 1839 Unnamed   Shipley Explosion of methane
30 - May - 1839 Unnamed   Shipley Explosion of methane
30 - May - 1839 Unnamed   Shipley Explosion of methane
30 - May - 1839 Michael Bramley 21 Shipley Explosion of methane
30 - May - 1839 Joseph Webster 15 Shipley Explosion of methane
30 - May - 1839 Thomas Fretwell 31 Shipley Explosion of methane
00 - Dec - 1840 Joseph Crich 19 Shipley Fall of coal
19 - Jan - 1922 George Arthur Wright 48 Shipley Crushed by wagons on surface


In MemoryAlistair Hutchinson
18 Jan 2015
Family History - George Arthur Wright Crushed By Wagons Shipley Colliery 1922

Dear Alan
I am doing some family history and would like to find out some more details of my Great Grandfather’s death at Shipley Colliery which is listed on your website as:

9-Jan-1922 George Arthur Wright 48 Shipley Crushed by wagons on surface.

I have found an article in the Nottingham Evening Post dated Monday Jan 23rd 1922 giving some details from the inquest but wondered if a more detailed account exists and if so where I might search for it.

I remember my Grandfather giving a moving talk on his 80th birthday about how as a young man of 21 he was called to his father’s bedside after the accident, and how after his father’s death he had to take over as the head of the house.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


The Nottingham Evening Post, Monday, January 23, 1922




Mr A. N. Whiston, coroner, held an inquest at Ilkeston Hospital today, on George Arthur Wright, who died in the hospital on Thursday last. Mr W. S. T. Hantley, H.M. Inspector of Mines, was present and Mr R. H. Ferens, manager, represented the Shipley Colliery Company.

George Wright of 83 Nottingham Road, Ilkeston, clerk said deceased was his father, and was a foreman shunter employed at Shipley Colliery. He was 46 years of age. He met with an accident on January 10th, whilst at work, and witness saw him in the hospital the same afternoon. His father told him they were shunting some full wagons of coal on the Nutbrook sidings, and he was struck by the locomotive and knocked under the wheel of the last wagon of a train just released.

Harry Garley, an engine driver at Shipley Collieries, said that on January 10th, at 8 a.m., he was in charge of an engine, and had been down the G.N. No. 2 for more waggons. Deceased gave him the signal to go. Then he heard a shout from his guard.  When deceased gave him the signal he was standing between No. 5 Midland and No. 2 G.N.  He appeared to stand clear of the engine. When he heard his guard shout witness at once applied the brake.  They got deceased on the engine and ran him to the dressing station.  Deceased practically jumped on the engine himself, saying “Dressing Station; my arms off”.


Frank Latham, 87 Loscoe Road, Heanor, said he was a shunter at Shipley Collieries. On January 10th he was with the last witness when the accident happened. Deceased had given the signal for them to proceed, standing with his back to them at the time.  He was standing in the centre of the six-foot, and was clear a few seconds before they reached him. He then appeared to be leaning forward, when the corner of the engine frame caught him at the back of the left shoulder. It flung him round and he fell downwards.

Dr. J. J. Tobin said he saw deceased on admission to hospital. He was examined with the X-Rays.  The injuries were a fracture to the left shoulder joint, the upper arm being smashed, including the collar bone and shoulder blade. The forearm showed a compound fracture of both bones of the forearm. He was suffering so severely from shock that amputation could not be carried out at once.  He continued in a critical condition, and on the day he died witness amputated the forearm, the easier operation of the two. Wright lived about three hours after the operation.

The cause of death was shock, as a result of the injuries. But for the operation the deceased would have died from septic poisoning.

The Coroner said it was a very sad death, but there could be no doubt it was purely accidental, and no blame whatever was attached to the driver of the locomotive. His verdict would therefore be one of “Accidental death.”
Mr Ferens, on behalf of the Shipley Colliery Co., expressed sympathy with deceased’s widow and family.

Anyone wishing more detail should look the death date up in local newspapers, an inquest report will give a lot of information.

  • 1800 - June 1852 Nottingham newspapers Angel Row Library Floor 1
  • July 1852 -1914 Mines Inspectors Annual Reports Greens Library Nottingham University
  • These are now online Ian Winstanley {Rayleys}
  • After 1914 various Derbyshire Libraries Chesterfield, Heanor, Ripley, Alfreton, Ilkeston


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