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The Storms
Mapperleys 60's Group





The Storms By Mapperley Pond

The Storms - 2nd May 1964

John Greatorex Dave (Chic) Hicken David (Bullet) Shooter Dave Grainger Alan Davis June Greatorex (Now Turner) Susan Thompson Elaine Richardson (Now Sarson) Wendy Robinson Carol Thornley (Now Cooke) Anora Hill Rob Kirkman Sue Whitty Cynthia Hort Lyn Pearson (Now Reeve) Linda Rowley Janet Martin (Now Warburton) Sharon Bowley Sue Milnes Marian Straw (Now Tanner)

Hover over face to read some names

The band members appear on the photo from left to right;
John Greatorex (lead guitar) - Dave "Chick" Hicking (vocals) - Dave "Bullet" Shooter (drums).
Dave Grainger (rhythm guitar) - Alan Davis (bass),

The Storms April 30th - 1st May 1964

The Storms - 2nd May 1964


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