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Newspaper and Magazine Articles

1900 - 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph

Saturday 16 December 1905

West Hallam Club

The annual dinner of members of the White Rose C.C., was held at the White Hart Hotel, West Hallam, when Lieutenant Checkland presided. Secretary George Toplis reported a balance of 5 2s. in hand, and that the club had played 14 matches, of which four were won, seven lost, and three drawn.

Nottingham Evening Post

Monday 17 August 1908

Baths At West Hallam

Most commendable enterprise has been shown in the provision of the fully equipped and well-appointed baths at West Hallam, formally opened on Saturday. Although primarily intended for the colliery employees they will be available on certain days for the general public, while, as should always be the case in baths, opportunity is given to ladies to use them. Swimming is such a healthful and useful art that all should have the chance learning to acquire it. Communities which have every right to be considered progressive are sometimes strangely backward in this respect, and no doubt the example at West Hallam will act as a stimulus in its immediate neighbourhood. How great a boon is a swimming bath in weather like the present only those who are lovers of the water can realise.

Swimming and Slipper Baths at Stanley Colliery, West Hallam Station

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