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Article In The 'Know Your Neighbour' Section Of Mapperley Social Group
Newsletter - May 2010

Bill and Mollie Skinner

Mollie was born at No. 6 Lodge Row, the house she still lives in with Bill. Bill has lived their since their marriage in 1961. Mollie's parents, Lenny and Ethel Hawley, lived there before her, both originating from the village as well so there is a long line of the Hawley family within Mapperley and the family tree extends to many other residents of our village, Helen Cook (Durow) and Lesley Hatfield (Hawley) to name but two.

Mollie's brother Geoff and sister Marie (see separate article in this website Marie Taylors memories) were also born and were bought up at No.6 . Mollie & Bill have two grown up children, Richard & Katie, four grandchildren and two step grandchildren.

Mollie worked in an office in Derby before having her children. She then worked at the village school from 1979 for 21 years including doing voluntary work there by teaching cookery to the children. Mollie has seen many, many children progress through the school and continued to watch them grow up.

Bill soon found himself involved in the village community when he moved here. He played for our Mapperley Miners Welfare football team after moving from the old Ilkestonians team. There were no changing rooms so various premises were used, the school, The Old Black Horse and even Brian Turners house when it was being renovated. Mollie would help with the washing of the football strips and I remember my mum used to do them too as did Muriel Durow. There was a lot of support for the team with many villagers attending games and cheering the team on. Bill later became secretary to the club replacing Bob Mellor. He then arranged referees for the South Derbyshire League. They recall the Ilkeston lads that played for the village going back on one of the hourly buses on a Saturday (yes, hourly!), getting changed and returning back to the Old Black Horse for a good sing song with the resident pianist. Pauline Davis's father was a regular piano player for my parents (landlord & landlady) for many years.

Mollie and Bill have always been a part of Mapperley church, Bill was in fact a warden for 30 years and a year after the new church opened he became treasurer, a position he retained for 41 years! I think he was pretty well used to it by the time he retired from it!

Elaine Sarson.

Over the years Bill was involved in many village committees and fund raising events, indeed they have both been extremely supportive in all village activities and still are today as they support our Social Group events. When the celebrations took place in May 1967 to celebrate the granting of a royal charter to hold a fair and market in Mapperley, Bill was a member of the committee and secretary and he remembers it well.. The organising took 18 months, it meant meeting with Captain P J B Drury-Lowe, organising the events, dealing with the national media. the list was endless. I have a copy of the accounts kindly given to me by Bill (that's the sign of a good treasurer and secretary, holding on to the paperwork for the last 43 years!) The event was worth it though as they managed to raise 224 pounds 19 shillings and 7 pence. After taking the costs away the profit made was 23 pounds  3 shillings and 10 pence. I know, but it was a lot of money in those days. They recall there was a  garden competition and one of the winners was Mrs. Nora Czypak who then lived on Coronation Road, where Ed and Joan Hubbard live today. It was also a former Post Office. 

Bill was also on the Parish Council and I recall helping him and Arthur Shooter each Sunday lunchtime draw a 'tote' which was a good  fundraiser. The purpose was to raise funds on behalf of the parish council in order to upgrade and buy more street lighting, there were only 3 or 4 lights then.  Anyway, the dream was realised and eventually lamps were placed all round the village, on the lane and at Park Hall. Fortunately DCC paid for the installation of them.

As a result of being attached to the church and also the parish council Bill also found himself on the Scargill Trust and Mapperley school governors.

Mollie has been a good friend and neighbour to many, looking after them in their time of need.  They have seen many changes over the years. It was a mining village full of miners going to and from the pits, not many people had cars so they lived their life in the village, tendered their gardens and allotments and regularly frequented the Old Black Horse or The Candlesticks.  We still have many families here that have been here for many years and we still have character and a good community spirit.

Bill Skinners Choristers certificate 1942

Written by Elaine Sarson with information provided by Bill and Mollie Skinner 

Mollies Family

The Hawley’s have been a well known name in the village for many, many years. Currently we have Mollie Skinner nee Hawley who was born in Mapperley and in fact still lives in the house she was born in and which her parents lived in before her. Her father was John Leonard Hawley (1896 - 1978) known as Lenny, he married Ethel Durow (1902 - 1963) in 1923. Lenny's father was George Edward (Ged) Hawley (1872 -1950) and his mother was Charlotte Musson (1869 -1949). Ged and Charlotte had 8 children. Lenny’s brother George Wilfred (Wilf) Hawley also lived in the village and his daughter Lesley still lives here.

Bill Skinner, Personality Profile
From West Hallam And Mapperley Church And Community Magazine
January 1995

As an 80th birthday treat for Bill one of his gifts, from his family, was a hospitality day at the club which was held in the Robin Hood Suite. This photograph is of Bill with Chris Cohen taken on the day (21st February 2015).

Chris moved from Yeovil Town to Nottingham Forest in 2007. Bill and Mollie have long supported Forest and later joined by their children and then their grandchildren.

Bill and Mollie had a fabulous day and bought away many happy memories.


Bishop's Badge
Background of the Badge by the Bishop

  Bishop with badge
Bishop with Badge
I have been considering for some time a way of marking my appreciation of the dedicated work of the many lay people who contribute so much to the life and health of our Diocese. I wanted to make some kind of award and it was at this time that Canon Ian Gooding showed me a medal presented to his mother in law at the time of her confirmation.

The medal dates from 1927, when the Diocese of Derby was founded, Bishop Edmund Courtenay Pearce, the first Bishop of Derby, arranged for it to be struck to celebrate this new beginning and copies were presented to distinguished members of the Diocese and to all those being confirmed in that year. I have arranged for a replica of this medal to be minted and mounted in the form of a badge.

Each year I intend, based upon recommendations made to me, to award a small number of these badges as a gesture from the Diocese to acknowledge outstanding service to the church.

Bill is the man with the grey hair and light suit  in the group going towards the Bishop

Bill Skinner was presented with this badge at a special service held in Derby Cathedral on Sunday 23 September 2012. The Bishop's Badge is presented by the Bishop of Derby as tokens of his appreciation for distinguished service to the church and community. The recipients have to be nominated by a member of the community.

The candidates come from all over the Diocese of Derby, which covers all of Derbyshire stretching over towards South Yorkshire and right across the Peak District and Derbyshire Dales. The badges recognise the significant work and dedication exhibited by individuals.

Bill has been a member of the Parochial Church Council since 1961, a church warden for 30 years and Treasurer for 41 years. Amazing!

Many Congratulations Bill, recognition very well deserved!

You will see from the Family Tree shown in Pauline Czypaks Memories

There are still a few families that still live in the village and are linked, families such as Greatorex, Davis and Martin (Judith and Jean)

Elaine Sarson March 2013 

 Billy Durow  Iris Hawley  Lenny Hawley  Ethel Hawley (nee Durow)  Jescelia Hawley  Bert Hawley

Ethel and Lenny Hawley wedding. Mollie Skinners parents. Photo taken on Black Horse garden C1923

 Lenny  Ethel  Paddy the dog  Mollie Skinners grandad William Durow  Mollies brother Geoff Hawley George Hawley

Mollie Skinners parents Lenny and Ethel
Taken 1950's with Paddy the dog

Mollie Skinners grandad William Durow with Mollies brother Geoff Hawley. George Hawley in background.
Taken top of Mollies yard.

Some Memories From Mollie About Past ‘Businesses’ in Mapperley

Mollie Skinner

My dad mended shoes behind the house across from the pub (see Marie Taylor’s Memories), not sure it was a business though. I can remember we had travelling shops, 2 butchers would call twice a week Co-op and someone from Heanor I think which was eventually taken over by George Stafford.  Arthur Baker, followed by John Baker Greengrocers, and year’s  ago a man who I think the name was Williams came round selling pots and pans, buckets, dustpans, brushes and that kind of thing. It was Gladys Udall (Tony’s mum) who fried chips at Manor Farm but before my time. I understand Annie Hartshorne had the shop in front of the house to the left of the old Methodist chapel as a chip shop. There was also my granddad Ged Hawley and eventually  Lal Wood who did hair cutting (John Martin’s memories) but I don’t think they were deemed as businesses.

Bill and Mollie Skinner Memories


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