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Newspapers - 1980s - Page 1

Picnic Tea Their 'Good Friday Effort'

Ilkeston Advertiser 12, Mar, 1982

It is said that services used to be held in the up-stairs rooms of houses in the village before land was sought and the Wesleyan Mapperley Methodist Chapel was built in 1874.

There were six long- seats each side of the church and extra ones /for the choir, and there were also communion chairs and a table, which are in the present church building on High Lane West and an old pedal organ which was used for many years.


Upstairs was an extra room which could be used as a balcony for services but was also screened off for a Sunday School room.' and was the meeting place for youngsters in the village on a Saturday night.

Mrs Florence Cooke, aged 78, who lives at The Limes, Mapperley, used to live next door to the chapel in the old cottage and has been a member of the church all her life. She is a trustee of the church and remembers the early life very well.

"During the 1920s we started what we called a "Good Friday effort" in aid of aged lay preachers' seaside homes," said Mrs Cooke. "People from all over the district would walk down to the village and we would all have a picnic tea." The tradition has continued to this day.

It has always been very much a family church. Mrs Cooke said stalwarts included the Fletchers from Head House Farm, the Stephens, who lived at The Brook, and her own grandfather was one of the early members. 

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Ilkeston Churches

By the late sixties numbers had fallen dramatically through lack of interest and there was only a handful of people still attending, most of whom were women.

"Mr Charles Bowley, who was Sunday School superintendent, always said he wanted a chapel at West Hallam and Maurice and Hilda Stephens said they would give us some, land on High Lane which used to be a pottery yard."
Addendum August 2022 The Stevens family have corrected who donated the old pottery yard land, It was William Stevens, father of Maurice Stevens

The old building was bought by Mr Ivan Webster for £800 and he has used it as a timber store ever since. The last service at Mapperley was conducted by Ilkeston Methodist lay preacher Mr John Moorley.

Mr Webster wanted to take over the building immediately, so from August, 1969, until December, when the new £4,500 building was opened near Mapperley crossroads, services were held in the summer house of Ilkeston solicitor Mr Herbert Brewer at 137 High Lane West.

At the dedication service conducted by the Rev Arthur Snell, then the Superintendent Minister of the Ilkeston Methodist Circuit, the church's oldest member, the late Mrs Hannah Bridges, 84 at the time, was presented with the key to the church by William Wood Ltd. from Heanor, who did the building.


The building, however, is only a temporary one and within the next few years a permanent brick building must be built or the Methodists will have to think again about a home.

Services on a Sunday are always in the evening except on the fourth Sunday in every month when there is an extra family service in the morning. Sunday School, under the leadership of Mrs Valerie Baker and teachers Mrs Margaret Morton and Mrs Ann Wathey, meets on Sunday mornings.

On Tuesday nights the Men's Fellowship led by Mr Jack Parkinson, also a lay preacher, meets in the church, and on Wednesday evenings it is the turn of Mrs Barbara Hart's Women's Fellowship. The other evening meeting is the relatively new Brownie pack led by Brown Owl Mrs Linda Grebby on Fridays.

Other Important positions in the church are held by Mrs J East, chapel steward and treasurer; Mrs Betty Trusell, secretary, and Mrs Connie Cresswell, Mrs Hilda Stephens and Mrs Ida Horsley look after the building itself and the land round it. The organist is Mrs Kathleen Burton.


Superintendent Minister of the Ilkeston circuit is the Rev Brian Dams, but West Hallam has its , own minister, Pastor Cyril Mills, who took over "The Triangle" of West Hallam, Stanley and, Smalley Common Methodist Churches in November.

A strong advocate of Christian Unity, Mr Mills, who lives at The Manse, Kenilworth Drive, Kirk Hallam, trained for the Methodist ministry from 1949 to 1951 and served for two years in British Honduras where he was ordained.

He returned to England and spent two years in the Belper circuit and resigned from the ministry in 1956. Since then he taught at St Thomas RC Primary School, when he temporarily became a Catholic, Stanton Vale School, and spent two years with the Church of England Children's Society. He now teaches at Arnold and Carlton College of Further Education in a scheme run by the Manpower Services Commission.


For Mr Mills it is not a full-time ministry, for he spends two days a week in pastoral work and three Sundays preaching, but he is deeply involved with The Triangle. "I like the idea of all three communities working together and there is still a need to become even closer," said Mr Mills.

“Twenty to thirty people attend the West Hallam church regularly and most are older people but there is an exciting young element as can be seen by the recently formed Brownie pack”

(See more in History Section)

Smalley Lodge - Ilkeston Advertiser - July 2nd 1982

Smalley Lodge Bell Lane.  (photo in paper says Shipley Lodge which is wrong)

Smalley Lodge article, photographs and information very kindly submitted by Shirley Pegg of West Hallam.

The man standing by the well at Smalley Lodge is Mr Frederick Gerrard (1864 - 1943). He was a gardener for the Miller-Mundy family and resided with his family at Smalley Lodge which was on the edge of the Shipley estate.

Shirley Pegg was Frederick Gerrards grand-daughter. He lived there from 1900 to 1937.

Frederick was married to Harriett (1872 - 1928)

Frederick moved to the Lodge after leaving Alton Towers where he worked in the gardens.

Shirley's father Charles was born at the Lodge in 1913, leaving when he married Mary Elizabeth Parker Scott. Shirley's uncle Tom was also born at the lodge in 1910. He very sadly took his own life in 1933 aged just 23 years.

Tom can be seen on the Cecil Raikes locomotive - Charles Gerrard was a local builder.

Cecil Cecil Raikes Locomotive

This article appeared on the front page of the Ilkeston Advertiser
August 19th 1983 when the paper cost 12p!

THE Coal Board will make repairs to Mapperley bridge—if it is unsafe!

A spokesman this week told the Advertiser that "engineers have inspected it and are making reports, and if it is unsafe we will take the necessary action."

The promise came after Mapperley Parish Council sent a letter to them which told how cracks an inch wide running from top to bottom had appeared in the bridge at the bottom of Mapperley Lane, halfway between West Hallam and Mapperley Village.

A letter was also sent to Derbyshire County Council whose spokeswoman stressed they did not own it but said: "We have looked at the bridge and decided that repairs are required but it is not in danger of collapse."

The bridge once carried the Ilkeston-Derby line but more recently was used by heavily-laden coal lorries from a nearby open cast coal Mine. which has now closed.

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