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West Hallam

John Scargill Family Tree and Will etc.


Scargill Family Tree

Scargill First School



Will of Johannes Scargill Clerk (National Records Office Catalogue Ref.
PROB/11/311 total pages 3.

In the name of God Amen. The Tenth day of January, in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty and Two. I John Scargill of West Hallam in the County of Derby, Clerke, being aged and weake in body, but of sound and perfect memory, praised be God, doe make and ordane this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following :- First of all, I give and bequeth my soule into the hands of God my maker, hoping assuredly through the only meritt of Christ my Lord and Saviour, to be made partaker of Life Everlasting, and my body to the Earth whereof it was made, to be decently and orderly buried in the Chancell of West Hallam aforesaid. And as for all my goods and personall Estate, wherewith God hath blessed me, I give, bequeth, and dispose the same in manner and forme following- First, I give and bequeth to my kinsman Henry Scargill, of Knapell in Cambridgeshire. A Statute that I have of his father of one thousand pounds immediatly after my decease, provided that he give Bond to my Executors hereafter named, to pay to my Cosen John Scargill, the Attorney, Fifty pounds within a year after my decease. And to my Sister-in-law, Richard Scargill, Forty pounds within the said tyme. And that he pay alsoe to William Skipp if he come out of Virginia, Tenne Poundes. And that he seale a Generali release to my said Executors for the same in full of all further demands out of my said estate. Alsoe I give and bequeth to the said Henry Scargill my silver kupp. Alsoe I give and bequeth to Hellen Ross, my faithfull Servant. All my household goods (excepting the remainder of my plate) (viz.) - All my brasse, pewter, Ironworkes, wooden vessels, and boards used in my house, with Hangings, Stooles, Chayres, Lynnens, Bedstedds & Bedding, or if shee like better of it, Twenty Poundes in money in lieu thereof. Alsoe, I give and bequeath to James Ault, Clerke, my best suite with Cote, Gowne, Cassock, and my best Hat and Cotton Concordance. Alsoe I give and bequeath to Thomas Johnson, the rest of my wearing Clothes. And also the Hearse Cloth. Alsoe I Forgive Mr. Powtrell all that money that I should receive of him for satisfaction for Coles that have been gotten in the Parsonage grownds. Provided that hee shall maintyn my Sheep and Calves till about May Faire next, at Derby, in grasse ground. Alsoe I give to William Day his Bond and all that he oweth me for Easter rolles or otherwise, for making a release to my Executors of all debts or dues that I owe him. Alsoe I give and bequeath to Mr. William Horne twenty shillings which he oweth me. Alsoe I give and bequeath to William Hudson, Button maker, husband to Grace Pearson, living last in Chicke Lane, nere the Black boy, London, or if he be dead to his widdow or heires the sume of Three pounds. And I disire he may be carefully enquired after and paid. Alsoe I give and bequeath to the Poore of West Hallam aforesaid, Twenty Shillings. Alsoe to the Poore of Dale Abbey, Tenne Shillings. Alsoe to the Poore of Stanley, Tenne Shillings. Alsoe to the Poore of the Parish of Ilkeston, Twenty Shillings. Alsoe to the Poore of Kirk Hallam and Mapperley, Twenty shillings. Alsoe I give Five hundred and Forty pounds for the purchasing of a Farme in Eastwood, in the possession of one Widdow Cooke, for the founding and erecting of a Free schoole. Alsoe my will is, that a schoole house be erected within two years time after my decease. And that the two first years revenues of the said Schoole Lands be paid towards the building of it. I would have it placed, if it may be, in or neare the Towne of West Hallam aforesaid, contyneing about Fouer and Twenty Foote in Length, with a proportonable wideness. The walls being made of Brick, having two chambers over it. And having two brick chimneys one below and another above. Alsoe my will and mind is, that the said Schoolmaster for the said schoole be an honest, vertuous, and sober man, that shall apply himself wholly to the teaching of the Schoole, and shall offer up the prayers of the Church amongst his Schollers morning and evening. And shall endeavour to teach his Schollers to read, write, and cast accompt. And also instruct them in the Church Catechism, trayning them up in the fear of the Lord, which said master shall only have Tenn pounds yearly for his salary out of the said Schools Lands. Alsoe my will and mind is, that there be twelve pentioners in this School, (viz.) - Six to be chosen out of West Flallam afoursaid; Two out of the Dale Parish; Two out of Stanley; and Two out of Mapperley. All which shall be of the poorer sort of the several forementioned Towns chosen out of each Township, who shall receive whilst they come to Schoole (that is to say). All the yeare except a Fortnight at Christmas and in Easter and Whitson week (which usually are not Schoole weekes), after the rate of nyne pence a peece for every weeke towards mainteynaning of them, to be paid at every halfe years end. Alsoe, my will and mind is. And when any of the said pentioners have continued at the said schoole the tyme of sixe yeares, then they to be removed and others placed in their stead, or if they dye and depart before. And I doe nominate and appoint these Foure persons following, (viz.) -William Wheelright of West Flallam, William Osborne of Dale Abbey, Edward Vicars of Stanley, and John Pymme of Mapperley, and their heires, to be Feoffees in Trust for the use of the said Schoole And they and their successors to receive the rents and to take care for the building of the said Schoole and repaires and payment of the said pentioners and Schoolmaster’s wages. And to be visitors of the same during their lives. And that after any one and each of their deceases, another shall be chosen by the surviving Feoffees for the Towne for which the deceased was appoynted, which said Feoffees and Visitors, and such others as shall be elected as aforesaid after any one and each of their deceases, or any Three of them, shall have power to appoynt a Schoolmaster. And shall see that hee and the schollers who are pentioners obseve the Schools orders. And shall have power alsoe from tyme to tyme to displace the master for his negligence or viciousnesse and choose another in his roome. And alsoe to displace any of the pentioners if they be impiously wicked and refuse to learne their Books and the Church Catechisme, and place others in their stead according as their consciences shall direct them. And that they or any three of them have a power from tyme to tyme to place or displace Tenants of the said School Lands. And to lett leases (so it be without taking of fynes), if they shall judge that way to bee more beneficial to the School. Alsoe my will And mind is, that a strong Box be placed in the School with Fower Lockes and the Keyes, to be in the keeping of the sevirall Visitors of the said Schoole: wherein is to be layd this my last Will and Testament. And a Copy of it to be alwayes extant in the said Schoole. There shulde alsoe be a booke of Accompts deposited in it, wherein shalbe sett down the sevirall moneys that are remeining after the sevirall distributions, which said moneys shalbe soe disbursed afterwards, as they or any three of them shall judge most expidient for the good of the Schoole: which said Accompts I appoint to be yearly made and presented by the said Feoffees and Visitors. And their successors yearly, upon every Thursday in Easter weeke in the said School house, to my Executors hereafter named, and the survivors of them and their heires. And the Schoolmaster for the tyme being, or such of them as shalbe then present. And to have a Dinner at their meeting. The rest of my goods and Chattells undisposed of herein, after debts, legacies, and funerall expences and charges are paid and discharged, I give and leave the same for the further use and benefitt of the said schoole. To be discreetly disposed of by the said Feoffees and Visitors and my said Executors and their successors, or any Three of them, in Purchasing more Lande or otherwise, for the increasing and mainteyning more pentioners at the rate afoursaid, choosing the first out of West Hallam, next out of Dale, and soe in order. Lastly, I doe hereby nominate and appoint my loving friends Robert Meilor, gent, and James Aulte, Clerke, Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former and other wills. And doe give and leave to the said Robert Mellor, Tenn Poundes, and both their charges borne on all occasions concerning this my last Will and Testament. In Witness wherof I have hereunto put my hand and seale, the daye and yeare. First above written, John Scargill. Sealed, published, and declared in the presence of John Flamsteed, Charles Werden, Henry Werden, Robert Tomson, his marke.

Probatum fuit testamentum at Canterbury in May 1663.

Recording His Death and Burial

His burial was entered in the Parish Register and reads:

“Johannes Scargill Rector Venerabilis Ecclesiae Nujus West Hallam sepultus est

Januarii 18 A. D. 166 2/3rds”.                       

The Rev. John Scargill was buried in the South side of the Chancel of West Hallam Church, placed over his remains was a stone inscribed:

“Here lieth the body of John Scargill Gent. Rector of this Church.
He died a Bachelor January 17, 1662.
He built a Schoole here for XII. Children poore
VI. of this Towne and VI. Of III. Towns more
To whom he gave besides their learning free
Ixd. A week to each boy paid to bee.
Aged 74.”

R.Wood 10/02/2010

Many thanks to Roger Wood for all the above

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