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West Hallam

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“Ilkeston Advertiser” article about the memorial and its dedication on 12 August, 1921.
The West Hallam War Memorial
(Taken from the West Hallam and Mapperley Church
& Community Magazine of October 1998)

Work has begun on the refurbishment of the War Memorial and its surroundings.

Below is an excerpt from the “Ilkeston Advertiser” about the memorial and its dedication on the 12 August, 1921.

"... There was a large gathering at West Hallam on Saturday afternoon, on the occasion of unveiling of the memorial which has been erected to commemorate all from the village who took part in the Great War. The ceremony was performed by Captain Fitz- Herbert Wright, formerly of West Hallam Hall, and he was accompanied on the platform by the Lord Bishop of Derby, Rev A E Weeks (rector of West Hallam), Captain Gilchrist, Lieut S Rook and Mr. Raby (Chairman of the Parish Council). Among others present were Mrs FitzHerbert Wright, Rev A E R Bedford (rector of Morley and formerly of West Hallam) and Mrs. Bedford, Mrs Rook, the Church Choir, the Band and about 50 members in full re-galia of the RAOB. connected with the following lodges:

Scargill (Punch Bowl, West Hallam), Victory (Smalley Common), Queen of the Valley (Wine Vaults, Ilkeston), Middleton (Rutland Hotel, Ilkeston), and Hanson (Ancient Druid, Ilkeston). Most of the principal inhabitants of West Hallam were also present.

The memorial has been erected near to the entrance to the churchyard, on a piece of ground given by Mr Spencer Rook, of West Hallam Hall, who also generously defrayed the cost of the foundations and the low boundary wall in front. It is an ideal position, being at the same time prominent, but so out of the way that any danger of damage has been entirely avoided. The memorial is undoubtedly the finest of its kind hitherto erected in the district.

It is the design of Messrs. James Beresford and Sons, of Belper, by whom the whole of the work has been carried out in a most artistic manner. It is in the form of an altar tomb, same as those being erected in the cemeteries of France. It is executed in Darley Dale grit stone, specially selected, the bottom step covering an area of 10ft 6in by 7ft 6in. On the "Lamb" are mounted eight white Sicilian marble panels, bearing all the names engraved in imperishable lead. The names of the nine who fell appear on the centre front panel, which reads as follows: "Sacred to the memory of D Barber, T Brown, F  Bancroft, R Elliott, W Flint, E Hartley, T Pettitt, H J Preece, W Toplis, our glorious dead". Over the panel and across the full width of the monument is the inscription "Roll of Honour. Men of West Hallam who served in the Great War 1914-1918." Across the base are the words "For God, King and Country," a laurel- wreath carved in stone underneath. Surmounted on the pedestal is a handsome portrait war study of two soldiers with machine-gun.

The whole being exquisitely carved from a single block of Sicilian marble, weighing at the outset no less than ten tons. The bold conception of the design and the general effect have given great pleasure to the committee and subscribers, and are highly creditable to Messrs Beresford and Sons..."

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I would like to thank Frank Hartshorne of West Hallam for adding some information to the photographs, Frank was born in West Hallam in November 1918! A quite amazing and lovely man.

He worked at the former Hartshorne’s Garage (opposite Millhouse Garage) which he said used to be a small holding. Frank worked there all his life.

Taken from The West Hallam & Mapperley Church & Community Magazine May 2002


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