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No. 5233. • Est. 1853. FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1959     Ph: Ilkeston 4291/2. Price 1d.

PioneerAN EXTENSION OF THE borough boundaries is an urgent necessity if Ilkeston is to become the increasingly residential area with thriving industries that planners foresee. This was the feeling expressed by members of Ilkeston Council this week when the town’s planning report was discussed. "We are in a strait jacket" said Coun. A.E. Heesom, who said there was little room for residential expansion at present.

The situation was "more desperate than any other place in Derbyshire".

He hoped the report would not lull people into a sense of complacency. About 14% of the employed male population were miners and if half of them were thrown out of work Ilkeston would be a depressed area.

"If we assume the possibility of something like 150 to 175 pits closing in this country in five years, does anyone suppose the six in Ilkeston are not likely to be among them?" he asked. "Would the NGB find jobs for all the miners displaced ?".

"We shall be saddled with a fraternity of Older men,” said Coun. I. Straw, who thought migration of young miners would leave older men looking for employ. Ald. E. Bostock said mining was not Ilkeston’s major industry,  "We are getting past the conglomeration of people living near Industry," he said. "The time has come when Ilkeston will have to have a boundary extension. People want houses with gardens instead of jumbled up terraces and back-to-backs." Ald. J. Henshaw thought the report offered no hope for Ilkeston to expand and was a "degrading document."


It is easy to seize upon TV as the scape  goat on which to lay the blame for an inexplicable decline in issues of junior books, but the case against the "one-eyed monster" is far from proved, says Ilkeston borough librarian, Mr. C. Hargreaves, in his annual report. "There never were better or more attractive children’s books than today," he states.


All Post Offices will be closed on Monday August 3. There will be no delivery of letters or parcels. A collection will be made between 2 and 4.20 p.m. Final collection from the main office will be at 5 p.m. The main office will be open normally on Tuesday, August 4. Kirk Hallam sub-office will open . . .



Three happy gymkhana competitors at Heanor Miners’ Welfare fete and gala.


Conn. J. Wells, who last month queried the acceptance of a £7 tender for external painting of each of 125 Kirk Hallam estate houses, told Ilkeston Council: I have been assured a good job is being made. I am pleased to say my fears were unfounded. Coun. C. Horridge was highly satisfied with the workmanship and paint. The tender was the lowest of 17.


Heanor Bench granted the police permission to sell two lorry wheels involved in a theft case two years ago, and to pay £20 from the proceeds to Mr. David Jones, of Hollymount Farm, Smalley/ who bought the wheels in good faith from the thieves. Police said the owner of the property from which the wheels were stolen knew nothing of them, and the U.S. Forces - the original owners – did not they had . . .


P2A FUND HAS BEEN launched for the long ‘forgotten’ old age pensioners of Hallam Fields and district. Last week a public meeting was held in St. Bartholomew's Church Hall to discuss plans, secretary Charles Allan said: "We are starting from scratch. At first we are going to include Kirk Hallam, but we do not want to poach on work already being done there." The district covered by the fund is in South Ward - the only ward where there is no old people's fund.


Married at St. John's Church, Ilkeston, were Miss Janet Pheasant, of 66a, Lower Chapel Street, Ilkeston, and Mr. Brian Gamble, of 63, Kingston-avenue, Hallam Fields. Bridesmaids were Misses Hazel Pheasant, Margaret Gamble and Jean Gamble. Best man was Mr. John Turner.

Miss Madge Watson, of 29 Prince-street, Cotmanhay, was married at the Ebenezer Methodist Church, Ilkeston, to Mr. Kenneth Grainger of 315 Nottingham-road, Ilkeston, Miss Ann Grainger was the bridesmaid and Mr. Trevor Watson the best man.

Miss Marlene Draycott, of 3 Northfield-avenue, Ilkeston and Mr. Ian Powers, of 6l Corporation-road, Ilkeston, were married at Ilkeston Registry Office. Witnesses were Miss Margaret Lee and Mr. Brian Scanlon.

Married at St. Catherine's Church, Cossall were Miss Joan Sorrell, of 37, Newton's-lane, Cossall and Mr. Gordon Inger, of Wyndham, Charlotte-street, Ilkeston. Bridesmaids were Mrs. W.J. Sorrell and Miss G. Gregory, Best man was Mr. David Inger.

Miss Kathleen Cosgrove, of 3b Margaret-avenue, Ilkeston, was married at Ilkeston R.C. Church to Mr. John Gretton, of 117, Nottingham-road, Ilkeston. Attendants were Mrs. Iris Carr and Miss Gillian Bestwick. Best man was Mr. Ronald Stevenson.


Headmaster of Scargill School, West Hallam Mr. S.E. Hunt, urged parents to cure children of "the Derbyshire disease" of speech idleness. It seemed to be considered undesirable to improve speech - something to be ashamed of, but a slipshod, slurred and sloppy accent was something to be got rid of. The school was trying to beat this by having elocution lessons.


The provisional saleable output of coal for No. 5 Area NCB for the week ended July 25, was 121,889 tons, an increase of 17,058 tons on the actual saleable output for the corresponding week of last year.


SCALA (Mon-Wed) Wonderful Things. (Thur-Sat) A Night in Casablanca. NEW THEATRE - (Mon-Wed) The Crimson Pirate. (Thur-Sat) The Great Dictator. KINGS (week) Tiger Bay. RITZ - (Mon Wed) Houdini (Thur-Sat) Carry on Nurse. VICTORY Stapleford - (Sun) The Far Country, (Mon-Wed) Too 'Many Crooks, (Thur-Sat) The Lad is a Square. PALACE, Stapleford - (Sun) Santa Fe Passage, (Mon-Wed) The Adventures of Hajji Baba, (Thur-Sat) The Geisha Boy. THEATRE ROYAL Nottingham - Not in the Book


Silver Wood Colliery won the Holyland Cup, a new trophy, in the St. John Ambulance Brigade competition at the Heanor MW fete and gala when 22 teams entered. The event was opened by Mr. W.L. Miron, East Midlands NCB deputy chairman,


On the first day of her holiday in Trusthorpe, Lincs, a 14-year-old Ilkeston girl, Judith Wesson, of 59 Kingston-avenue, had both legs injured when she was trapped by a caravan. The accident happened on a narrow bridge on a caravan site. Judith was pinned against the bridge wall.


Members of Stanton-by-Dale WI found their headquarters locked when they arrived for their July meeting, because the caretaker was on holiday. But they were able to get in and hear Miss Teresa Hooley speak on Derbyshire dialect. Mrs. King thanked her.


About 3,000 people attended Stanton Iron-works’ 12th annual flower show at Stanton-by-Dale. Awards were presented by Mrs. C.G.Mac Winner of the A.G. Stewart Cup and the Stanton Cup was L.E. Martin,  A.E.Boddice won the J. Curtis Cup, F. Burgin the RA0B Cup and the winner of the new Nora Summers Rose Bowl was Mrs. J. Williams.


After receiving treatment for lacerations at Ilkeston and Nottingham Children's Hospital following a road accident on Sunday, Robert Tuck, three, of 19 Ebenezer-street, Ilkeston was allowed to go home.


Ilkeston Fire Brigade won four out of five trials in the divisional finals for the Derbyshire Fire Service annual competition to be held at Chesterfield in September. They were Obstacle drill (1m 51 secs); water tender drill (61 secs); one-man hydrant drill Alan Hartshorn (20 secs); and foam drill.

HYMNS IN THE PARK: Ilkeston Evangelical Council has arranged a community hymn singing service for Victoria Park, on Sunday at 6 p.m.

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