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West Hallam

New School For West Hallam



New School For West Hallam Opened
Accommodation For 300 In Ideal Surroundings

TO-DAY the new Scargill Central School at West Hallam was brought into use, and children from there and the surrounding, villages will receive their Education in one of the most up-to-date buildings of its kind in Derbyshire. The cost has been £10,000 and the builder and contractor, Mr. J Harvey, of Mansfield, and the architect, Mr. B, Widdows, of Messrs. Naylor, Sale and Widdows, Derby, can be proud of their work.

The Scargill Foundation is one of the oldest of its kind in the country, and when the foundation stone of the now school was laid in June last year, it was done with Masonic ritual.

Founded In 1662

The Rev. John Scargill, a Rector of West Hallam, Founded the School in 1662.

As the centuries passed, the Scargill Trust's land and money invested increased in value and, as a result of careful management, the Governors have been able to find all the £10,000 necessary for the building.

Standing in a central site in the village, the new school has a very pleasing appearance, and in that respect the interior matches the exterior.

There is a commodious hall, finely decorated and lighted, and the four classrooms are all designed on the latest lines.
The system of heating is carried out by warming the floors, and the light is all from the North.

About 300 children can be accommodated.

The rooms have verandas on the new "open-air" plan, allowing plenty of ventilation.

In addition to the class-rooms there are rooms for the teaching of handicrafts, science and domestic work. The usual cloak-rooms, ante-rooms, are well-built and tastefully decorated.

In lay-out, the building takes the form of the letter "H," and stands in four acres of playing fields.

Mr. E. E. Raby, secretary to the Governors, and formerly headmaster of the old Scargill School, pointed out that the scheme was in accordance with the recommendations of the Hadow report, and was one of the most complete reorganisation educational schemes of its kind in Derbyshire.

Children who are ten years and nine months or over on April 1 of each year will attend the new school from West Hallam, Mapperley, Stanley Common, Dale Abbey Stanley, and Morley.  

The schools in these districts will continue to be used for junior and infant classes.

Mr. Albert France, formerly first assistant teacher at Wigan Church of England School, has been appointed headmaster.
The religious instruction in the Scargill School is according to the tenets of the Church of England.



Wednesday, November 20, 1935

Opening Ceremony At West Hallam New Central School

Hallowing Service

Scheme That Has Cost More Than £ 10.000

WEST HALLAM'S new Central School, built and financed by the Scargill Schools Foundation, was declared open today by Captain H. FitzHerbert Wright, of Yeldersley Hall, vice-chairman of the Derbyshire County Council.

The Hallowing of the school was performed by the Archdeacon of Derby, the Very Rev- E. S. Noakes, and the ceremonies were witnessed by many residents in West Hallam and district and educationists from various parts of the county.

As the school was urgently needed, it was put into use in the early autumn of this year. Children from 11 to 14 attend the school from West Hallam, Stanley, Mapperley, Dale Abbey, Morley, and Smalley Common.


Founded in 1662 by the Rev. John Scargill, Rector of West Hallam, the charity is one of the oldest of its kind in England. The Rector's will provided for the purchase of a farm in Eastwood, the rents of which were to be applied, among other things to the building and maintaining of a school. The administration of the charity has continued to this day, and the religious instruction in the school is according to the tenets of the Church of England.

For a number of years it has been realised that the old Scargill school buildings at West Hallam were out of date, and the new building has been much appreciated by the district. It includes a well equipped hall and classrooms of the latest pattern, and ample playing fields. Mr. Bernard Widdows, of Derby, was the architect, and Mr. John Harvey, of Mansfield the contractor.


There was a touch of sadness in today’s ceremony, for a few weeks ago Mr. E. E. Raby, for 35 years Clerk to the Foundation, died. He had undertaken a great deal of work to bring the scheme to fruition, and, as headmaster of the Scargill School for many years, had a real love for his duties.

The cost of the scheme was more than £10,000. Mr A. France, the headmaster was appointed this summer, and he is to be assisted by a fully qualified staff of seven teachers.

Captain and Mrs FitzHerbert Wright were received at the school to-day by the Rector of West Hallam, the Rev. W. T. Ratcliffe, chairman of the Governors.

Captain FitzHerbert Wright unlocked the entrance door with an inscribed key handed to him by Mr. Widdows. The hallowing service took place in the hall and addresses followed by Captain FitzHerbert Wright, and by Mr. W. G. Briggs, director of Education fort he County.

A display was given by the school-children.

This evening there is to be a thanks giving service in West Hallam Church, when the Rev. Harry Price, Vicar of Cotmanhay and Shipley, and a Diocesan Inspector of Schools, will preach.


Scargill School Photos










Photographs of Scargill Central School, Beech Lane, West Hallam taken in August 1935 before the official opening. The school opened 02 September 1935. The first head master of this school was Albert France. He is shown in the centre of these 2 group photographs, one with 7 new members of staff and one with 6 new members of staff. He started in June 1935 with Mr Raby at the boys' school in School Square before the new school was opened. He remained as headmaster for 4 years leaving at the end of the Summer term 1940. He moved to St. Peter's School Blackburn, Lancashire. Mr Raby died a few weeks before the opening of the new school. The West Hallam Rector at this time was Reverend William T Ratcliffe.

These photographs were given by Albert's son, Philip Roland France, who was born in 1933 he married Elizabeth (nee Hall). We believe they married in 1988. He was a solicitor in Lytham St Anns.

(My sincere thanks to Roger Wood for this information)

St. Wilfrid's Church Magazine June 1935

It includes notes on the school by The Rector William Ratcliffe and Page 1 of The Sign which was part of the magazine in those times.






Scargill Boys School Sports Programme 1935


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