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West Hallam

We Will Remember Them

West Hallam War Memorial Unveiling 6th August 1921
Sourced from 1983 Parish Magazine and provided by Elaine Sarson


It is hard for us to appreciate just how significant the Dedication of the War Memorial in West Hallam must have been for the many local people present above, bearing as it must have done the names of their families.

The War Memorial was unveiled on the 6 August 1921 by Captain Fitz-herbert Wright. This event was attended by the choir, the local band and fifty members of the RAOB in full regalia. The Memorial was erected on a piece of land by the Church gates given by Spencer Rook who also gave the base and surrounding wall. The figures of the Memorial were carved out of a single block of Sicilian marble.

Some names:
Choirboys;  C Toplis, T Bloor, H Flint, B Moss, T Bramley, C Upton, T Durow, G Mee, R Harrison, ?, ?, and E Smith.
Standing at the back are Mr Cox Snr (Choirmaster) H Cox, organist,and two choirmen, Wilf Mee and H Pounder.

West Hallam War Memorial

90th Anniversary (2011)

The village War Memorial was unveiled on Saturday 6 August 1921 by Captain Fitzherbert Wright, formerly of West Hallam Hall. Accompanied by the Bishop of Derby. Reverend A. E. Wicks (Rector of West Hallam). Captain William Harvie Gilchrist (Mining Surveyor for the Mapperley Colliery Company). His home was the house now occupied by Bramble Lodge Residential Home. Mr Spencer Rook of West Hallam Hall. Mr Ernest Edrick Raby (Chairman of the Parish Council and Headmaster of Scargill School). Mrs Fitzherbert Wright. Reverend A.E.R. Bedford (Rector of Morley and formerly of West Hallam). Mrs Bedford. Mrs Rook. The Church Choir. Mapperley Colliery Band. Plus 50 members of the R.A.O.B. in full regalia representing the local Lodges. From Scargill (Punch Bowl) West Hallam, Victory Smalley Common, Queen of the Valley (Wine Vaults) Ilkeston, Middleton (Rutland Hotel) Ilkeston, Hanson (Ancient Druid) Ilkeston. The representatives can be seen seated on the cover photograph behind the Church Choir. Among the names on the memorial are those of the local men who came forward when the Territorial force was first formed. Creating the Howitzer Brigade. Several of the men had completed four years in the service before war commenced. The memorial being erected beside the iron gates, leading to the church. A piece of land was given by Mr Spencer Rook of West Hallam Hall. He also paid for the removal of the iron railings, the cost of the monument foundations and the building of a low boundary wall. It was designed and constructed by James Beresford and Sons, Stone and Marble-Masons of Belper. (Still in Business).

The Company described their monument as: Built in the form of an altar tomb. Executed in Darley Dale grit-stone. With a Bottom Step covering an area 10ft-6ins x 7ft-6ins.

On the “Lamb” (Main Body) are mounted 8 White Sicilian Marble Panels bearing all the names engraved and the lettering filled with lead.

The names of the nine fallen appear on the Centre Front Panel.

“Sacred to the Memory of
D. Barber
T. Brown
F. Bancroft
R. Elliott
W. Flint
E. Hartley
T. Pettitt
H. J. Preece
W. Toplis
Our glorious dead”

Over the panel and across the full width of the monument is the inscription:
“Roll of Honour. Men of West Hallam who served in the Great War 1914 – 1918”

Across the base are the words, “For God, King and Country”

A laurel wreath is carved in stone at the base.

Surmounted on the pedestal is a handsome portrait war study of two soldiers at their machine gun station.

The whole carved from a single block of Sicilian marble, weighing ten tons.

Carved at Beresford’s Carrara, Italy workshops under the supervision of Giuseppe Lagomarsini.

A well respected marble sculptor who provided James Beresford with many First World War Memorials for the U.K. including Matlock Bath Derbyshire.

The names of the men and women that served are shown on the other panels.

Those who gained distinction are also recorded as follows:

B.H. Checkland M.C.
A. Clarke M.M.
D. Flint M.M.
F. A. Kerslake M.M. Medal Militaire and Croix de Guerre.

The two ladies who served also added were:

F.W. Buxton W.R.N.S.
B.A. Mills V.A.D.

Total Cost of the Monument £400 (Estimated cost today in excess of £500,000)

(This article only describes the history of the memorial from the Great War 1914 – 1918)

Lest We Forget

Roger Wood      

 Remembrance Service November 1998

Taken from the WHM Magazine December 1998


The West Hallam War Memorial

(Taken from the West Hallam and Mapperley Church 
& Community Magazine of October 1998)

Work has begun on the refurbishment of the War Memorial and its surroundings.

Below is an excerpt from the “Ilkeston Advertiser” about the memorial and its dedication on the 12 August, 1921.

"... There was a large gathering at West Hallam on Saturday afternoon, on the occasion of unveiling of the memorial which has been erected to commemorate all from the village who took part in the Great War. The ceremony was performed by Captain Fitz- Herbert Wright, formerly of West Hallam Hall, and he was accompanied on the platform by the Lord Bishop of Derby, Rev A E Weeks (rector of West Hallam), Captain Gilchrist, Lieut S Rook and Mr. Raby (Chairman of the Parish Council). Among others present were Mrs FitzHerbert Wright, Rev A E R Bedford (rector of Morley and formerly of West Hallam) and Mrs. Bedford, Mrs Rook, the Church Choir, the Band and about 50 members in full re-galia of the RAOB. connected with the following lodges:

Scargill (Punch Bowl, West Hallam), Victory (Smalley Common), Queen of the Valley (Wine Vaults, Ilkeston), Middleton (Rutland Hotel, Ilkeston), and Hanson (Ancient Druid, Ilkeston). Most of the principal inhabitants of West Hallam were also present.

The memorial has been erected near to the entrance to the churchyard, on a piece of ground given by Mr Spencer Rook, of West Hallam Hall, who also generously defrayed the cost of the foundations and the low boundary wall in front. It is an ideal position, being at the same time prominent, but so out of the way that any danger of damage has been entirely avoided. The memorial is undoubtedly the finest of its kind hitherto erected in the district.

It is the design of Messrs. James Beresford and Sons, of Belper, by whom the whole of the work has been carried out in a most artistic manner. It is in the form of an altar tomb, same as those being erected in the cemeteries of France. It is executed in Darley Dale grit stone, specially selected, the bottom step covering an area of 10ft 6in by 7ft 6in. On the "Lamb" are mounted eight white Sicilian marble panels, bearing all the names engraved in imperishable lead. The names of the nine who fell appear on the centre front panel, which reads as follows: "Sacred to the memory of D Barber, T Brown, F  Bancroft, R Elliott, W Flint, E Hartley, T Pettitt, H J Preece, W Toplis, our glorious dead". Over the panel and across the full width of the monument is the inscription "Roll of Honour. Men of West Hallam who served in the Great War 1914-1918." Across the base are the words "For God, King and Country," a laurel- wreath carved in stone underneath. Surmounted on the pedestal is a handsome portrait war study of two soldiers with machine-gun.

The whole being exquisitely carved from a single block of Sicilian marble, weighing at the outset no less than ten tons. The bold conception of the design and the general effect have given great pleasure to the committee and subscribers, and are highly creditable to Messrs Beresford and Sons..."

Second World War Memorial by Roger Wood 2019

West Hallam Remembers

Monday 9th September 2019

70th Anniversary of the Unveiling of the War Memorial Tablets

West Hallam War Memorial
In Memory of Our Fallen

The induction took place on Friday October 28th 1938 of the Reverend William Richard Lloyd Jones to the Rectory of West Hallam. Eleven months after being in office, War was declared on Germany. He is still remembered today, for his help and support given to many parishioners during this difficult time. He was also responsible for extending the churchyard extension and raising funds for a much needed new Rectory. He left West Hallam in November 1945, being replaced by Reverend Gordon Charles Craig Spencer. His first community project was to erect a war memorial to remember our fallen. A committee was formed, giving them the responsibility of selecting the type of memorial required and the names that would be listed upon it. The Memorial Committee Secretary Mr. Bacon issued this notice:

West Hallam War Memorial Committee (Notice)
Criteria Required

The above Committee will settle the final list of names of West Hallam Men and Women who died between the War Years 1939-1945.

Whilst on Active Service. Serving in the Armed Forces, or one of the Allied Services.

The List is restricted to those who had died between the commencement of war and December 31st 1945. Consideration will be given to anyone who died after this date if death was due to their War Service.

The deceased persons must have had a home Address in West Hallam during the period of the 1939-1945 war.

M. L. Bacon (Hon. Secretary). (November 1946).

Church Council Meeting (1946)

Notes on a proposed Church War Memorial:

The Council has considered the erection of a War Memorial in the Church in the form of a book of Remembrance. Which would, then be used at the annual Remembrance Service. This can be displayed in a glass case in the Nave, near the North door. A drawing of a suitable case has been prepared by Mr. Frederick Ogden of “The Yews”, Stanley. This was considered by the Council, alternative designs and estimates are now in preparation.

Annual Report on the work of the Church Council. (1946).

Gordon C. C. Spencer (Chair).
M. L. Bacon (Hon. Secretary).

West Hallam War Memorial Discussion

At a meeting held at Scargill School, Beech Lane, West Hallam last night (Wednesday 26 May 1948), to discuss improvements and additions to the village war memorial. It was decided that estimates should be asked for, as all expenses would have to be met by public subscription.

Derby Daily Telegraph Thursday 27th May 1948. Page 3.

Parish Council Meeting
Friday 24th September 1948

It was decided to proceed with a scheme, proposed. Costing approximately £150, to be raised by public subscription for improvements to the West Hallam War Memorial.

Derby Daily Telegraph Saturday 25th September 1948. Page 5.

This approved scheme was to supply 2 off - 19 inch x 19 inch x 1 inch thick marble tablets required to name the 8 men and 1 lady who lived in the Parish and died serving their Country. A Gritstone 17 inch diameter laurel wreath was also to be supplied and placed between these two tablets. All positioned on the first step of the existing memorial and directly under the tablet showing the names of those who died in the Great War.

West Hallam Parish Magazine No. 138 June 1949

Little has been said in this magazine regarding our War Memorial Committee. Our Committee members:

Secretary Mr. C. I. Baxter.
Treasurer Mr. D. A. Lloyd.

We can report they have been busy cajoling money from our parishioners. Ensuring that West Hallam, will Remember the Men from this Parish.

Invitation to Attend War Memorial Dedication (Parish Council)

The Dedication of the West Hallam War Memorial will take place on Friday 9th September 1949.

Derby Daily Telegraph Friday 2nd September 1949. Page 7.

West Hallam War Memorial Tablets
1939 – 1945

Left Hand Tablet

1939 – 1945



Herbert William Baggaley (Aircraftsman 944243 Royal Air Force)
Born: 1918 Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
Died: 07 September 1941. Lincolnshire. Aged 23.
Buried: All Saints Churchyard, Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire. Plot C. Grave 65.
Son of William Henry Baggaley and Florence North.
Husband of Phyllis Hodgson.

John Lewis Bott (Trooper 7949881 Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry)
Born: 02 August 1913, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
Died: 14 January 1946 Hamburg, Germany. Aged 32.
Buried: Hamburg Cemetery, Germany. Plot 3A. Row G. Grave 3.
Son of Aubrey William Bott and Julia Hannah Thompson.
Husband of Ethel May Flint.

Charles Leslie Godfrey (Driver T/119367 Royal Army Service Corps, 8th Casualty Clearing Station, Royal Medical Corps)
Born: September 1917, Shardlow, Derbyshire.
Died: 30 May 1940 Dunkirk, France. Aged 22.
Buried: Killed in Action. No Known Grave
Commemorated Dunkirk Memorial, France. Column 136.
Son of Andrew Josiah Godfrey and Harriet Mutton.

Alfred Hunt 2618056 (Grenadier Guardsman, 5th Battalion Grenadier Guards)
Born: October 1919, West Hallam, Derbyshire.
Died: 11 June 1944 Lazio, Italy. Aged 24.
Buried: Bolsena War Cemetery, Lazio, Italy. Plot I. Row A. Grave 14.
Son of Samuel Hunt and Edith Musson.
Husband of Vera Bacon.

Right Hand Tablet

1939 – 1945

J. H. LEE.


James Henry Lee (Sergeant 936277 40 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve)
Born: 10 January 1920, Shardlow, Derbyshire.
Died: 17 January 1920. (Location Unknown) Result of Air Crash. Aged 21.
Killed in Action. No Known Grave.
Buried: Commemorated Runnymede Memorial, Surrey. Panel 47.
Son of Phillip Lee and Harriett Grashion.
Husband of Nora Rita Newman.

Kenneth Perron (Serjeant 1481449 26th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery)
Born: 22 October 1911, Tutbury, Staffordshire.
Died: 23 May 1944. Cassino, Lazio, Italy. Aged 32.
Killed in Action.
Buried: Cassino War Cemetery, Lazio, Italy. Plot II. Row J. Grave 17.
Son of George Reginald Rudolf Perron and Bertha Lilian Daniel.
Husband of Margaret Ellen Adams.

Edgar Southern (Craftsman 1657197 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
Born: 03 November 1911, Woodborough, Nottinghamshire.
Died: 19 November 1944 Belgium. Aged 33.
Buried: Leopoldsburg War Cemetery, Limburg, Belgium. Plot VI. Row B. Grave 12.
Son of William Henry Southern and Mary Elizabeth Paling.
Husband of Annie Hildred “Hilda” Hudson.

Geoffrey Stone (C/KX104110 Stoker Second Class, Royal Navy) (H.M.S. Cumberland)
Born: 06 February 1919, Stanley, Derbyshire.
Died: 26 September 1940. Aged 21.
Died of Wounds. Buried at Sea.
Grave: The Sea.
Commemorated: Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent.
Son of Joe Stone and Miriam Hartshorn.
Husband of Levena Wright.

Dorothy Gladys Kerry Richardson Thompson (Womens Auxiliary Air Force) (W. A. A. F.)
Born: 19 April 1921, Horsley, Derbyshire.
Died: 30 March 1946, West Hallam, Derbyshire. Aged 24.
Buried: St John Churchyard, Smalley, Derbyshire.
Daughter of John Jesse Richardson and Sarah Ann Kerry.
Husband of Harold Charles Thompson.


R. Wood 01-Aug-2018

Taken from the WHM Parish Magazine November 2007

 Mapperley Colliery War Memorial which was salvaged from the social club on Station Road West Hallam
has now been erected beside the main War Memorial in West Hallam village.
The Roll of Honour is dedicated to the 66 men who lost their lives in the 1914-18 war.

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