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Stanley Common

Robinsons Garage Stanley Common


Amos Robinson, owner of Robinsons Garage. Amos had 3 sons, Peter (eldest), Philip and Paul (youngest)
Michael Robinson, the current owner is Peter’s son


License for Amos Robinson to drive dated 21 April 1925


License for Harold G Robinson for two Omnibuses including EH 3515 dated 21 April 1925 Harold was younger brother of Amos and granddad to Michael the current owner of Robinsons garage. He married in 1927.


Conditions of Licence


Harold Robinson and young Ernest by omnibus EH 3515


License for Harold G Robinson for two Omnibuses including EH 3515 dated 21 April 1925


License issued to Harold Robinson for an Oldsmobile Omnibus EH 3515 dated 1st April 1928


Conditions referred to in the license


License for Harold Robinson to act as a Driver 1 April 1928


Bus license fee receipt 31 March 1926


Receipt for bus purchase by Elliott and Robinson 21 September 1927


License for Amos Robinson to act as Conductor 1 April 1928


Invoice from Elliott and Robinson 1930's

Mapperley Colliery Pay Ticket for Harold Robinson c1915. He started work down the pit at age 13 - 14 years.


First World War - Amos and Osborne near Zillebecke, West Flanders in Belgium

Harold was the younger brother of Amos and was granddad to the current owner of the garage, Michael Robinson. Harold was called up at 18 yrs and joined the Sherwood Foresters in WWI. He was wounded on the Somme in 1916. He nearly lost a foot and had to have special boots made. He was honourably discharged. He was a business man with up to 13 houses and shops in the 1930’s in and around Cotmanhay.

Ernest (shown in the bus photo) became a mechanic and worked on the Spitfire engines in India. He came back and worked at the garage till his retirement.

Philip Robinson born 1932. Son of Amos Robinson. (Taken from – last updated 2017) Formula 2 driver. Raced from the mid 1950's in cars, and from 1952 in motorcycles, then appeared in Formula Junior, and carried on until the late 1960's. He was the son of Amos Robinson, a well known local garage owner and Phillip then became owner of the same firm, which still exists in some form today. Robinson is still alive, and is an active member of the British Racing Driver's Club. Robinson often raced in a Lotus 18, a Lotus 21 and an Alexis Mk 8.

More information about Philip taken from Forums –
Posted  19 May 2014

  1. PhilipI grew up in the Derbyshire village of Stanley Common. The local garage was owned by Amos Robinson, whose son, Philip, raced a Lotus 18/21 in non-championship F1 races in 1962/3 and later an Alexis in F2. As a curious 11 year old I would visit the garage to see what was around. On one occasion I was braver than usual and looked behind a closed door and there was this magnificent green Lotus, a full size version of the Scalextric car I had received the previous Christmas. Unable to resist I climbed in and was immediately intoxicated by the smell of oil, fuel and rubber that exuded from the car. Unfortunately, I was all too quickly awoken from my daydream by the arrival of Amos Robinson himself. I leapt out of the car and disappeared with his shouts ringing in my ears. To this day it is the only occasion I have sat in an F1 car.
  2. I also am/was a native of Stanley Common, & my connection to Philip goes back to his motorcycle racing days 1952 & then through his F3 500 & the odd F1/F2 races,
  3. I believe the car was built by Robinson for the 1962 season from bits supplied by Parnell. How much of 904 was included in that I don't know, but I have no record of the original 904 appearing after 1961...
  4. Robinson's car was hillclimbed by Fred Sloman in the later 1960s - haven't heard anything about this since then either.
  5. Phil Robinson still attends historic meetings at Silverstone (and maybe elsewhere), usually arriving in his little self-built open two-seater


Race dates -   follow this link - Philip Robinson Profile | Racing Years

Philip still lives in Stanley Common.

My most sincere thanks to Charles Hodgkinson and Michael Robinson for all of the above.  Elaine Sarson September 2021.

Robinson Garage 2002


Brickyard Maybe

Kindly supplied by Charles Hodgkinson. Brick Yard Stanley Common.
Can anyone throw any light on it please?

Direction top p3 Nearby Pics p5

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