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Stanley Common

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Stanley Common

Stanley Common C 1965


The Bateman Arms 2002


The Heath and Millward Family

This story was bought to my attention recently following a trip down memory lane by a mum and daughter who have been researching their family tree. Following a visit to Mapperley they made contact with me, hence these beautiful photographs and family history on this website.

This is the Story of the photographs in the Words of Michelle and Kelly

I have a family portrait from the late 1870's of the Heath family.  It is a particularly nice photograph.


Edmund Heath with wife Elizabeth and daughter Hannah 1870.
They owned Simon Fields Farm. Edmund is Michelle’s 2 x great granddad.

Their son Charles was a milkman and below is a photo of him on his rounds.


Milkman Charles Heath, Delivering Milk

Michelle’s grandmother Clara Anderson Keddie nee Millward was born at Oakfield farm and lived there with her parents Hannah Heath and William Millward. One of grandmother’s photographs is an Edwardian school group photograph most likely the local Mapperley School. The photo is a little worse for wear but it is over 110 years old.  

Clare Anderson Keddie, C 1910, is Second Left Middle Row


Clara Millward with Husband George Keddie


Hannah Millward nee Heath

Hannah’s father-in-law, Stephen Millward, lived at Oakfield Farm in 1901, along with his wife Ann. Stephen was a miner as well as a farmer. They had one son William Henry Millward whom Hannah married in 1899. They continued to live with William's parents at Oakfield Farm where all five of their children were born. Gladys * in 1899, Clara in 1901 (grandma), Stephen Edmund in 1903, Edith in 1905 and Elsie in 1907.   

William Henry Millward born 1871 in Stanley Common sadly died in 1907 aged only 36 as a result of a shunting incident at Mapperley Colliery. Follow this link for details - Healeyhero



William Henry Millward

 Stephen also passed away the same year and they are both buried together in Morley.

I have also attached a photo of Gladys’ * marriage to Joseph Middleton Tomlinson; they wed in 1925 at All Saints, Stanley Common and in the photographs are siblings Stephen Edmund (back right), Edith and Elsie.


Marriage of Gladys Millward to Joseph Millward Tomlinson

The 1901 census record below has both the Heath family and Millward family recorded at Oakfield Farm.


The second sheet has my grandmother aged one month recorded there.


1901 Census part 1 & 2

After my great grandfather William Millward was killed in 1907, Hannah remarried and they all (new husband Mr Brisendon and other Millward siblings) moved to Rock cottage Stanley. See 1911 census below. So Clara most likely lived there in 1910.

1911 Census


Michelle and Kelly   August 2021

My sincere thanks to Michelle and Kelly for this wonderful addition to my website.  If you think you may be connected to the family or have any other information about Oakfield Farm or Simon Fields Farm I would love to hear from you. I will pass on any information to the family.

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