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Terry Hall and Memories of Stanley Village Trust (MOSVT) War Memorial Updating and Fund Raising


Memories of Stanley Village Trust (MOSVT)

BadgeFund raising began in 1997 with a Derbyshire BS Charity A/C & when the BC closed, it was transferred to the HSBC bank account MOSVT was established. Projects benefitting from MOSVT included Stanley St. Andrews CofE School’s first computer and the replacement flag pole and flags in St Andrews Churchyard for the Millennium. Since then, MOSVT covered the cost of research for, and provision of, the W5975 Bomber Memorial in the churchyard in 2004. Over the years. the School and local organisations including the Community Hall have received MOSVT money to enable essential purchases. In 2021, charges introduced to HSBC Bank Charity Account forced the closure of the MOSVT account. I have, since, personally financed MOSVT, supported by one of the family of the Bomber Crew.

Following a proposal made to the Stanley and Stanley Common Parish Council (S&SCPC) to place the names of the Bomber Crew on the Village War Memorial, and also the wording “lost on Active Service in this Parish on 12 July 1942”, and also explore the possibility of reproducing the names on the WWII Plaque to include one which was missed in 1951. Ilkeston based M.S. Bailey Monumental Sculptor is the preferred contactor. Until the 1990’s, the W5795 Crash remained Top Secret, and the first Service of Dedication of the current War Memorial took place 20 years ago in July 2004.  It is hoped that the new dedication can take place this coming July 2024.

The additional name will be Able Seaman William Marson whose parents are buried in St Andrews Churchyard.  He was lost on HMS Hecla when his ship was torpedoed on 15 May 1942.  He was 33 years old, and had recently married a Chaddesden Lass having lived up Klondike in Stanley all his life. I discussed the omission with the late Cllr George Horsnall, who had attended the 1950’s Parish Council (PC) Meetings. He believed it to be a gross misjustice as SSCPC had wrongly assumed the Chaddesden PC had Able Seaman William Marson’s name on the Chaddesden war memorial. I have given two presentations at the Sept/Oct Stanley PC Meetings resulting in the PC unanimously agreeing for me to fund raise to cover the costs of the inscription on the left blank face of the war memorial with the Crew of W5795, and councillors also voted to undertake the remaining blank side with the WWII Lost plus W. Marson who has no known grave except the S. Atlantic.  However, it is anticipated it will be several years before the WWII inscriptions may be feasible due to financial restraints, but, at an estimated cost of £1,000 per side, it would be slightly cheaper to undertake the job as one job if possible?  Any money over the £1k to cover the W5795 Crew names, will be donated by MOSVT to the S&SPC to be ‘Ring Fenced’ towards the WWII Names being inscribed on the opposite blank side of our Parish War Memorial pictured below.

WMThe Project. Stanley War Memorial Updating. To complete the blank sides of the present WWI Memorial with Side 2 Right Facing the School with WWII Lost, and Side 3 the Crew of W5795 who were also lost on Active Service. The intention is to complete the project using Baileys of Ilkeston who undertook the technical challenging upgrading of the front face over ten years ago so that the same format will be on all three faces of the present memorial’s marvellous front facing. At the conclusion of this project the names on the Stanley War Memorial will be as accurate as possible with space if it is ever a requirement to make an addition/s, which we all pray will never be the case. I have managed to open a MOSVT Nat West Bank Charity Account.   To make a direct payment to MOSVT use Natwest 60-07-28 A/C 45784507, Ref your Last name.  Other options for donating such as cash/cheques are available.  The Target date for fund raising is June 2024 prior to 13th July 2024, the date when the renovated War Memorial will be blessed, at the same time as the Annual W5795 Commemoration Service with an RAF Battle of Britain Flyover to compliment the Service, and Salute the Memory those on the War Memorial:
While We Will Remember Them.

Yours Sincerely

Terry Hall
MOSVT Trustee





On Thursday 18th January 2024 at the Palace of Westminster 28 individuals from around the UK were awarded the esteemed British Citizen Award for their exceptional endeavours which have positively impacted communities up and down the country. The prestigious event was hosted by TV presenter Matt Allwright.

The British Citizen Award in partnership with One Stop, is now in its 10th year and recognises an elite group of exceptional individuals twice annually. The January 2024 cohort of medalists have been committed to their causes for a combined 401 years, been responsible for £12,890,500 in fundraising, and have impacted the lives of 63,283 people. Each person selected to receive the BCA Medal of Honour as a legacy for their achievements, richly deserves the right to use the letters BCA after their name in perpetual recognition of the nation’s gratitude.

Among the 28 honoured was Terry Hall from Derbyshire, who received The British Citizen Award for Services to Community (BCAc).

Terry is highly dedicated to the village of Stanley, and the surrounding areas. As a local historian, he was approached in 2002 by his friend, churchwarden Bernard Walters, who 60 years earlier had witnessed the wartime crash of a Vickers Wellington bomber on the near outskirts of the village. Terry was asked to help establish a permanent memorial to the victims of the crash, and he threw himself into this task.

He played a leading role in the erection of a memorial tablet, listing the names of those aboard the downed aircraft, which lies in the churchyard of St Andrew’s in Stanley. This was completed in time for a dedication service on 11th July 2004, attended by descendants of the victims, and Terry helped arrange a flypast by the Lancaster of the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to mark the occasion.

After 30 years serving in the Royal Navy, Terry has been active in a number of organisations dedicated to helping ex-forces personnel. Terry has supported the Poppy Appeal for over half-a-century and acts as the appeal organizer for Stanley Village Area. He is also Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, newsletter editor, of the Derbyshire Submariners, as well as Vice President.

Terry was presented with the BCA Medal of Honour by Leighton Bonnett, Director of Air Freight from Sponsors, Uniserve who said "Congratulations to Terry Hall, a dedicated figure in Derbyshire, celebrated for his commitment to preserving history, honoring the fallen, and supporting ex-forces personnel. As the Poppy Appeal organizer and multifaceted contributor, Terry stands as a testament to the lasting impact of individual dedication on community well-being."


Immediately following the formal presentations, the medalists and their families boarded an Open Top Lap of Honour Tour courtesy of Big Bus London. After taking in some of the iconic sights of the capital they disembarked at Church House in Westminster for a Certificate of Honour presentation. The certificates, presented by representatives from One Stop, Specsavers, Places for People, Uniserve and Objective HR, completed the official BCA proceedings. Each of the organisations associated with the BCA reflect the community-spirit and care for the community that the medalists are recognised for.   

The British Citizen Award was established in 2015 to recognise exceptional individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to make a positive impact on their communities and society. The BCA recognises true community heroes who would otherwise likely be overlooked. Dubbed ‘The People’s Honours’, the BCA has so far recognised over 573 exceptional individuals for their divergent endeavours, making them a very exclusive group of the nation’s favourites.

Anyone with an MBE, OBE or Knighthood is ineligible for a BCA having already been deemed to have received recognition, however, anyone receiving the BCA can still be nominated for the other honours. Nominations can be made a



Date of issue: 19th January 2024

For more information, please contact or call 0203 002 7764.

Notes to Editors

The British Citizen Award recognises individuals that positively impact others and highlights the positive
aspects of multi-cultural communities, workplaces, community groups and charities throughout the UK. It is accessible to all and serves to celebrate the good things that make Britain great. 

There is no fee for making a nomination. Nominees who are granted a BCA will be invited to attend the
Presentation Day at the Palace of Westminster. Presentations are held twice annually, in January and July.


The full list of categories for the British Citizen Awards are:
BCAc for Service to Community
BCAi for Service to Industry
BCAa for Service to Arts
BCAe for Services to Education
BCAh for services to Healthcare
BCAb for Service to Business
BCAv for Volunteering & Charitable Giving
BCAo for International Achievement

The full list of supporters include:
One Stop
Places for People
Objective HR
Big Bus London



This is a brief guide to The British Citizen Award language used in media and social media to enable a consistent message portraying the importance of the medalists endeavours and the gravitas of being selected to receive the BCA Medal.

Language Crib sheet

Medalists are selected to receive The British Citizen Award (BCA) on merit – it is not a competition and therefore medalists do not ‘win an award’, they are selected or honoured with a BCA

The British Citizen Award is a recognition platform designed to honour individuals in the community for making a positive impact on society, community or specialist groups – it is a recognition Programme.

Individuals selected to receive The British Citizen Award (BCA), are awarded a specially struck bespoke medal of honour inscribed with the words ‘For the Good of the Country’.

Individuals ‘are recognised for their positive impact on community or society’

Individuals ‘are role models in their communities’

Individuals are ‘invited to use the BCA letters as post nominals’

We hold a ‘Medal presentation at the Palace of Westminster’ – we do hold an awards ceremony

Individuals ‘are nominated for recognition’ – they do not ‘enter the awards’

The purpose of the BCA programme is to recognise individuals for their community endeavours and encourage them to continue and for others to emulate their good deeds.

It is important that individuals are recognised as widely as possible in the media, for the good that they do, shining a light of positivity in the community and providing positive news stories for media.

BCA recipients are all extraordinary people from across the country who have a commitment to improving the lives of others. All Medallist come from all over the country to be honoured at The Palace of Westminster.

The programme reflects multi-cultural Britain, welcoming nominations for any person that is committed to making a positive impact on their community or their chosen cause.

Nominations are welcomed all year round for one of the two annual medal presentations – to request a nomination form, please email with the words ‘BCA Nomination Request’ in the title.




Photo showing Terry Hall ( centre and on screen ) receiving his BCAc Award 2024


Terry Hall   ( centre and on screen ) receiving his BCAc Award

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