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West Hallam Assorted Photographs

West Hallam Station

West Hallam for Dale Abbey Station, Stanley'Nibby' Colliery Headstocks in background.
Station closed 1966. Colliery closed 1961.

West Hallam Station After

West Hallam Village 1904

Miss Hobson's Post Office, West Hallam Village. 
Caroline Ann Hobson ran the Post Office from 1893 - 1937. Retired after 44 years service.

Orchard Farm with coal wharf, High Lane West, West Hallam. Occupied by Thomas Hartley (1891)

Mapperley Crossroads - St Wilfrid's Road

You see this if you drive from Mapperley to the crossroads with High Lane West and High Lane Central. It is the corner of St Wilfred's Road and High Lane West. The nearest house was the home of the Hart sometimes called Hartshorne family. The daughter Doris had the house pulled down and a bungalow built in its place when her parents died some years ago.

The second house next to it was where the milkman Maurice Stevens lived and it is still there.

(The photograph was owned by Frank Hartshorne who recently passed away. His daughter Carole Hartshorne very kindly donated it to us. The information about this photograph was supplied by Brenda Parker, who remains a great source of information) April 2017

West Hallam School Photographs From 1940's
Via Mark Bowley, With Thanks

West Hallam Junior School, Infants - 1940

West Hallam Junior School, Class III - 1940

Near P2 Assort

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