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Levi Renshaw

Born 1897. Wife Jessica.

Lived at 13 The Lane, Awsworth, Notts.

Daughter: Sybil Mary married Dennis Booth.

Their Daughter: Sylvia Parry

Levi was the Head Lampman at Cossall Colliery. He had overall responsibility for the
repair and maintenance of all the miners lamps, both electric cap lamps and the
‘Davy’ gas detection safety lamps.

Levi also owned the village cobblers shop, which he ran and repaired boots and
shoes. The shop was located in the front room of his house.

He was very seriously disabled, caused (I was told) by one of the more serious
childhood illnesses of the late 1890’s or the early 1900s

Despite the disability, he drove a Morris 10 car which was converted to hand control.

Mary Marshall (nee Renshaw)



Aunty Mary when a teenager



Aunty Mary and Uncle Bill on their Wedding Day



Mary and Bill at their pub The Fox and Hounds in Blidworth Bottoms, Nottinghamshire


2 Boys

Mary with sons Michael and John


Marys sons Michael and John, with Walter Booth, cousin of Mamma Renshaw


Mary’s children’s paternal grandparents (Bill Marshalls parents) at their shop in Carrington Market Nottingham 1905. Bill Marshall was born in 1908

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